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Welcome to StrawPoll's ultimate ranking of "What is the most popular cafe in London?" As true cafe connoisseurs and enthusiasts, we understand the importance of that perfect cup of coffee, a mouthwatering pastry, or a cozy spot to unwind and catch up with friends. That's why we've searched high and low throughout the bustling streets of London to bring you a curated list of the most iconic and beloved cafes the city has to offer. From classic, vintage tea rooms to trendy, modern espresso bars, we've got it all covered! Now, we need your help to decide which cafe reigns supreme. Cast your vote for your favorite or suggest a hidden gem we might have missed, and let's spill the beans on London's ultimate cafe hotspot together! Join us on this caffeine-fueled journey and let the battle of the beans begin!

What Is the Most Popular Cafe in London?

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    The Ivy Cafe

    The Ivy Collection
    Known for its classic British cuisine and luxurious atmosphere, The Ivy Cafe is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. The restaurant's elegant decor and celebrity sightings make it a go-to spot for anyone looking to experience a taste of the high life.
    The Ivy Cafe is a renowned cafe located in London, known for its elegant and sophisticated ambiance. It effortlessly combines a relaxed atmosphere with a touch of luxury, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists. The cafe offers a diverse menu with a focus on modern European cuisine, featuring classic dishes and contemporary twists. With its chic decor and attentive service, The Ivy Cafe provides a memorable dining experience in the heart of London.
    • Location: London
    • Ambiance: Elegant and sophisticated
    • Menu: Modern European cuisine
    • Dining Style: Casual and relaxed
    • Popular Dishes: Shepherd's Pie, Fish and Chips, Chocolate Bombe
  2. 2
    This quirky and playful cafe is best known for its Instagram-worthy interiors, which include a pink velvet staircase and a futuristic egg-shaped bathroom. The food is just as innovative, with dishes like truffle-infused scrambled eggs and caviar-topped potato chips.
    Sketch is a highly acclaimed and visually stunning restaurant located in London. It is a unique and avant-garde space that seamlessly combines art, design, food, and entertainment. The restaurant is spread over several rooms, each with its own distinctive theme and decor, creating an immersive dining experience.
    • Interior Design: Sketch features an eclectic and whimsical interior design, with each room showcasing a different artistic style and concept.
    • The Gallery Room: The Gallery Room is known for its pink velvet-covered walls and over 200 framed artworks adorning the space.
    • The Lecture Room & Library: This room is an opulent and luxurious setting with rich red velvet chairs, grand chandeliers, and an impressive collection of over 2000 books.
    • The Glade: The Glade is a magical woodland-inspired room with moss-covered walls, hanging pendants, and enchanting forest-themed artwork.
    • The Parlour: The Parlour is a vibrant and playful space, featuring candy-striped seats, a pink bar, and an extensive menu of teas and cocktails.
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    Monmouth Coffee Company
    Edward Hands · CC BY-SA 4.0
    One of London's most beloved coffee roasters, Monmouth Coffee Company is a must-visit for caffeine lovers. The cafe's signature brews are made from ethically-sourced beans and served up in a cozy, rustic setting that's perfect for a lazy afternoon.
    Monmouth Coffee Company is a renowned cafe located in London known for its high-quality coffee and cozy atmosphere. It has been serving exceptional coffee since its inception in 1978, making it one of the most popular and long-standing coffee shops in the city.
    • Location: London, England
    • Year Established: 1978
    • Coffee Quality: High
    • Atmosphere: Cozy
    • Bean Selection: Extensive
  4. 4
    Inspired by the cafes of Bombay, Dishoom is a vibrant and bustling spot that serves up delicious Indian street food and cocktails. The restaurant's retro decor and lively atmosphere make it a hit with young professionals and families alike.
    Dishoom is a popular Indian restaurant located in London, known for its vibrant atmosphere and delicious food. Inspired by the Irani cafés of 20th-century Bombay, Dishoom takes its guests on a nostalgic culinary journey. It offers a unique blend of traditional Indian flavors with a contemporary twist, creating a memorable dining experience. The restaurant is designed to resemble an old Bombay café, with vintage decor and cozy seating arrangements.
    • Cuisine: Indian
    • Location: London, England
    • Atmosphere: Vibrant
    • Ambience: Retro
    • Menu: Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
  5. 5
    Founded by Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi, this cafe and bakery is famous for its colorful and flavorful Mediterranean-inspired dishes. The menu changes daily to reflect the freshest seasonal ingredients, and the desserts are not to be missed.
    Ottolenghi is a renowned cafe located in London known for its vibrant and modern take on Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. With multiple branches across the city, Ottolenghi offers a unique dining experience with its inventive and flavorful dishes.
    • Location: London
    • Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Mediterranean
    • Ambiance: Contemporary, welcoming
    • Menu: Seasonal, ingredient-focused
    • Vegetarian options: Available
  6. 6

