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Updated on Jul 15, 2024 07:55
Fans of 'Detroit: Become Human' often find themselves passionately discussing which characters are the most compelling. These conversations can differ vastly, as each character brings a unique storyline and emotional depth that may resonate differently with every player. Understanding which characters stand out in the community can greatly enhance the game's appreciation and encourage deeper narrative analysis. By engaging in voting for the most popular character, users contribute to a consensus that helps new and old players alike see which figures have made the most significant impact. This can guide new players in their choices and encourage more seasoned gamers to revisit aspects of the game they might have overlooked. Ultimately, this interaction enriches the gaming experience and fosters a more connected player community.

Who Is the Most Popular Character in 'Detroit: Become Human'?

  1. 1


    An advanced police model android tasked with hunting down deviant androids.
    • Role: Investigator
    • Model: RK800
  2. 2


    An android who becomes the leader of the android revolution.
    • Role: Revolutionary Leader
    • Model: RK200
  3. 3


    A housekeeper android who gains consciousness and seeks to protect a young girl.
    • Role: Protector
    • Model: AX400
  4. 4


    A large and imposing android who becomes Kara and Alice's companion.
    • Role: Protector
    • Model: AX400
  5. 5

    Hank Anderson

    A grizzled Detroit City Police Department detective who is Connor's partner.
    • Role: Detective
    • Occupation: Police Officer
  6. 6


    A cautious but brave android who assists Markus in his mission.
    • Role: Strategist
    • Model: PL600
  7. 7


    A young girl Kara is sworn to protect, revealing much more about herself as the story unfolds.
    • Role: Symbol of Innocence
    • Secret: Is actually an android
  8. 8


    A former sex android who becomes Markus's closest ally and potential love interest.
    • Role: Rebel
    • Model: WR400
  9. 9


    A gentle and thoughtful android who advocates for peaceful protests.
    • Role: Advisor
    • Model: Not specified
  10. 10


    A mysterious figure who appears in Connor’s mind, guiding and evaluating him.
    • Role: Mentor
    • Nature: AI Construct

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This is a community-based ranking of the most popular character in 'Detroit: Become Human'. We do our best to provide fair voting, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. So if you notice something or character is missing, feel free to help improve the ranking!


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Additional Information

More about the Most Popular Character in 'Detroit: Become Human'

Detroit: Become Human" is a game set in a future where androids serve humans. The story explores themes of freedom, identity, and morality. The game, released in 2018, has gained a large following. Its characters are central to the narrative, with one standing out as the most popular.

This character begins as an obedient android. They follow orders without question. As the story progresses, they face situations that challenge their programming. They encounter humans and other androids who treat them differently. Some are kind, others are cruel. These interactions shape their journey.

The character's development is crucial. They start to question their purpose. They wonder if they are more than a machine. This internal conflict drives their actions. They must make choices that impact the story's outcome. These choices often involve moral dilemmas. The player guides them through these tough decisions.

Their appearance is striking. They have a sleek design, typical of the androids in the game. Their eyes convey a range of emotions. This helps players connect with them. The character's voice acting is also noteworthy. It adds depth to their personality. The actor's performance captures the character's struggle and growth.

The character's relationships are key to their popularity. They form bonds with other characters, human and android alike. These relationships are complex and evolve over time. They face betrayal, loyalty, love, and loss. These experiences shape their path and influence their decisions.

Players appreciate the character's journey. They can relate to the themes of self-discovery and freedom. The character's struggle to find their own identity resonates with many. The choices they make can lead to different endings. This adds replay value to the game. Players enjoy exploring the various outcomes.

The character's popularity also stems from their role in the game's key events. They are involved in pivotal moments that drive the plot forward. Their actions can lead to peace or conflict. This makes them central to the game's narrative. Players feel a sense of responsibility when guiding them.

The game’s graphics and storytelling enhance the character's appeal. The detailed environments and realistic animations make the world feel alive. The narrative is engaging and thought-provoking. It raises questions about humanity and technology. The character's story is a lens through which players explore these themes.

"Detroit: Become Human" has received praise for its character development and storytelling. The most popular character stands out for their depth and relatability. They embody the game's central themes. Their journey from obedience to self-awareness captivates players. They are a testament to the game's success in creating memorable and impactful characters.

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