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Welcome to StrawPoll, your ultimate destination for interactive polls and rankings! Today, we're diving into the enchanting world of Elizabeth Arden perfumes, and we need your help to determine the most popular and beloved fragrance. With an exquisite collection that evokes a myriad of emotions and memories, Elizabeth Arden perfumes have undoubtedly captivated our senses for decades. But which one truly stands out as the crowd favorite? Cast your vote now for your all-time favorite or suggest a missing gem from this iconic brand. Join fellow fragrance enthusiasts and let's unravel the scents that have left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. A captivating journey awaits, so let's embark on this olfactory adventure together and discover the ultimate Elizabeth Arden perfume!

What Is the Most Popular Elizabeth Arden Perfume?

  1. 1

    Red Door

    Carlos Benaim
    This iconic fragrance has been a best-seller for Elizabeth Arden for over 30 years. It features a blend of rich florals, amber, and musk, and is known for its elegant, sophisticated scent.
    Red Door is a classic and iconic fragrance by Elizabeth Arden. It is a luxurious and elegant scent that captures the essence of a woman's glamorous transformation. The name 'Red Door' is inspired by the iconic red door of the Elizabeth Arden Salon on Fifth Avenue.
    • Fragrance Family: Floral
    • Top Notes: Ylang-Ylang, Red Rose, Orchid, Lily of the Valley
    • Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Moroccan Orange Flower, Violet
    • Base Notes: Honey, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber
    • Fragrance Concentration: Eau de Toilette
  2. 2
    5th Avenue
    A. Balet · CC BY 3.0

    5th Avenue

    Elizabeth Arden
    Another classic fragrance from Elizabeth Arden, 5th Avenue is a floral scent with notes of lilac, jasmine, and rose. It's named after the famous New York City shopping district and is often associated with luxury and sophistication.
    5th Avenue is a timeless and sophisticated fragrance by Elizabeth Arden. It captures the essence of the bustling Fifth Avenue in New York City, with its vibrant energy and elegant aura. The fragrance is designed for modern and confident women who exude grace and style.
    • Fragrance Type: Eau de Parfum
    • Scent: Floral
    • Top notes: Lilac, Linden Blossom, Dewy Magnolia, Bergamot
    • Middle notes: Pink Peony, Wisteria, Bulgarian Rose, Ylang-Ylang
    • Base notes: Golden Sandalwood, Warm Amber, Tonka Bean, Vanilla
  3. 3
    Green Tea
    Vyacheslav Argenberg · CC BY 4.0
    This fresh, clean fragrance is perfect for everyday wear. It's a blend of green tea, citrus, and herbs, and is known for its uplifting and energizing scent.
    Green tea is a type of tea made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. It is widely known for its numerous health benefits and is a common ingredient in cosmetic formulations. Green tea is often used for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help protect the skin from damage and promote a healthy complexion. It also contains caffeine and catechins, which are known to help reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.
    • Plant species: Camellia sinensis
    • Oxidation level: Minimal
    • Health benefits: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
    • Skin benefits: Protection, healthy complexion
    • Active compounds: Caffeine, catechins
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  4. 4
    This modern fragrance is a blend of fruity and floral notes, with hints of pink pepper and musk. It's designed to capture the essence of a woman's multi-faceted personality and is often described as feminine and elegant.
    Untold by Elizabeth Arden is a captivating and luxurious fragrance that embodies the essence of modern women. With its rich and sophisticated blend of notes, Untold takes you on a journey of empowerment and self-expression. This floral-oriental perfume is a true representation of the multifaceted nature of a woman, revealing her many different sides.
    • Fragrance Family: Floral-Oriental
    • Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Pear, Blackcurrant Bud
    • Heart Notes: Egyptian Jasmine, Gardenia, Rose
    • Base Notes: Patchouli, Amber, Musk
    • Longevity: Moderate to Long-lasting
  5. 5
    This bright, sunny fragrance is perfect for summer. It features notes of bergamot, melon, and peach, and is known for its cheerful, optimistic scent.
    The Sunflowers is an iconic ornamental plant known for its vibrant yellow petals and large, disc-shaped flower heads. It belongs to the genus Helianthus and is native to North America.
    • Plant type: Annual
    • Height: 2 - 10 feet
    • Flower diameter: 8 - 12 inches
    • Petals: Yellow
    • Bloom period: Summer to early fall
  6. 6
    This fresh, aquatic fragrance is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. It features notes of mandarin, musk, and sandalwood, and is often described as refreshing and invigorating.
    The Mediterranean is a captivating and enchanting region located between Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is a vast body of water surrounded by beautiful coastlines and dotted with numerous picturesque islands. This magnificent sea has been a hub of civilization and trade for centuries, resulting in a rich and diverse culture influenced by various ancient civilizations including Greek, Roman, Phoenician, and Byzantine.
    • Size: Approximately 2.5 million square kilometers
    • Countries: More than 20 countries have coastlines along the Mediterranean Sea
    • Islands: It hosts numerous stunning islands including Crete, Sicily, Sardinia, Ibiza, and Mykonos
    • Mild Climate: Enjoy warm summers and mild winters with an average temperature between 20-30°C (68-86°F)
    • Historical Significance: The Mediterranean is home to many historical landmarks, ruins, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Acropolis, Colosseum, and Pompeii
  7. 7