    The Wolseley

    Chris Corbin and Jeremy King
    Housed in a grand Art Deco building, The Wolseley is a classic London cafe that's been serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner since 2003. The menu features traditional British dishes like fish and chips and shepherd's pie, as well as continental favorites like schnitzel and strudel.
    The Wolseley is a glamorous and iconic restaurant located in London. It is renowned for its stunning Art Deco interiors and impeccable service, making it one of the most beautiful dining destinations in the city. The restaurant is housed in a former 1920s car showroom, which adds to its unique charm and grandeur. The Wolseley offers a sophisticated and elegant dining experience, perfect for special occasions or a luxurious meal in the heart of London.
    • Style: Art Deco
    • Location: London
    • Building: Former 1920s car showroom
    • Ambience: Glamorous and elegant
    • Service: Impeccable
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    The Breakfast Club

    Jonathan Arana-Morton
    This quirky cafe chain is all about breakfast, serving up everything from pancakes and waffles to full English breakfasts and breakfast burritos. The decor is retro and playful, with vintage posters and knick-knacks adorning the walls.
    The Breakfast Club is a trendy and popular cafe located in London. It has gained a reputation for its delicious breakfast and brunch options, as well as its vibrant atmosphere. The cafe has a retro-inspired interior decor, featuring mismatched furniture, vintage posters, and quirky ornaments. The Breakfast Club offers a unique dining experience with its diverse menu, friendly staff, and cozy ambiance.
    • Location: London
    • Cuisine: Breakfast, Brunch
    • Atmosphere: Trendy, Vibrant
    • Interior Decor: Retro-inspired
    • Menu Variety: Diverse
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    Granger & Co.

    Bill Granger
    Australian chef Bill Granger's London outpost is a bright and airy cafe that's known for its healthy and wholesome brunch dishes. The menu features dishes like ricotta hotcakes and quinoa porridge, as well as heartier options like steak sandwiches and burgers.
    Granger & Co. is a popular cafe located in London, known for its vibrant atmosphere and delectable dishes. It was founded by Bill Granger, an Australian restaurateur, cookbook author, and television chef.
    • Location: London, United Kingdom
    • Cuisine: Contemporary Australian
    • Ambiance: Vibrant and inviting
    • Menu: Brunch, healthy options, fusion dishes
    • Specialties: Ricotta hotcakes, scrambled eggs, avocado toast
  9. 9
    Flat White
    GeorgeMichaelFarewell · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Flat White

    This tiny cafe in Soho is credited with introducing Londoners to the flat white, a popular coffee drink that originated in Australia and New Zealand. The cafe's minimalist decor and expertly crafted coffee drinks have earned it a loyal following among coffee enthusiasts.
    The Flat White is a velvety espresso-based beverage with a rich and smooth flavor at Starbucks. It is a combination of perfectly steamed whole milk and a double shot of espresso with a thin layer of silky microfoam on top. This results in a harmonious balance between the espresso and milk, allowing the coffee flavors to shine through.
    • Milk: Whole milk
    • Espresso shots: Double shot
    • Texture: Silky microfoam on top
    • Flavor: Rich and smooth
    • Strength: Medium to strong
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    The Riding House Cafe

    Clive Watson
    With its industrial chic decor and creative menu, The Riding House Cafe is a popular spot for brunch, lunch, and dinner. The menu features dishes like smoked haddock kedgeree and crispy pork belly, as well as a tempting selection of cocktails and wines.
    The Riding House Cafe is a highly popular cafe located in the heart of London. It is known for its vibrant atmosphere, modern design, and delectable menu offerings. The cafe is a blend of contemporary style and traditional British charm, creating a unique and welcoming space for visitors to enjoy.
    • Location: 43-51 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7PQ, United Kingdom
    • Cuisine: Modern European, British
    • Seating Capacity: Approximately 120 people
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM to 11:00 PM, Saturday-Sunday: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
    • Brunch Availability: Served daily until 4:00 PM

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Ranking factors for popular cafe

  1. Quality of food and drink
    The taste, variety, and presentation of the food and beverages served at the cafe are crucial factors in determining its popularity.
  2. Ambience
    The overall atmosphere, design, and comfort of the cafe play a significant role in attracting customers. A relaxing, well-decorated, and clean space is highly appreciated by patrons.
  3. Location
    A conveniently located cafe is more likely to be popular among locals and tourists alike. Proximity to transit hubs, tourist attractions, and shopping areas can significantly influence a cafe's popularity.
  4. Customer service
    Friendly, efficient, and attentive staff can make a significant difference in the overall experience of visiting a cafe. Excellent customer service is essential for building customer loyalty and ensuring repeat business.
  5. Price
    Affordability is a crucial factor for many customers when choosing a cafe. Reasonable pricing for food, drinks, and services can help attract a wider clientele and boost a cafe's popularity.
  6. Reviews and ratings
    Online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor, as well as social media recommendations, can provide valuable insight into a cafe's reputation and popularity. A high average rating and positive customer feedback can signal a popular cafe.
  7. Unique offerings
    Cafes that offer distinctive, niche, or specialty items can stand out from their competition and attract more customers. Examples include unique food and drink options, themed decor, or exclusive events and meetups.
  8. Social media presence
    A strong social media presence can help a cafe gain popularity by reaching a wider audience and showcasing its offerings through visual and written content.
  9. Environmentally-friendly practices
    Cafes that prioritize sustainability, fair trade products, and eco-friendly practices can appeal to an increasingly environmentally conscious customer base.
  10. Seating capacity and layout
    A spacious cafe with a variety of seating options (indoor, outdoor, private, or communal) can accommodate different preferences and group sizes, which could contribute to its popularity.

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