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Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Dec 2, 2023 20:46)
June is here, and it's time to cast your vote for the most popular holiday of the month! At StrawPoll, we've compiled an exciting list of celebrations that have people buzzing with anticipation. From the sun-soaked days of summer solstice to the heartwarming moments of Father's Day, there's a festive event for everyone. But we want to hear from you – which June holiday truly reigns supreme? Dive into our captivating ranking and cast your vote for your absolute favorite, or suggest a hidden gem we might have missed! Let's uncover the ultimate June holiday celebration together, only at StrawPoll!

What Is the Most Popular Holiday in June?

  1. 1
    Father's Day - celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries, honoring fathers and father figures.
    Father's Day is a holiday celebrated worldwide to honor and appreciate fathers and father figures. It is a time to recognize and express gratitude for the contributions, love, and support of fathers in our lives.
    • Date: Third Sunday in June
    • Global Observance: Celebrated in over 100 countries
    • Gifts: Commonly involves giving cards, gifts, or spending quality time together
    • Symbol: Necktie and the color blue are associated with Father's Day
    • Activities: Activities include family gatherings, special meals, and outdoor events
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    World Environment Day
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    World Environment Day - observed on June 5th, promoting awareness and action for the protection of the environment.
    World Environment Day is an annual event celebrated on June 5th that aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable actions to protect the planet. It serves as a platform for individuals, communities, organizations, and governments worldwide to come together and take positive actions towards a greener and more sustainable future.
    • Date: June 5th
    • Established: 1972
    • Objective: Raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable actions
    • International Event: Celebrated worldwide
    • Platform: Individuals, communities, organizations, and governments
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    National Doughnut Day

    The Salvation Army
    National Doughnut Day - celebrated on the first Friday of June in the United States, honoring the fried dough confection.
    National Doughnut Day is a holiday that celebrates the sweet and delightfully fried dough confection known as doughnuts. It is observed annually on the first Friday of June, and it has gained popularity worldwide. Doughnuts are typically round with a hole in the center, although various shapes and flavors can be found. They are often topped with glazes, sprinkles, or filled with sweet creams or jellies. This holiday is the perfect occasion to indulge in and share these tasty treats with friends and loved ones.
    • Observation Date: First Friday of June
    • Origin: Created in the United States
    • Purpose: To honor The Salvation Army volunteers who offered doughnuts to soldiers in World War I
    • Recognition: Recognized as a designated day in several countries
    • Charitable Ties: Many doughnut shops and brands use the day to raise funds for charitable causes
  4. 4
    National Flag Day
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    National Flag Day - celebrated on June 14th in the United States, commemorating the adoption of the flag of the United States.
    National Flag Day is a holiday celebrated in many countries around the world to honor and commemorate the national flag. It is a day dedicated to expressing patriotism and pride in one's country through the display of the national flag.
    • Date: The date of National Flag Day varies from country to country, but it is often observed on the anniversary of the adoption of the national flag.
    • Historical Significance: National Flag Day serves as a reminder of the country's history, struggle for independence, and the values represented by the national flag.
    • Flag Etiquette: On National Flag Day, proper flag etiquette is emphasized, including proper handling, folding, and displaying of the national flag.
    • Patriotic Celebrations: The day is often marked by various patriotic celebrations, such as parades, flag-raising ceremonies, fireworks, and cultural events.
    • Education and Awareness: National Flag Day also involves educational activities promoting the significance and symbolism of the national flag among citizens, especially children.
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    National Best Friends Day - observed on June 8th, celebrating the special bond between friends.
    National Best Friends Day is a holiday dedicated to celebrating and honoring the special bonds of friendship. It is a day for people to express gratitude for their best friends and show appreciation for their presence in their lives.
    • Symbol: Heart-shaped items, friendship bracelets
    • Official Website: None
    • Date: June 8th
    • Origin: Unknown
    • Purpose: To celebrate and honor the special bonds of friendship
  6. 6