    White Tea

    Rodrigo Flores-Roux
    This soothing fragrance is a blend of white tea, citrus, and woodsy notes. It's designed to evoke a feeling of relaxation and tranquility, and is often described as calming and comforting.
    White Tea by Elizabeth Arden is a refreshing and serene perfume that captures the essence of indulgence and calmness. It brings to mind the simple pleasure of a luxurious white tea blended with radiant florals and precious woods.
    • Fragrance Category: Fresh
    • Fragrance Notes: Madras Wood, Ambrette Seed Absolute, White Tea Extract
    • Top Notes: Italian Mandarin, Clary Sage Essence, Sea Breeze Accord
    • Middle Notes: White Tea Extract, Turkish Rose Absolute, Mate Absolute Paraguay
    • Base Notes: Madras Wood, Ambrette Seed Absolute, Tonka Bean Venezuela Absolute, Ambermax
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  8. 8

    Provocative Woman

    Elizabeth Arden
    This seductive fragrance is a blend of floral and spicy notes, with hints of amber and musk. It's designed to capture the essence of a confident, sensual woman, and is often described as alluring and mysterious.
    Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden is a captivating and irresistible fragrance that exudes confidence and allure. It is the perfect choice for women who want to make a bold statement. With its unique blend of floral, fruity, and woody notes, Provocative Woman is both sensual and sophisticated.
    • Fragrance Family: Floral
    • Top Notes: Quince, Water Lotus, Ginger Lily, Midnight Orchid
    • Heart Notes: White Sand Notes, Pink Freesia, Red Amber, Hinoki Wood
    • Base Notes: Atmospheric Air Accord, White Birch, Cashmere Woods, Tahitian Vanilla, Tonka Bean
    • Gender: Women
  9. 9
    Blue Grass
    Farragutful · CC BY-SA 3.0

    Blue Grass

    Elizabeth Arden
    This classic fragrance is a blend of floral and woodsy notes, with hints of lavender and jasmine. It's been a best-seller for Elizabeth Arden for over 80 years, and is often associated with timeless elegance and sophistication.
    Blue Grass is a classic and timeless perfume by Elizabeth Arden. It is a fresh and vibrant fragrance that captures the essence of nature and elegance. Inspired by the wide-open spaces of the American countryside, Blue Grass brings to life the invigorating scent of wildflowers and green meadows. Its refreshing and uplifting composition makes it an ideal choice for everyday wear.
    • Perfume type: Eau de Parfum
    • Fragrance family: Floral Green
    • Top notes: Lavender, Neroli, Orange, Aldehydes
    • Heart notes: Rose, Spices, Clove, Jasmine, Hyacinth, Lily-of-the-Valley
    • Base notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Musk
  10. 10

    Always Red

    Elizabeth Arden
    This bold, daring fragrance is a blend of fruity and floral notes, with hints of wood and musk. It's designed to capture the essence of a confident, fearless woman, and is often described as empowering and seductive.
    Always Red by Elizabeth Arden is a vibrant and seductive perfume that captures the essence of confident and daring women. It exudes a powerful, captivating energy that is impossible to ignore. The fragrance is a perfect balance between boldness and femininity, combining fiery fruity notes with a sensual base, leaving a lasting impression.
    • Fragrance Type: Eau de Toilette
    • Scent: Fiery Fruity
    • Top Notes: Red Plum, Blood Orange, Passionfruit
    • Heart Notes: Jasmine Sambac, Pink Freesia, Velvet Rose Petals
    • Base Notes: Mahogany Woods, Red Amber, Praline

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  2. Customer Reviews and Ratings
    Look for customer reviews and ratings on various websites and platforms where people discuss and share their views about perfumes. These reviews can give valuable insights into the perfume's quality, scent, longevity, and overall customer satisfaction.
  3. Awards and Recognitions
    Check if the perfume has received any awards or recognitions for its quality, packaging, or unique scent. This may signify the perfume's popularity and prestige in the industry.
  4. Brand Reputation
    Elizabeth Arden is a well-known brand, and its reputation can influence the popularity of its perfumes. A strong brand reputation can lead to higher sales and more loyal customers.
  5. Media Coverage
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  6. Scent Profile
    Evaluate the scent profile of the perfume, including its main notes, sillage, and longevity. A universally appealing scent profile is likely to be more popular than a fragrance with polarizing scent characteristics.
  7. Packaging and Design
    The packaging and design of the perfume bottle can play a role in its popularity. A visually appealing design can attract more buyers and make the product stand out on store shelves.
  8. Target Demographic
    Consider the intended target customers for the perfume. Different fragrances may be more popular among certain age groups, genders, or cultural backgrounds.
  9. Market Competitiveness
    Assess the competitiveness of the perfume in the market, including the price point and the quality of the fragrance compared to its competitors. A competitive product is likely to be more popular among consumers.
  10. Seasonal Trends
    Some perfumes may be more popular during specific seasons, such as floral scents in spring, or warm scents in winter. Seasonal trends can impact sales and consumer preferences.

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