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Unleash your inner Aussie and dive into the sun-soaked world of Australia's most beloved pastimes! At StrawPoll, we're on a mission to find the most popular hobby in the Land Down Under, and we want your help to make it happen! Whether you're a die-hard surfer riding the waves or a master of the barbie, we've got a smorgasbord of hobbies for you to choose from. Cast your vote for your favorite or throw another option on the barbie to make sure it's in the running. Together, we'll discover which leisurely pursuit truly rules the roost and unites Aussies from coast to coast. So, what are you waiting for, mate? Join the Great Australian Hobby Hunt today and let your voice be heard!

What Is the Most Popular Hobby in Australia?

  1. 1
    Sports is a popular hobby in Australia. Australians are known for their love of sports. Cricket and Rugby are two of the most popular sports in the country. Australians love to play and watch sports, and many people participate in local sports clubs.
    Sports is a physical activity or game conducted at a competitive level, requiring skills and physical ability. It is a popular form of entertainment, which promotes health, fitness, and socialization.
    • Types: Sports can be categorized into various types, including team sports (e.g., soccer, basketball), individual sports (e.g., tennis, golf), and endurance sports (e.g., marathon).
    • Equipment: Sports often require specific equipment, such as balls, bats, rackets, and safety gear (e.g., helmets, pads).
    • Rules: Sports are governed by a set of rules and regulations, which are designed to make the game fair and safe. Violation of the rules can result in penalties or disqualification.
    • Physical Fitness: Sports require high levels of physical fitness, including endurance, strength, speed, and agility.
    • Strategy: Sports involve strategic planning and execution, requiring players to anticipate opponents' moves and adapt to changing circumstances.
  2. 2
    Gardening is another popular hobby in Australia. The country has a warm climate, which is ideal for gardening. Many people in Australia have their own gardens, and they enjoy spending time tending to their plants and flowers.
    Gardening is a popular hobby that involves cultivating and tending to plants, whether it's in a backyard, balcony, or indoor space. It provides individuals with the opportunity to connect with nature, enhance their surroundings, and enjoy the rewards of nurturing plant life.
    • Plant variety: Gardening allows for a wide range of plants to be grown, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and ornamental plants.
    • Location: It can be practiced in various locations such as home gardens, community gardens, allotments, or even in containers and vertical spaces for urban gardening.
    • Seasonality: Gardening can be a year-round activity, with different plants thriving in different seasons and climates.
    • Physical activity: It involves physical tasks like digging, planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting, which provide exercise and an opportunity to connect with the earth.
    • Creativity: Gardeners have the freedom to design and create unique landscapes using various plants, colors, textures, and structures.
  3. 3
    Fishing is a popular hobby in Australia, especially in coastal areas. Australia has some of the best fishing spots in the world, and many people enjoy spending time fishing with friends and family.
    Fishing is a merit badge that introduces scouts to the art and science of catching fish. It encourages outdoor experiences and teaches skills required to safely enjoy the activity of fishing.
    • Age Requirements: Available to all Boy Scouts
    • Difficulty Level: Moderate
    • Prerequisites: None
    • Duration: Variable, depending on individual progress
    • Required Equipment: Fishing tackle, bait, personal camping gear
  4. 4
    Camping is a popular hobby in Australia, thanks to the country's beautiful natural landscapes. Many Australians enjoy spending time camping in the wilderness, and there are many campsites and national parks throughout the country.
    Camping is an outdoor recreational activity where individuals, families, or groups set up temporary shelters, such as tents or cabins, in natural environments. It is a popular summer activity that allows people to connect with nature, escape the hustle and bustle of city life, and enjoy various outdoor adventures.
    • Shelter: Temporary shelters like tents or cabins are used for accommodation.
    • Outdoor Setting: Camping takes place in natural environments, such as forests, mountains, or near lakes/rivers.
    • Recreational Activities: Camping offers various outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, and campfire gatherings.
    • Nature Connection: It provides an opportunity to connect with nature, appreciate wildlife, and enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes.
    • Escape from Urban Life: Camping allows individuals to disconnect from technology, escape the city's fast-paced lifestyle, and find tranquility.
  5. 5
    Surfing is a popular hobby in Australia, thanks to the country's long coastline and great waves. Many Australians learn to surf at a young age, and it's a fun and active hobby that can be enjoyed throughout life.
    Surfing is a water sport where individuals ride on the face of a breaking wave towards the shore. Surfers use a surfboard, typically made of foam or fiberglass, to navigate the waves. It is considered one of the most exciting activities as it provides an exhilarating experience and a close connection with the power of the ocean.
    • Surfboard: A specialized board used for surfing, typically made of foam or fiberglass.
    • Breaking Waves: Surfers ride on the face of breaking waves, which provide the necessary energy and momentum.
    • Balance and Coordination: Surfing requires a good sense of balance and coordination to maintain control and stability on the board while riding the waves.
    • Paddling: Surfers use their arms and hands to paddle and catch the waves, helping them gain speed and positioning.
    • Takeoff: The process of transitioning from paddling to actually riding the wave, requiring precise timing and positioning.
  6. 6
    Photography is a popular hobby in Australia, thanks to the country's stunning landscapes and wildlife. Many Australians enjoy taking photos of the country's natural beauty, and there are many photography clubs and groups throughout the country.
    Photography is the art, science, and practice of capturing visually appealing images using a camera. It encompasses various techniques and equipment to capture and manipulate light, resulting in stunning visual representations of the world. Photographs can evoke emotions, tell stories, and provide a means of creative expression for both amateurs and professionals alike.
    • Camera Types: Digital, film, instant, DSLR, mirrorless
    • Aperture: Controls the amount of light entering the camera lens
    • Shutter Speed: Determines the duration of time the camera sensor is exposed to light
    • ISO Sensitivity: Defines the camera's sensitivity to light
    • Focal Length: Determines the field of view and magnification of the lens
  7. 7
    Cooking is a popular hobby in Australia, thanks to the country's diverse food culture. Australians love to experiment with different ingredients and cuisines, and there are many cooking classes and workshops throughout the country.
  8. 8
    Hiking is a popular hobby in Australia, thanks to the country's many national parks and walking trails. Many Australians enjoy spending time in nature, and hiking is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.
    Hiking is an outdoor activity that involves walking or trekking on trails and paths in natural environments, typically in the mountains, woods, or countryside. It is a popular recreational activity that allows individuals to connect with nature and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings.
    • Physical Activity Level: Moderate to high
    • Terrain: Varied, includes hills, mountains, forests, and trails
    • Duration: Can range from a few hours to multiple days
    • Equipment: Appropriate footwear, backpack, navigation tools, water, and snacks
    • Benefits: Physical fitness, mental well-being, stress relief, and exploration of nature
  9. 9
    Music is a popular hobby in Australia, and the country has a thriving music scene. Many Australians enjoy playing music, and there are many music festivals and concerts throughout the country.
    Music is an art form that uses sound and silence as its medium. It is typically organized in time and has patterns and structures that can be composed and improvised upon. Music can evoke emotion, convey meaning, and communicate cultural values and traditions.
    • Genre: There are many genres of music including classical, jazz, rock, pop, country, hip hop, and electronic among others.
    • Instruments and Vocals: Music can be created using a wide variety of instruments including the guitar, drums, piano, violin, saxophone, and voice.
    • Rhythm: The rhythm of music refers to the pattern of beats and the tempo that define its structure.
    • Harmony: Harmony refers to the combination of different musical notes and chords to create a pleasing sound.
    • Melody: The melody of a piece of music is the main theme or tune that is repeated throughout the piece.
  10. 10
    Reading is a popular hobby in Australia, and many Australians enjoy reading books in their spare time. There are many book clubs and literary festivals throughout the country, and Australians are known for their love of literature.

