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What Is the Most Popular American Girl?

  1. 1
    Samantha Parkington is the first doll in the American Girl line, she represents the Victorian era and has been a fan favorite for over 30 years.
    Samantha Parkington is one of the most beloved American Girl dolls. She is part of the historical characters collection, which focuses on different periods of American history. Samantha's story is set in 1904 and she portrays a confident and compassionate young girl from a wealthy Victorian-era family.
    • Year of Debut: 1986
    • Time Period: 1904
    • Age: Approximately 10 years old
    • Family Background: Comes from a wealthy Victorian-era family
    • Hobbies: Playing the piano, reading, helping others
  2. 2

    Molly McIntire

    Valerie Tripp
    Molly McIntire is another early doll, Molly represents the World War II era and encourages young girls to be brave and loyal.
    Molly McIntire is one of the American Girl historical characters. She was introduced in 1986 and represents the World War II era. Molly is a 9-year-old girl who lives in Jefferson, Illinois. She has a patriotic spirit and dreams of becoming a famous tap dancer.
    • Year Introduced: 1986
    • Character's Name: Molly McIntire
    • Historical Era: World War II
    • Age: 9 years old
    • Birthplace: Jefferson, Illinois
  3. 3
    Kit Kittredge - set in the Great Depression, Kit is known for her spunky personality and determination.
    Kit Kittredge is a popular American Girl character, known for her adventures in the 1930s during the Great Depression. She is an aspiring young journalist with a strong sense of justice and determination to make a difference in the world.
    • Themes: Friendship, resilience, and helping others
    • Character: Kit Kittredge
    • Year: 1930s
    • Background: Great Depression era
    • Occupation: Aspiring journalist
  4. 4

    Felicity Merriman

    Pleasant Rowland
    Felicity Merriman - representing Colonial America, Felicity is known for her love of horses and independent spirit.
    Felicity Merriman is a character from the American Girl historical doll collection. She was introduced in 1991 and is one of the most popular characters in the series. Felicity's story is set in Williamsburg, Virginia, during the American Revolution, offering insights into this pivotal time in American history.
    • Year Introduced: 1991
    • Setting: Williamsburg, Virginia, during the American Revolution
    • Time Period: 1774
    • Age Range: 8-11 years old
    • Interests: Horseback riding, independence, helping others
  5. 5

    Kirsten Larson

    Pleasant Company (now Mattel)
    Kirsten Larson is a pioneer girl from Sweden, Kirsten teaches young girls about the challenges and rewards of settling in America.
    Kirsten Larson is a historically significant American Girl doll introduced in 1986. She represents the pioneer era and immigrant experience in the mid-1800s. Kirsten Larson is a young Swedish immigrant who settles in Minnesota with her family. Through her stories, she learns about the challenges and triumphs of adapting to a new country and culture.
    • Release Year: 1986
    • Time Period: 1840s
    • Ethnicity: Swedish American
    • Hobbies: Working on the farm, cooking, storytelling
    • Books in Series: 6
  6. 6

    Addy Walker

    Connie Porter
    Addy Walker is a former slave who escapes to freedom during the Civil War, Addy is a brave and resilient character.
    Addy Walker is a popular American Girl character who was introduced in 1993. She is an African American girl who escaped from slavery with her mother during the Civil War. Addy's story portrays her journey to freedom and her struggles to build a new life with her family in Philadelphia.
    • Year of introduction: 1993
    • Ethnicity: African American
    • Background story: Escaped slavery during the Civil War
    • Location: Philadelphia
    • Age: Approximately 9 years old
  7. 7

    Josefina Montoya

    Valerie Tripp
    Josefina Montoya is representing New Mexico in the 1820s, Josefina is known for her love of her family and her heritage.
    Josefina Montoya is a historical character from the American Girl series. She represents a young Mexican girl living in the 1820s, during the Mexican period of New Mexico. Josefina explores themes of family, culture, and resilience in her stories.
    • Age Range: 8 to 12 years old
    • Representation: Mexican American
    • Time Period: 1820s
    • Setting: New Mexico
    • Themes: Family, culture, and resilience
  8. 8
    Nanea Mitchell is set in Hawaii during World War II, Nanea teaches young girls about courage, resilience, and friendship.
    Nanea Mitchell is a popular American Girl doll and character in the American Girl line of dolls. She represents a 9-year-old Hawaiian girl of Japanese descent from Honolulu, Hawaii. Nanea's story is set in 1941 during the Pearl Harbor attack, where she learns about courage, resilience, and the importance of community.
    • Age: 9 years old
    • Ethnicity: Japanese descent
    • Place of origin: Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Historical setting: 1941 during the Pearl Harbor attack
    • Themes: Courage, resilience, community
  9. 9
    Rebecca Rubin is a Jewish girl growing up in New York City during World War I, Rebecca is known for her creativity and her love of theater.
    Rebecca Rubin is an American Girl historical character depicting a young Jewish girl living in New York City during the early 20th century. She is part of the American Girl doll collection.
    • Year of Debut: 2009
    • Historical Period: Early 20th century
    • Ethnicity: Jewish
    • City of Residence: New York City
    • Family Background: Russian-Jewish immigrants
  10. 10

    Courtney Moore

    American Girl
    Courtney Moore is a modern-day girl growing up in the 1980s, Courtney teaches young girls about the power of standing up for what you believe in.
    Courtney Moore is an American Girl doll character that was introduced in 2020 as the company's contemporary character from 1986. Courtney is an ambitious and imaginative girl growing up in the 1980s in California. She loves arcade games, video games, and creating her own mixtapes.
    • Year of Introduction: 2020
    • Historical Era: 1980s
    • Location: California, USA
    • Personality: Ambitious, imaginative
    • Interests: Arcade games, video games, creating mixtapes

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