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Updated on Feb 8, 2024 06:02
Welcome to StrawPoll, your one-stop destination for all things polls and rankings! We are excited to present our latest ranking, "What is the most popular educational game?" where we invite you to cast your vote and make your voice heard. From childhood classics to the newest innovations, these educational games have shaped minds and fueled curiosity for generations. So which one is the reigning champion? It's time to settle the debate and crown the ultimate edutainment king! We encourage you to dive in, explore the contenders, and cast your vote for your favorite, or even suggest a missing game that deserves a spot on our list. Remember, every vote counts in shaping the future of educational gaming. Ready, set, learn!

What Is the Most Popular Educational Game?

  1. 1
    This game is a popular educational game that teaches kids how to code, explore and learn about different subjects. It allows students to create their own worlds and learn through trial and error.
    Minecraft Education Edition is an educational game based on the popular sandbox game Minecraft. It was created by Mojang Studios, a Swedish video game developer. The Education Edition is specifically designed for classroom use and aims to support and enhance learning in various subjects. It offers a wide range of features and tools that promote collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
    • Platform: Windows 10, macOS, Chromebook
    • Subject Areas: Various subjects including STEM, History, Language Arts, and more
    • Game Modes: Survival, Creative, and Adventure modes
    • Lesson Plans: Extensive library of pre-made lesson plans
    • Classroom Management: Teacher controls and student collaboration
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    This game is a popular educational game that allows teachers to create quizzes and games to help students learn different subjects. It can be used in classrooms or remotely, making it a versatile tool for teachers.
    Kahoot! is a highly popular educational game platform that revolutionizes learning through gamification. Using a variety of engaging activities and exercises, Kahoot! allows teachers, students, and individuals to create, play, and share interactive quizzes, surveys, and discussions in real-time.
    • User-friendly Interface: Kahoot! offers a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate for all users.
    • Customizable Content: Users can create their own educational games using various media formats, including images, videos, and questions.
    • Live Multiplayer Mode: Kahoot! enables real-time multiplayer competitions, allowing multiple players to compete against each other on a shared screen.
    • Remote Learning Support: Kahoot! can be accessed and utilized remotely, making it an ideal tool for distance learning and virtual classrooms.
    • Assessment and Reports: Teachers can assess students' learning progress through detailed reports and analytics provided by Kahoot!.
  3. 3
    This game is a popular educational game that teaches kids about different subjects through animated videos and interactive activities. It covers a wide range of topics, from science and math to social studies and English.
    BrainPOP is an engaging educational game that provides animated videos, interactive quizzes, and other activities to help students learn various subjects in a fun and interactive way. The game covers a wide range of topics such as science, math, social studies, English, and more, catering to the educational needs of students from kindergarten to high school.
    • Subscription Model: Available
    • Mobile Apps: iOS, Android
    • Video Content: Animated educational videos
    • Interactive Quizzes: Engaging quizzes to test understanding
    • Engaging Activities: Games, coding projects, experiments, and more
  4. 4
    This game is a popular educational game that teaches kids math skills through a fun and interactive role-playing game. It adapts to each student's learning level and offers rewards for completing challenges.
    Prodigy is a popular online math game designed to make learning math fun for kids in grades 1 to 8. The game features an engaging storyline where players embark on a virtual adventure to save the world by solving math problems. As players progress through the game, they can capture and level up their own virtual pets, which helps motivate them to keep playing and improving their math skills.
    • Target Audience: Grades 1-8
    • Platform: Web-based
    • Availability: Free and premium versions
    • Curriculum Aligned: Yes
    • Adaptive Learning: Yes
  5. 5
    This game is a popular educational game that teaches kids how to code through interactive lessons and challenges. It offers a range of courses for beginners and advanced coders. is a popular educational game that teaches kids the fundamentals of computer programming through interactive and engaging activities. It aims to make coding accessible to all students, regardless of their background or experience in technology. The game features a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of programming puzzles and challenges, allowing students to learn at their own pace and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. With its emphasis on creativity and exploration, helps students develop a deep understanding of coding concepts while fostering a love for computer science.
    • Target Audience: Kids and students of all ages
    • Accessibility: Accessible to students with no prior coding experience
    • Content: A wide variety of coding activities and puzzles
    • Curriculum Integration: Aligned with educational standards and can be integrated into school curricula
    • Gamification: Engaging and interactive game-based learning approach
  6. 6
    This game is a popular educational game that teaches kids math skills through a range of interactive activities and games. It offers a personalized learning experience and helps students develop critical thinking skills.
    Mathletics is an online educational game that focuses on teaching and improving mathematical skills for students of all levels. It offers a fun and interactive platform where students can engage in challenges, competitions, and learning activities related to math. With a wide range of content, Mathletics covers various math concepts such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics. The game emphasizes not only on solving problems but also on building conceptual understanding and encouraging critical thinking skills. Students can track their progress, earn points, and compete with other players from around the world, creating a motivating and immersive learning experience.
    • Target Audience: Students of all levels
    • Concepts Covered: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and more
    • Interactive Challenges: Engaging activities and games
    • Progress Tracking: Students can monitor their performance
    • Global Competitions: Opportunity to compete with players worldwide
  7. 7
    This game is a popular educational game that teaches kids and adults different languages through interactive lessons and challenges. It offers a fun and engaging way to learn a new language.
    Duolingo is a language-learning platform that offers interactive courses to help users learn various languages. It uses gamification techniques to make learning fun and engaging.
    • Language Courses: Offers courses in over 35 languages
    • Interactive Instruction: Provides interactive lessons and exercises
    • Gamification: Uses game-like elements to motivate and reward users
    • Progress Tracking: Tracks users' progress and provides personalized recommendations
    • Mobile App: Available on iOS and Android devices
  8. 8
    This game is a popular educational game that teaches kids and adults how to type through interactive lessons and games. It helps students develop typing skills that are essential for many jobs and careers.
    TypingClub is a popular educational game that focuses on improving typing skills in an interactive and engaging manner. It provides a user-friendly platform for users of all ages to enhance their typing speed and accuracy. With a variety of exercises, games, and lessons, TypingClub helps users become better typists while having fun.
    • Target Audience: Users of all ages
    • Skill Level: Beginner to advanced typists
    • Lessons: Comprehensive typing lessons
    • Exercises: Various typing exercises
    • Games: Fun and interactive typing games
  9. 9
    This game is a popular educational game that teaches kids how to code through a visual programming language. It allows students to create their own games, animations, and stories.
    Scratch is a popular coding game designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of programming through a visual block-based interface. Users can drag and drop different blocks of code to create interactive stories, animations, and games.
    • Target Audience: Beginners, particularly kids (ages 8 and up)
    • Block-based Interface: Allows users to create programs by snapping together blocks of code
    • Interactive Stories and Animations: Users can create interactive narratives and animations
    • Game Creation: Users can design and program their own games
    • Online Community: Provides a platform for sharing and remixing projects
  10. 10
    This game is a popular educational game that teaches kids about ancient Egypt through a historically accurate open-world game. It offers a fun and engaging way to learn about history and culture.
    Assassin's Creed: Origins is the tenth installment in the popular Assassin's Creed series, developed and published by Ubisoft. It serves as a prequel to the entire franchise, set in ancient Egypt during the Ptolemaic period, and follows the origin story of the Brotherhood of Assassins. Players take on the role of Bayek, a Medjay warrior, as they explore a vast open-world replete with historical cities, tombs, and landscapes.
    • Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
    • Genre: Action-adventure, Stealth
    • Release Date: October 27, 2017
    • Game Engine: AnvilNext 2.0
    • Setting: Ancient Egypt
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Ranking factors for popular educational game