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Ranking factors for popular hobby

  1. Participation rate
    The percentage of the Australian population that regularly engages in the hobby. The higher the participation rate, the more popular the hobby is likely to be.
  2. Age demographics
    The age distribution of those participating in the hobby, as some hobbies may be more popular among certain age groups. A hobby with widespread appeal across different age groups may be considered more popular.
  3. Gender distribution
    The ratio of male to female participants in the hobby. A popular hobby is likely to have a balanced gender distribution, attracting participants from both sexes.
  4. Growth rate
    The rate at which the popularity of a hobby is increasing. A rapidly growing hobby may indicate its rising popularity among Australians.
  5. Media coverage
    The extent to which the hobby is covered in the media, including newspapers, television, and online platforms. The more media coverage a hobby receives, the more likely it is to be popular.
  6. Social acceptance
    The degree to which a hobby is socially accepted and endorsed by the general public. Hobbies with a high level of social acceptance are more likely to be popular in Australia.
  7. Accessibility and affordability
    The ease with which people can participate in the hobby, as well as the costs associated with it. Popular hobbies tend to be relatively accessible and affordable for the general population.
  8. Regional popularity
    The popularity of a hobby in different states or territories within Australia. A hobby that is popular in multiple regions is likely to be more popular overall.
  9. Cultural relevance
    The significance of a hobby in Australian culture. A hobby that is deeply rooted in Australian culture or history is more likely to be popular.
  10. Organized clubs and events
    The presence of organized clubs, groups, or events that cater to the hobby. A larger number of clubs and events may indicate a more popular hobby.

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Australia is a land of diverse cultures and varied interests, and its people are known for their love of outdoor adventures and sports. When it comes to hobbies, Australians have a wide range of interests, from gardening and cooking to music and reading. According to recent surveys, however, there is one hobby that stands out as the most popular among Aussies: outdoor activities. Whether it's hiking, cycling, surfing, or camping, Australians love to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of their country. So if you're looking to connect with fellow hobbyists in Australia, consider joining a local outdoor club or group and explore the great outdoors together!

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