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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Jul 2, 2024 06:41
During the festive season, when preparing the perfect holiday meal is on everyone's mind, choosing the right turkey can make all the difference. The taste, texture, and quality may vary significantly between brands, which can be overwhelming. That's why having a clear, community-powered ranking of turkey brands can be an invaluable resource for any shopper. This site lets you contribute to and benefit from the collective experience of other turkey enthusiasts. By voting for your preferred brand, you not only ensure that your favorite gets the recognition it deserves but also help others make informed decisions. The live ranking updates with each vote, reflecting the most current preferences of consumers like you.

What Is the Most Popular Brand of Turkey?

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    Butterball is a brand of turkey and other poultry products produced by Butterball LLC, which claims to be the largest producer of turkey products in the United States.
    • Headquarters: Garner, North Carolina, USA
    • Founded: 1954
  2. 2


    Jennie-O is a brand name of turkey products. It is a subsidiary of Hormel Foods Corporation.
    • Headquarters: Willmar, Minnesota, USA
    • Founded: 1940
  3. 3

    Honeysuckle White

    Honeysuckle White is a brand offering a variety of turkey products known for their quality and flavor.
    • Owned by: Cargill
  4. 4

    Foster Farms

    Foster Farms is a family-owned and operated poultry company that also offers a range of turkey products.
    • Headquarters: Livingston, California, USA
    • Founded: 1939
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    Norbest is a marketing cooperative that sells turkeys and turkey products under the Norbest brand.
    • Headquarters: Moroni, Utah, USA
    • Founded: 1926
  6. 6

    Shady Brook Farms

    Shady Brook Farms is a brand that prides itself on offering turkeys raised without growth-promoting antibiotics.
    • Owned by: Cargill
  7. 7

    Empire Kosher

    Empire Kosher is a producer of kosher poultry, including turkey, known for its high standards of kosher certification.
    • Headquarters: Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, USA
    • Founded: 1938
  8. 8

    Plainville Farms

    Plainville Farms is a provider of turkey products that emphasizes humane practices and no antibiotics ever.
    • Focus: Humane practices
  9. 9

    Mary's Free Range Turkeys

    Mary's Free Range Turkeys is a brand that focuses on offering turkeys that have been raised in a free-range environment.
    • Focus: Free-range
  10. 10


    Perdue is a major American poultry company, which also offers a wide range of turkey products.
    • Headquarters: Salisbury, Maryland, USA
    • Founded: 1920

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Additional Information

More about the Most Popular Brand of Turkey

Turkey is a staple at many holiday meals. Its popularity has grown over the years. The most popular brand of turkey has a long history. It began with a small farm. This farm focused on quality. The owners cared for their birds. They made sure the turkeys were healthy.

Over time, the brand grew. They expanded their operations. They kept their focus on quality. They invested in better facilities. They hired experts in poultry care. They improved their methods. This helped them produce better turkeys.

The brand became known for its taste. People loved the flavor of their turkeys. They were juicy and tender. This set them apart from other brands. The brand gained a loyal following. Many families chose this brand for their holiday meals.

The brand also focused on safety. They followed strict guidelines. They ensured their turkeys were safe to eat. They tested their products. They met all health standards. This gave consumers peace of mind.

The brand used good marketing strategies. They advertised their turkeys well. They reached a wide audience. They used TV, radio, and print ads. They also used social media. This helped them connect with more people.

The brand offered different types of turkeys. They had whole turkeys. They had turkey breasts. They had ground turkey. This gave consumers many options. They could choose the product that suited their needs.

The brand also focused on convenience. They offered pre-cooked turkeys. They offered ready-to-eat options. This made meal prep easier. Busy families appreciated this. It saved them time.

The brand partnered with retailers. They made sure their turkeys were available. They worked with grocery stores. They worked with online retailers. This made it easy for consumers to buy their products.

The brand also cared about the environment. They used sustainable practices. They reduced waste. They conserved water. They used eco-friendly packaging. This appealed to eco-conscious consumers.

The brand supported local communities. They donated turkeys to food banks. They supported local farmers. They created jobs. This helped boost the local economy.

The brand listened to consumers. They valued feedback. They made changes based on this feedback. This helped them improve their products. It also helped them build strong customer relationships.

The brand stayed true to its roots. It never compromised on quality. It never cut corners. This earned them a good reputation. People trusted this brand. They knew they were getting a quality product.

The brand's success is due to many factors. It focused on quality, safety, and convenience. It used good marketing strategies. It cared about the environment. It supported local communities. It listened to consumers. These factors helped it become the most popular brand of turkey.

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