  1. Educational content
    The game should have a strong educational component, teaching valuable skills or providing useful information, while also being age-appropriate for the target audience.
  2. Adaptability and accessibility
    The game should be adaptable to different learning styles and levels, with options for customization or difficulty adjustments. Additionally, it should be accessible for players with different abilities, including those with disabilities or special needs.
  3. Player interaction and collaboration
    Ideally, the educational game should facilitate interaction between players, possibly through multiplayer or cooperative gameplay modes. This encourages communication, collaboration, and social skills development.
  4. Learning retention and application
    The game should be effective in promoting long-term learning retention and allow players to apply the knowledge or skills gained in real-world scenarios.
  5. Feedback and assessment
    The game should provide clear feedback on players' performance and progress, possibly through scores, badges, or other reward systems. This helps motivate players and allows them to evaluate their own learning process.
  6. Technical quality and platform availability
    The game should have high-quality graphics and audio, as well as run smoothly on various devices and platforms (such as PC, mobile, console, etc.). This ensures a wide range of players can access and enjoy the game.
  7. Support and community
    A strong support system, regular updates, and an active community are essential for maintaining interest in an educational game. This also provides opportunities for players to share ideas, experiences, and feedback.
  8. Awards and recognition
    Educational games that have received awards or recognition from reputable organizations are usually an indicator of quality and popularity.

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Educational games have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to make learning more engaging and interactive. These games are designed to teach various subjects, from math and science to history and language arts, in a fun and engaging way. They can be played on a variety of platforms, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, making them accessible to virtually anyone with an internet connection. Many of these games incorporate elements of gamification, such as rewards and achievements, to keep players motivated and engaged. They also often use interactive features, such as quizzes and puzzles, to help reinforce learning and encourage critical thinking skills. With so many educational games available, it can be difficult to determine which ones are the most popular. However, by examining user ratings and reviews, as well as sales figures, we can get a sense of which games are resonating with players and making the biggest impact in the education space.

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