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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Feb 24, 2024 05:46
Welcome to StrawPoll, the ultimate hub for making your voice heard! We're excited to present our latest ranking, "What is the most popular Amino community?" – a thrilling showdown between diverse interests and passions, where you get to decide the victor. From the captivating world of K-Pop to the immersive realms of gaming, our carefully curated list features a plethora of Amino communities for you to explore and vote for your favorite. Not finding your beloved community in the mix? No worries! You can easily suggest a missing option and rally your fellow enthusiasts to join the race. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this exhilarating contest, cast your vote, and discover which Amino community reigns supreme!

What Is the Most Popular Amino Community?

  1. 1

    K-Pop Amino

    Narvii Inc.
    A community for fans of Korean pop music, featuring discussions, fan art, and news updates.
    K-Pop Amino is a vibrant online community dedicated to K-pop, the music genre originating from South Korea that has gained global popularity. Fans from all over the world come together on K-Pop Amino to connect, share, and discuss their love for K-pop artists, music, and culture.
    • Active Users: Millions of active users
    • Topics: K-pop music, artists, fandoms, news, releases, performances
    • Features: Chatrooms, blogs, quizzes, polls, news feed, events, direct messaging
    • Multilingual: Supports multiple languages for global user base
    • Community Guidelines: Enforced to maintain a friendly and respectful environment
  2. 2

    Anime Amino

    Amino Apps
    A community for anime fans, sharing fan art, discussion threads, and reviews of popular anime series.
    Anime Amino is a vibrant online community dedicated to all things related to anime. It provides a platform for anime enthusiasts to connect, share, and discuss their favorite shows, characters, and genres.
    • Members: Over 10 million
    • Posts: Millions of community-generated posts
    • Features: Chatrooms, blogs, polls, quizzes, art galleries
    • Languages: Supports multiple languages
    • Global Reach: Active in various countries worldwide
  3. 3
    A community for Minecraft fans, sharing tips and tricks, server information, and showcasing user-created content.
    Minecraft Amino is a vibrant online community dedicated to all things Minecraft. It serves as a hub for fans of the popular sandbox game to connect, share ideas, showcase their creations, and stay updated on the latest news and developments in the Minecraft universe.
    • Membership: Open to anyone interested in Minecraft
    • Community Size: Millions of active users
    • Content Variety: Covers gameplay tutorials, building techniques, mods, resource packs, and more
    • Communication Tools: Chat rooms, private messaging, and voice calls
    • News and Updates: Regularly updated with Minecraft news, updates, and announcements
  4. 4

    Art Amino

    Amino Apps
    A community for artists of all levels, featuring tutorials, critiques, and showcases of user-created art.
    Art Amino is a popular online community that brings together artists from all over the world. It serves as a platform for artists to showcase their work, connect with other creatives, and explore various art forms. With a wide range of features and a diverse community, Art Amino provides a space for artists to share ideas, get feedback, and find inspiration.
    • User base: Millions of users
    • Content: Artwork, tutorials, discussions
    • Community-driven: Created and maintained by users
    • Media support: Images, videos, GIFs
    • Categories: Drawing, painting, photography, digital art, sculpting, and more
  5. 5
    A community for members of the LGBT+ community and allies, featuring discussions, support, and news updates.
    LGBT+ Amino is a highly popular online community dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive space for individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. The community allows members to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, seek support, and celebrate their identities.
    • Active Members: Over 2 million
    • Available Platforms: iOS, Android
    • Community Guidelines: Strict guidelines to ensure respectful and inclusive discussions
    • Chatrooms: Numerous chatrooms for various interests and subgroups
    • Blogs and Posts: Members can create and share written content
  6. 6

    Harry Potter Amino

    Amino Apps
    A community for fans of the Harry Potter series, featuring discussions, fan fiction, and quizzes.
    The Harry Potter Amino is a thriving online community dedicated to all things related to the Harry Potter franchise. Here, fans of the books, movies, and related content come together to discuss, create, and share their love for the magical world created by J.K. Rowling. Members engage in discussions, share fan art, write fan fiction, play games, and participate in various events and challenges.
    • Category: Entertainment
    • Language: English
    • Platform: Amino Apps
    • Active Users: Over 500,000
    • Features: Discussions, chat rooms, blogging, challenges, polls
  7. 7

    Roleplay Amino

    Narvii Inc.
    A community for roleplayers, featuring group roleplays, character creation, and writing challenges.
    Roleplay Amino is a popular online community where people can engage in text-based roleplaying. It provides a platform for users to create and join various roleplay scenarios, ranging from fantasy and sci-fi to romance and adventure. Members have the opportunity to develop unique characters and participate in collaborative storytelling with other like-minded individuals.
    • User base: Millions of active users worldwide
    • Community Moderation: Effective moderation system to ensure user safety and appropriate content
    • Chat features: Real-time chat, private messaging, and public chatrooms for roleplay discussions
    • Character creation: Ability to create and develop unique characters with customizable traits, backstories, and abilities
    • Roleplay genres: Wide variety of genres available, including fantasy, sci-fi, historical, horror, romance, and more
  8. 8

