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Welcome to StrawPoll's latest thrilling ranking event - "What is the most popular Coca-Cola commercial?"! As the brand that has mesmerized millions with its heartwarming, fun, and iconic advertisements, Coca-Cola has left an indelible mark on the world of commercials. We have curated an extensive list of the most memorable Coca-Cola ads for you to take a trip down memory lane and cast your vote for the ultimate favorite. But wait, there's more! If you feel we've missed a gem, don't hesitate to suggest a missing option and let your voice be heard. So, gather your friends, share your excitement, and let the fizz of the Coca-Cola legacy bubble up as you explore, reminisce, and vote for the most popular Coca-Cola commercial of all time. Happy voting!

What Is the Most Popular Coca-Cola Commercial?

  1. 1
    This iconic commercial features a multicultural group of young people singing "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke" on a hilltop. It is widely considered one of the greatest commercials of all time and is often referenced in popular culture.
    The Hilltop (1971) commercial is one of the most iconic Coca-Cola commercials of all time. It features a group of young people from different nationalities standing on a hilltop singing a catchy jingle about unity and sharing a Coke. The commercial's message of peace and harmony resonated with viewers and became highly memorable.
    • Publication Date: 1971
    • Duration: 1 minute
    • Theme: Unity and peace
    • Catchphrase: I'd like to buy the world a Coke
    • Location: Hills of Italy
  2. 2
    Mean Joe Greene (1979)
    The Steelers / NFL · Public domain
    This emotional ad shows football player Mean Joe Greene being given a Coca-Cola by a young fan. The two bond over the drink and Greene tosses his jersey to the boy as a gesture of gratitude. It has since become a classic and is often referenced in sports culture.
    The 'Mean Joe Greene' is a famous Coca-Cola commercial that aired in 1979. The ad features American football player Joe Greene and tells a heartwarming story of a young fan who offers the tired and hurt player a refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola. In return, Greene tosses his jersey to the boy as a gesture of gratitude.
    • Length: 60 seconds
    • Air Date: October 1, 1979
    • Theme: Friendship and gratitude
    • Setting: Football stadium
    • Tagline: Have a Coke and a smile
  3. 3
    This heartwarming commercial features a family of polar bears enjoying Coca-Cola in a snowy landscape. The ad has been used for years during the holiday season and is often cited as a favorite by viewers.
    The Coca-Cola commercial titled 'Polar Bears' was released in 1993. It features animated polar bears enjoying Coca-Cola and takes place in a snowy Arctic landscape.
    • Year: 1993
    • Commercial type: Animated
    • Length: 30 seconds
    • Theme: Polar bears enjoying Coca-Cola
    • Setting: Snowy Arctic landscape
  4. 4
    This catchy jingle was used in a series of commercials featuring a diverse cast of people enjoying Coca-Cola in various settings. The song became a hit and the ads helped to further establish Coca-Cola as a cultural icon.
    Always Coca-Cola (1993) is a highly acclaimed Coca-Cola commercial that aired in 1993. This commercial features a catchy jingle and showcases a series of whimsical and entertaining scenes of people enjoying Coca-Cola. It became one of the most iconic commercials of its time and is still remembered by many.
    • Year: 1993
    • Duration: 60 seconds
    • Tagline: Always Coca-Cola
    • Music: Catchy jingle composed by Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu
    • Director: Tarsem Singh
  5. 5
    This campaign encouraged consumers to personalize Coca-Cola bottles with friends' names and share the drink with loved ones. The ads featured happy people sharing Coca-Cola and became a viral sensation, leading to increased sales for the company.
    The 'Share a Coke (2011)' commercial is a widely popular Coca-Cola campaign that launched in 2011. It featured personalized Coca-Cola bottles with individual names, encouraging people to share a Coke with friends, family, and even strangers.
    • Campaign Launch Year: 2011
    • Concept: Personalized Coca-Cola bottles with names
    • Objective: Encourage people to share Coca-Cola products
    • Tagline: Share a Coke
    • Scope: Global campaign
  6. 6
    This ad features a group of young people singing a song about unity and harmony while holding Coca-Cola bottles. It was originally part of the "Hilltop" campaign and went on to become a popular song in its own right.
    'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (1971)' is one of the most popular Coca-Cola commercials and is often referred to as the 'Hilltop' commercial. The commercial features a diverse group of young people from around the world singing a catchy and hopeful song. It is known for its message of unity and harmony, aiming to promote peace and understanding among people.
