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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on May 1, 2024 06:28
Fans of AJR, a band known for its eclectic blend of pop sounds, often find themselves debating which of their songs hits the highest note. This lively discussion among listeners showcases the diverse array of musical preferences and the connections fans feel to different tracks. By ranking these songs based on popularity, not only does it highlight which tracks resonate most with audiences, but it also gives new listeners a curated starting point. This dynamic ranking is shaped by your votes, constantly updated to reflect the changing tastes and new music releases. Whether you're a long-time follower or just getting into their music, your participation helps paint a clearer picture of the band's impact. Through this engaging process, each vote contributes to understanding which song truly strikes a chord with the widest audience segment.

What Is the Most Popular AJR Song?

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    A song by AJR that plays with the concept of growing up and the realization that comes with it, wrapped in an upbeat tempo.
    • Release Date: 2020
    • Album: OK ORCHESTRA
  2. 2


    A hit song by AJR that discusses the struggles and temptations in life, emphasizing the human tendency to give into weakness.
    • Release Date: 2016
    • Album: The Click
  3. 3

    Burn the House Down

    A politically charged anthem by AJR that discusses taking action and making a change.
    • Release Date: 2018
    • Album: The Click (Deluxe Edition)
  4. 4


    An upbeat yet lyrically melancholic song that reflects on setbacks and moving forward.
    • Release Date: 2020
    • Album: OK ORCHESTRA
  5. 5

    100 Bad Days

    A song that talks about how bad experiences can actually make for good stories and personal growth.
    • Release Date: 2019
    • Album: Neotheater
  6. 6

    Way Less Sad

    A song about finding happiness in the little things and being less sad about the troubles of life.
    • Release Date: 2021
    • Album: OK ORCHESTRA
  7. 7

    Sober Up

    Featuring Rivers Cuomo, this song is about longing to return to a more innocent, youthful state of mind.
    • Release Date: 2017
    • Album: The Click
  8. 8

    Dear Winter

    A heartfelt letter to a future child, expressing hopes, fears, and dreams for them.
    • Release Date: 2019
    • Album: Neotheater
  9. 9

    The Good Part

    A reflective piece on the desire to skip to the 'good part' of life, bypassing challenges and struggles.
    • Release Date: 2017
    • Album: The Click
  10. 10

    I'm Not Famous

    This track humorously explores the theme of not being a mainstream celebrity despite having some level of fame.
    • Release Date: 2016
    • Album: The Click

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Additional Information

More about the Most Popular AJR Song

AJR, a band of three brothers, has gained popularity with their unique sound. Their music blends pop, electronic, and indie elements. They write, produce, and mix their songs in their living room. This DIY approach gives their music a personal touch. The band members, Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met, started making music in 2005. They began by performing covers, then moved to original songs.

Their rise to fame was gradual. Social media played a big part. They used platforms like YouTube and Twitter to share their music. This helped them build a fan base. They also performed at small venues and festivals. These performances helped them gain exposure and experience.

One of their songs became very popular. It received much airplay on radio stations. It also did well on streaming platforms. The song's catchy tune and relatable lyrics drew many listeners. The music video added to its success. It featured creative visuals that matched the song's theme.

The song's lyrics touch on themes of growing up and self-discovery. Many listeners found the words meaningful. The melody is upbeat, yet the lyrics have depth. This contrast makes the song stand out. The production is polished but retains a raw, authentic feel.

The success of this song opened doors for the band. They received offers to perform at larger venues. They also got invitations to appear on popular TV shows. The song's success also led to more media coverage. Interviews and articles about the band became common.

The band's fan base grew rapidly. Fans appreciated their honesty and creativity. The band interacted with fans on social media, which helped build a loyal following. They also released behind-the-scenes content. This gave fans a glimpse into their creative process.

The band continued to release new music. They experimented with different sounds and themes. Each release showed growth and evolution. They stayed true to their style while exploring new ideas. This kept their music fresh and exciting.

Their live performances also gained praise. They used visuals and special effects to enhance their shows. Each concert felt like a unique experience. Fans enjoyed the energy and passion the band brought to the stage.

The band's journey is a testament to hard work and creativity. They started with a dream and made it a reality. Their music resonates with many people. It speaks to universal experiences and emotions. This connection with listeners is a big part of their success.

In summary, AJR's rise to fame was not overnight. They built their career step by step. Their most popular song played a key role in this journey. It showcased their talent and creativity. The song's success helped them reach new heights. The band continues to grow and evolve. Their story inspires many aspiring musicians.

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