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Fans often debate which hockey jersey numbers are the most iconic, reflecting a shared passion for the sport's history and its legends. This ranking provides a clear representation of fans' preferences, serving as a fun way to see which numbers resonate the most within the hockey community. It consolidates a wide range of opinions into a comprehensive leaderboard. By participating in this vote, you contribute to a dynamic tally where every vote can change the standings. This ensures that the ranking remains current and reflective of the latest fan sentiments. Whether you're a new fan or a seasoned spectator, your vote helps capture the spirit of the game as seen through its most cherished symbols — the numbers worn on the back of the jersey.

What Is the Most Popular Hockey Jersey Number?

  1. 1
    Number 9
    Blleininger · Public domain
    This number is often associated with legendary players like Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, and Maurice Richard. It has become a popular choice for players who want to emulate their heroes.
    The 'Number 9' is a symbolically powerful and emotive number that holds various meanings across different cultures and belief systems. It is often associated with spirituality, enlightenment, and transformation.
    • Representations: In numerology, the 'Number 9' is considered a mystical number and is often represented as a single digit by summing up all the digits of a multi-digit number.
    • Spiritual symbolism: In many spiritual traditions, the 'Number 9' is associated with inner wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and the completion of a cycle.
    • Universal love: It is also linked to the concept of universal love and compassion, as it represents the highest form of love and selflessness.
    • Altruism: People associated with the 'Number 9' are often believed to possess a strong sense of humanitarianism, empathy, and a desire to make a positive impact on the world.
    • Leadership: The 'Number 9' is often associated with natural leadership qualities and the ability to inspire others.
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  2. 2
    This number is often chosen by players who want to pay homage to hockey great Steve Yzerman, who wore it throughout his career with the Detroit Red Wings.
    The 'Number 19' hockey jersey number is one of the most iconic and sought-after numbers in the sport. It is often associated with skilled and influential players who have made significant contributions to the game.
    • 1.: Historical Significance: The number 19 has been worn by numerous legendary hockey players throughout history.
    • 2.: Stanley Cup Champions: Many players who have worn number 19 have won multiple Stanley Cups.
    • 3.: Scoring Prowess: Several number 19 players have been among the league's leading scorers in various seasons.
    • 4.: Leadership Qualities: A significant number of captains and alternate captains have worn the number 19 jersey.
    • 5.: International Success: Players donning number 19 have represented their countries in prestigious tournaments like the Olympics and World Championships.
  3. 3

    Number 91

    Sergei Fedorov
    This number has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to the success of players like Steven Stamkos, John Tavares, and Tyler Seguin.
    The number 91 in hockey is often associated with elite scoring abilities and a dynamic style of play. It has become one of the most popular jersey numbers worn by prominent players.
    • Scoring prowess: The number 91 is often worn by players known for their goal-scoring skills and offensive prowess.
    • Speed and agility: Players donning the number 91 are typically known for their exceptional speed and agility on the ice.
    • Creativity: Many players wearing 91 exhibit a high level of creativity in their playmaking abilities and ability to create scoring chances.
    • Versatility: The number 91 is seen across various positions on the ice, with players excelling as centers, wingers, and even defensemen.
    • International success: Some notable players wearing 91 have achieved great success internationally, representing their countries in prestigious tournaments like the Olympics.
  4. 4

    Number 87

    Sidney Crosby
    This number is associated with Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby, who has worn it throughout his career. It has become a popular choice for young players looking to emulate Crosby's success.
    Number 87 is a highly recognized jersey number in ice hockey, often associated with skilled and dynamic players. It has become synonymous with exceptional talent and offensive prowess on the ice.
    • Jersey Number: 87
    • Player Position: Forward
    • Team: Pittsburgh Penguins
    • NHL Debut: 2005
    • Stanley Cup Championships: 3
  5. 5
    This number is often chosen by defensemen, as it is associated with Bobby Orr, one of the greatest blueliners in NHL history.
    The number 4 holds significant emotional significance in various cultures and disciplines. It is often associated with stability, order, and structure. In numerology, 4 is considered as a symbol of practicality and security. It represents a strong foundation upon which to build and achieve goals. The number 4 also appears in various religious and spiritual contexts, often symbolizing balance and harmony. Moreover, in mathematics, 4 is an integer that follows 3 and precedes 5.
    • Numerology meaning: Practicality, security, stability, order
    • Religious symbolism: Balance, harmony
    • Mathematical properties: Integer, cardinal number
    • Position in the number sequence: Between 3 and 5
    • Cultural significance: Varies across different cultures
  6. 6