    Food Amino

    Amino Apps
    A community for foodies, featuring recipes, restaurant reviews, and food photography.
    Food Amino is a vibrant and interactive online community dedicated to all things related to food. It serves as a gathering place for food lovers, culinary enthusiasts, chefs, and home cooks to share recipes, cooking tips, restaurant recommendations, and much more. Whether you're seeking inspiration for a new dish or want to showcase your own culinary creations, Food Amino provides a supportive and engaging platform to connect with like-minded individuals.
    • User Count: Millions of active users
    • Content Variety: Recipes, cooking tutorials, restaurant reviews, food photography
    • Discussion Topics: Cuisine types, dietary preferences, kitchen gadgets, food culture
    • Community Engagement: Likes, comments, private messaging, group chats, events
    • Features: Recipe sharing, food challenges, polls, recipe collaborations
  9. 9
    A community for fitness enthusiasts, featuring workout plans, diet tips, and support from other members.
    Fitness Amino is a vibrant online community dedicated to fitness enthusiasts of all levels. It serves as a hub for people who are passionate about improving their physical health, sharing their progress, and supporting one another on their fitness journey. The community is built around the idea of promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise, nutrition, and general wellness.
    • Active Members: 1.5 million
    • Daily Active Users: 100,000
    • Available Platforms: iOS, Android
    • Supported Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic
    • Community Guidelines: Strict policy against promoting unhealthy practices and encourages positive and supportive interactions
  10. 10

    Beauty Amino

    Narvii Inc.
    A community for beauty enthusiasts, featuring makeup tutorials, product reviews, and skincare advice.
    Beauty Amino is a thriving community dedicated to all things beauty. It is a platform where beauty enthusiasts, makeup artists, skincare experts, and fashion lovers come together to share their passion. From discussing the latest makeup trends to sharing skincare tips and product recommendations, Beauty Amino provides a space for everyone to connect, learn, and inspire each other.
    • Member Count: Over 10 million members
    • Active Users: Engagement from thousands of users daily
    • Content Variety: Wide range of topics including makeup, skincare, haircare, fashion, and beauty routines
    • Community Guidelines: Strict guidelines to ensure a positive and supportive environment
    • Public and Private Chats: Ability to join public chatrooms or create private conversations

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Ranking factors for popular community

  1. Number of members
    A higher number of members in an Amino community indicates its popularity. More people joining and participating in discussions, sharing content, and connecting with each other could make a community more attractive and engaging.
  2. Engagement level
    Measure the extent to which members participate in discussions, create and share content, and interact with each other. High engagement levels indicate that the community is active and that members find the content meaningful and valuable.
  3. Growth rate
    The number of new members joining the community over time can be a strong indicator of its popularity. A consistent growth rate demonstrates that the community continues to attract new members and maintain its relevance.
  4. Frequency of new content
    Communities with a continuous stream of new content are likely to be more popular. This can include blog posts, articles, videos, images, memes, or any other form of content that the members contribute and share within the community.
  5. Variety of content
    The range and diversity of the content available in the community can be essential in maintaining interest and engagement of the members. A wide variety of content caters to different preferences and interest groups, making the community more attractive and popular.
  6. Quality of content
    Assessing the quality of content shared in the Amino community can help gauge its popularity. Well-researched, engaging, and informative content will draw in more users and help maintain their interest in the community.
  7. Member satisfaction
    Positive feedback from community members on how they value and appreciate the discussions, content, and interactions in the community can be a strong indicator of its popularity.
  8. Reputation and influence
    A community's online reputation and influence, especially on related platforms like social media or discussion forums, can give insight into its popularity. Communities that are well-known and frequently cited or mentioned in relevant discussions are more likely to be popular.
  9. Community organization and moderation
    A well-organized community with clear rules and active moderation can significantly impact its attractiveness and popularity. Efficient moderation can help maintain a positive environment and ensure that the members enjoy a healthy and respectful community experience.
  10. External partnerships or collaborations
    Communities that partner with other organizations, influencers, or events related to their topic of interest can add value to the member experience and increase their prominence and popularity.

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More information on most popular amino community

Amino is a social media platform that allows users to join communities based on their interests. Each community, also known as an Amino, is dedicated to a specific topic or fandom, ranging from anime and gaming to food and beauty. With over 250,000 active communities, Amino has become a hub for like-minded individuals to connect and share their passions. As the platform continues to grow, users are constantly on the lookout for the most popular Aminos to join and engage with others who share their interests. In this article, we delve into the most popular Amino communities and what makes them stand out among the rest.

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