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Fans of Spirited Away often find themselves drawn to different characters, each bringing a unique charm to the captivating story. As viewers, we connect with these characters based on personal experiences and values, which can vary widely from one person to another. This ranking offers a glimpse into which characters resonate the most with the audience, providing insights that might reflect broader themes or individual connections. By participating in this ranking, users have the opportunity to voice their preferences and see how others in the community feel about the characters. This interactive system updates continuously, reflecting new votes in real time. Your vote contributes to a deeper understanding of the impact each character has on the audience, steering conversations around favorite moments and narratives within the film.

Who Is the Most Popular Character from Spirited Away?

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    A mysterious boy who helps Chihiro, later revealed to be the spirit of the Kohaku River.
    • Voice Actor (Japanese): Miyu Irino
    • Voice Actor (English): Jason Marsden
  2. 2


    The witch who owns the bathhouse where Chihiro works, known for her large head and powerful magic.
    • Voice Actor (Japanese): Mari Natsuki
    • Voice Actor (English): Suzanne Pleshette
  3. 3

    The River Spirit

    A polluted spirit that Chihiro cleans, revealing its true form as a river god.
    • Notable Feature: Grants Chihiro a magical emetic dumpling
  4. 4


    Yubaba's kinder twin sister, a witch who lives in a cottage far from the bathhouse.
    • Voice Actor (Japanese): Mari Natsuki
    • Voice Actor (English): Suzanne Pleshette
  5. 5

    The Radish Spirit

    A silent, large spirit resembling a radish, helps Chihiro in the elevator.
    • Notable Feature: Does not speak
  6. 6


    The boiler man with six arms who operates the bathhouse's boiler room, befriends Chihiro.
    • Voice Actor (Japanese): Bunta Sugawara
    • Voice Actor (English): David Ogden Stiers
  7. 7


    Yubaba's large baby, transformed into a mouse for most of the film.
    • Voice Actor (Japanese): Ryunosuke Kamiki
    • Voice Actor (English): Tara Strong
  8. 8

    No-Face (Kaonashi)

    A lonely spirit that becomes obsessed with Chihiro and causes trouble in the bathhouse.
    • Voice Actor (Japanese): Akio Nakamura
    • Voice Actor (English): Bob Bergen
  9. 9

    Lin (Rin)

    A bathhouse worker who becomes Chihiro's friend and mentor.
    • Voice Actor (Japanese): Yumi Tamai
    • Voice Actor (English): Susan Egan
  10. 10

    Chihiro Ogino (Sen)

    The main protagonist, a ten-year-old girl who navigates the spirit world to save her parents.
    • Voice Actor (Japanese): Rumi Hiiragi
    • Voice Actor (English): Daveigh Chase

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More about the Most Popular Character from Spirited Away

Rank #1 for the most popular character from Spirited Away: Haku (Source)
In 2001, Studio Ghibli released Spirited Away, a film that quickly gained global acclaim. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, it tells the story of a young girl who finds herself in a magical world. The film is rich with unique characters, each contributing to the story's depth and charm. Among these, one character stands out as the most popular.

This character's appeal lies in their complex nature. They embody both good and bad traits, making them relatable and intriguing. Throughout the film, they undergo significant development, evolving from a mysterious figure to one of the story's key players. Their actions and decisions drive much of the plot, often helping the protagonist in critical moments.

The character's design is striking. They have a distinctive look that sets them apart from the rest. This visual uniqueness makes them memorable. Fans often cite their appearance as a reason for their popularity. The animation brings out their personality, with every movement and expression adding depth to their character.

Their background is shrouded in mystery. The film hints at their past, but never fully reveals it. This ambiguity adds to their allure. Viewers are left to piece together their story, which engages the audience on a deeper level. The character's enigmatic nature invites various interpretations, sparking discussions and theories among fans.

Interactions with other characters highlight their multifaceted personality. They show moments of kindness and compassion, yet also display a darker side. This duality makes them unpredictable and fascinating to watch. Their relationships with others in the film are complex, often shifting from ally to adversary and back again.

The character's role in the story is pivotal. They influence the protagonist's journey in significant ways. Their actions often have far-reaching consequences, affecting not just the protagonist but the entire magical world. This central role cements their importance in the narrative.

Music and sound design also enhance their presence. The score that accompanies their scenes is memorable, often evoking a sense of mystery and wonder. Sound effects add to their impact, making their appearances more dramatic and engaging.

Merchandise featuring this character is highly sought after. Fans collect figures, posters, and other items, further cementing their status as the most popular character. They have become a symbol of the film, often representing Spirited Away in various media and promotions.

Critics and audiences alike praise the character's depth and complexity. They are often cited as one of the best examples of character development in animation. Their journey resonates with viewers, making them a lasting favorite long after the film's release.

In conclusion, the most popular character from Spirited Away captivates audiences with their unique design, complex personality, and significant role in the story. Their mysterious background and evolving relationships add layers to the narrative, making them a standout figure in the world of animation. Their enduring popularity speaks to the character's impact and the film's timeless appeal.

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