    • Release Date: 1971
    • Length: 1 minute
    • Tagline: I'd like to buy the world a Coke
    • Filming Location: Various locations in Italy
    • Music: Written by Billy Davis, Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway, and Bill Backer
  7. 7
    This humorous ad features two rival delivery drivers racing to deliver their respective soda brands to a thirsty crowd. It playfully highlights the competition between Coca-Cola and Pepsi and has become a classic of the genre.
    The 'Coke vs. Pepsi (1985)' commercial was a highly popular advertisement that showcased a blind taste test between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. It aimed to highlight the superior taste of Coca-Cola over its competitor.
    • Year: 1985
    • Brand: Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi
    • Type: Television commercial
    • Duration: Approximately 30 seconds
    • Concept: Blind taste test
  8. 8
    This ad shows a young boy attempting to catch a Coca-Cola bottle thrown to him by a baseball player. The boy misses the catch but the player reassures him and gives him another bottle. It is a heartwarming moment that has stayed with viewers for decades.
    The 'Hey Kid, Catch!' is a well-known Coca-Cola commercial that aired in 1979. The commercial features a young boy delivering Coca-Cola bottles to various people in a small town. It showcases the joy and excitement of receiving a refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola.
    • Year: 1979
    • Duration: 30 seconds
    • Theme: Friendship, joy, and sharing
    • Tagline: 'Coca-Cola Adds Life'
    • Location: Small town
  9. 9
    This animated ad takes viewers on a journey through a fantastical factory where Coca-Cola is made. The colorful and imaginative visuals have made it a favorite among younger viewers and a popular choice for social media sharing.
    The Coca-Cola Happiness Factory (2006) is a highly popular animated commercial created by the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy. The commercial takes viewers on an imaginative journey inside a Coca-Cola vending machine, showcasing a vibrant factory where miniature Coke bottle people work together to create happiness.
    • Year: 2006
    • Duration: 60 seconds
    • Animation Style: Computer-generated imagery (CGI)
    • Setting: Inside a Coca-Cola vending machine
    • Featured Characters: Miniature Coke bottle people
  10. 10
    This ad features a catchy jingle celebrating the authenticity of Coca-Cola. It was part of a larger campaign that emphasized the company's commitment to quality and has become an enduring part of Coca-Cola's brand identity.
    The 'It's the Real Thing' commercial is one of the most popular Coca-Cola commercials, released in 1970. It became an iconic advertisement that captured the essence of the brand and its connection to the youth culture of the time. The commercial featured a diverse group of young people from different nationalities, singing the famous jingle 'I'd like to buy the world a Coke'. It conveyed a message of unity, harmony, and happiness through the idea of enjoying a Coca-Cola together.
    • Year: 1970
    • Duration: 1 minute
    • Tagline: 'It's the Real Thing'
    • Jingle: 'I'd like to buy the world a Coke'
    • Concept: Promoting unity and happiness through Coca-Cola

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Ranking factors for popular commercial

  1. Memorability
    A popular Coca-Cola commercial should be easily recalled by the audience, having memorable elements such as catchy music or jingles, unique storytelling, or iconic imagery.
  2. Emotional connect
    The commercial should evoke an emotional response from the audience, whether it is happiness, nostalgia, or a sense of belonging. Coca-Cola commercials often focus on themes such as unity, friendship, or celebration.
  3. Cultural impact
    The commercial should transcend borders and resonate across different cultural backgrounds, striking a chord with a global audience.
  4. Creativity and originality
    A popular commercial should demonstrate creativity and originality, showcasing a visually appealing story that is also thought-provoking for the viewer.
  5. Brand message
    The commercial should effectively communicate the brand's core values and personality, reinforcing the unique message that Coca-Cola wants to convey.
  6. Audience engagement
    A successful commercial should prompt audience members to actively engage with the ad by sharing it on social media, discussing it with friends and family, or participating in associated promotions.
  7. Sales impact
    Ultimately, the commercial's effectiveness in driving product sales or demand for Coca-Cola beverages is an important factor in determining its overall popularity.
  8. Awards and industry recognition
    Popular commercials are often recognized by the advertising industry through various awards and accolades, which can serve as a testament to their creative excellence.

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