    LGBT Pride Month

    Brenda Howard
    LGBT Pride Month - celebrated in June in many countries, promoting equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community.
    LGBT Pride Month is an annual celebration that takes place in June to honor the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. It is a time to acknowledge the impact and accomplishments of the LGBT rights movement and to promote LGBTQ+ visibility, equality, and acceptance.
    • Date: June
    • Originated in: New York City
    • First held in: 1970
    • Also known as: Gay Pride Month
    • Commemorates: Stonewall Riots of 1969
  7. 7
    National Rose Month - observed in June in the United States, celebrating the beauty and diversity of roses.
    National Rose Month is an annual celebration held in June to promote and appreciate the beauty and significance of roses. It is a month-long observance dedicated to honoring the diverse range of roses and their cultural importance.
    • Celebrated in: June
    • Purpose: Promote and appreciate roses
    • Duration: Month-long
    • Focus: Diverse range of roses
    • Significance: Cultural importance
  8. 8
    National Candy Month - celebrated in June in the United States, paying tribute to the sweet treats enjoyed by many.
    National Candy Month is a celebration dedicated to the enjoyment and indulgence of candies. Throughout the month of June, people across the United States honor the sweet treats that bring joy to their lives. From classic favorites to innovative creations, this month is filled with festivities centered around candies of all kinds.
    • Duration: Entire month of June
    • Origin: Initiated by the National Confectioners Association
    • Purpose: Celebrate the joy of candies and promote the confectionery industry
    • Activities: Candy-themed events, promotions, and tastings
    • Recognition: Officially recognized by the U.S. National Day Calendar
  9. 9
    National Iced Tea Month - observed in June in the United States, honoring the refreshing beverage enjoyed during the summer months.
    National Iced Tea Month is a celebration held every June to promote and enjoy the refreshing beverage of iced tea. It serves as an opportunity to quench one's thirst and indulge in the various flavors and variations of this chilled tea-based drink.
    • Celebrated In: June
    • Origin: Unknown
    • Purpose: Promote and enjoy iced tea
    • Popular Varieties: Classic iced tea, sweet tea, flavored iced tea
    • Serving Methods: Over ice, blended with fruits or herbs
  10. 10
    Midsummer's Eve - celebrated on June 23rd in many countries, marking the summer solstice and the longest day of the year.
    Midsummer's Eve is a popular holiday celebrated in various countries during the summer solstice, usually on June 23rd or 24th. It is a cultural and traditional festival that marks the middle of the summer season. The celebration typically involves outdoor activities, bonfires, feasting, music, dancing, and other festive rituals. Midsummer's Eve is known for its pagan origins, intertwined with folklore, superstitions, and nature-related customs. It is a time to rejoice and embrace the long daylight hours, abundance, fertility, and the beauty of nature. The holiday holds different significance and customs depending on the country, region, or culture where it is celebrated.
    • Date: Usually observed on June 23rd or June 24th.
    • Geographical Distribution: Celebrated in various countries, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, and others.
    • Traditional Rituals: Lighting bonfires, dancing around maypoles, singing and playing folk songs, feasting on traditional food and drinks, folklore-related activities.
    • Symbolism: Celebration of the summer solstice, fertility, nature, sunlight, joy, and community.
    • Traditional Food: Traditional dishes may include herring, potatoes, pickled cucumbers, strawberries, and other seasonal fruits.

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Ranking factors for popular holiday

  1. Cultural significance
    Consider the cultural importance of the holiday, and how widely it is celebrated within a specific community or country.
  2. Number of people celebrating
    Estimate the number of participants and how widely-observed the holiday is across various regions and countries.
  3. Public or official recognition
    Assess whether the holiday is officially recognized by governments, schools, or businesses, resulting in days off or closures.
  4. Tradition and history
    Analyze the longevity and historical origins of the holiday, as well as any traditional activities or customs associated with the celebration.
  5. Community involvement
    Consider the level of community engagement, including events, gatherings, and parades that take place in honor of the holiday.
  6. Economic impact
    Evaluate any economic implications of the holiday, such as increased consumer spending on gifts, travel, or related expenses.
  7. Media coverage and social media presence
    Assess the level of media attention, including news coverage, social media engagement, and online searches related to the holiday.
  8. Unique aspects and appeal
    Consider any unique aspects or features that make the holiday particularly popular, such as specific foods, activities, or symbols associated with the celebration.

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