    Number 77

    Ray Bourque
    This number is associated with Hall of Famer Ray Bourque, who wore it throughout his career with the Boston Bruins. It has become a popular choice for players who want to pay homage to his legacy.
    The number 77 is a popular hockey jersey number that is often associated with skilled and powerful players. It represents a combination of offensive prowess and physical dominance on the ice.
    • Hall of Famers: The number 77 has been worn by multiple NHL Hall of Famers, including Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey, and Phil Housley.
    • Offensive Skills: Players who don the number 77 are often known for their exceptional offensive abilities, such as playmaking, goal-scoring, and puck-handling.
    • Defensive Abilities: Despite their offensive skills, players with the number 77 are also recognized for their strong defensive play and ability to shut down opponents.
    • Power and Physicality: The number 77 is associated with players who possess a combination of size, strength, and physicality, making them formidable opponents.
    • All-Star Appearances: Players wearing the number 77 have frequently been selected to participate in NHL All-Star Games due to their exceptional skills and impact on the game.
  7. 7
    This number is often chosen by players who want to pay homage to their favorite player, as it is a relatively neutral number that has been worn by many greats over the years.
    The Number 12 jersey is one of the most popular and iconic numbers in hockey. It symbolizes leadership, versatility, and a strong team spirit. Players who wear the Number 12 embody traits such as hard work, dedication, and a keen sense of the game.
    • Versatility: The Number 12 is associated with versatile players who are capable of contributing in different positions on the ice.
    • Leadership: Players wearing the Number 12 often exhibit leadership qualities and are often chosen as captains or alternate captains.
    • Team Spirit: The Number 12 represents a strong team spirit and a commitment to working together towards a common goal.
    • Work Ethic: Players who wear the Number 12 are known for their strong work ethic and willingness to go the extra mile.
    • Goal-Scoring Ability: Many notable players who have worn the Number 12 jersey have displayed exceptional goal-scoring abilities.
  8. 8
    This number is associated with Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane, who has worn it throughout his career. It has become a popular choice for young players looking to emulate Kane's success.
    Number 88 in hockey is commonly associated with the legendary player Alexander Ovechkin. It has become a highly recognizable and popular jersey number in the sport.
    • Player: Alexander Ovechkin
    • Position: Forward
    • Team: Washington Capitals
    • Nationality: Russian
    • NHL Draft Year: 2004
  9. 9
    Number 16
    Josep Maria 13. · CC BY-SA 3.0
    This number is often chosen by players who want to pay homage to former Montreal Canadiens great Henri Richard, who wore it throughout his career.
    The number 16 hockey jersey is often associated with skilled forwards who excel in playmaking and goal scoring. It is a popular choice among talented offensive players.
    • Position: Forward
    • Famous Players: Bobby Clarke, Brett Hull, Pat Lafontaine
    • Goal-Scoring Ability: Known for scoring goals
    • Playmaking Skills: Excellent in creating scoring opportunities for teammates
    • Leaderboard: Top 10 most popular jersey numbers
  10. 10
    This number is associated with Hall of Famer Brendan Shanahan, who wore it throughout his career with the Detroit Red Wings. It has become a popular choice for players who want to pay homage to his legacy.

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Ranking factors for popular hockey jersey number

  1. Iconic players wearing the number
    Consider the impact of superstar players who have worn a particular number throughout their careers – the number may be more popular due to fans wanting to emulate their favorite player's style.
  2. Historical significance
    Some numbers may have historical significance or tradition within a certain team or organization, making them more popular choices among fans.
  3. Rules and regulations
    Take into account the rules related to jersey numbers in different leagues. Some leagues might have restrictions on certain numbers, making them less popular overall.
  4. Customizability
    Some numbers may be easier to customize on a jersey than others, making them more popular choices. For example, numbers with fewer digits are generally easier to work with.
  5. Aesthetics
    The visual appearance of a number may play a role in its popularity. Numbers with interesting shapes or patterns might be more appealing to fans, leading to higher popularity.
  6. Availability
    Certain numbers might be more readily available for use by players, making them more popular overall.
  7. Cultural significance
    Some numbers may have cultural significance, making them more popular choices for players and fans alike. For example, certain numbers might hold religious or superstitious value in particular communities.
  8. Team success
    The success of a particular team might influence the popularity of its jersey numbers. Fans are more likely to wear the numbers of successful players on championship teams.
  9. Marketing and advertising
    The exposure a jersey number receives through marketing and advertising efforts, such as in videos, posters, and other media, might impact its popularity.

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Hockey jersey numbers have always been a topic of fascination among fans and players alike. From the legendary Wayne Gretzky's number 99 to the iconic number 87 of Sidney Crosby, every jersey number has its own story and significance. But what is the most popular hockey jersey number? The answer may surprise you. According to a recent poll conducted on StrawPoll, the number 19 emerged as the clear winner, with over 25% of the votes. This number is often associated with greats like Steve Yzerman and Joe Sakic. Other popular numbers include 87, 66, 8, and of course, 99. Whether it's a tribute to a favorite player or just a lucky number, hockey jersey numbers hold a special place in the hearts of fans and players alike. So, which number do you think deserves to be crowned the most popular hockey jersey number of all time? Cast your vote on StrawPoll and let us know!

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