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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Nov 29, 2023 08:20
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion matters! We're excited to present our latest ranking - "What is the most popular Kahoot?" As thousands of teachers, students, and trivia enthusiasts worldwide embark on interactive learning adventures, we're diving into the world of Kahoot to find the ultimate fan-favorite. With a plethora of topics and themes, there's a Kahoot for everyone - but which one stands out as the undisputed champion? That's where you come in! Cast your vote to decide the reigning Kahoot or suggest a missing gem that deserves a spot in our prestigious list. Don't miss your chance to be part of this interactive quest for the best! Join fellow Kahoot aficionados in this thrilling showdown, and let's uncover the most popular Kahoot together. Happy voting!

What Is the Most Popular Kahoot?

  1. 1
    This Kahoot covers a wide range of topics, making it popular among students and adults alike.
    The General Knowledge Quiz is a popular Kahoot quiz that tests players' knowledge on a wide range of subjects.
    • Number of Questions: 20
    • Difficulty Level: Medium
    • Duration: 15 minutes
    • Topics: Varied (history, geography, science, literature, etc.)
    • Competition Mode: Yes
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  2. 2
    This Kahoot is popular among Harry Potter fans and allows them to test their knowledge of the wizarding world.
    The 'Harry Potter Quiz' is a Kahoot quiz based on the famous Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling. It tests the knowledge of participants about the magical world of Harry Potter, including characters, spells, locations, and plot details.
    • Number of Questions: 20
    • Difficulty Level: Moderate
    • Time Limit: 10 seconds per question
    • Maximum Number of Players: Unlimited
    • Multimedia Content: Includes images and video clips
  3. 3

    Disney Quiz

    This Kahoot is popular among Disney fans and covers a wide range of Disney movies and characters.
    The 'Disney Quiz' is a fun and interactive Kahoot game that tests players' knowledge of Disney movies, characters, and trivia. It includes a variety of multiple-choice questions related to the Disney franchise.
    • Number of questions: 10
    • Difficulty level: Moderate
    • Time per question: 15 seconds
    • Maximum number of players: Up to 1000
    • Available languages: Multiple, including English, Spanish, French, etc.
  4. 4

    Minecraft Quiz

    Kahoot! Studios
    This Kahoot is popular among Minecraft players and tests their knowledge of the game.
    The 'Minecraft Quiz' is a popular Kahoot game that tests players' knowledge about the sandbox video game, Minecraft. The quiz features various questions related to gameplay mechanics, items, characters, and the history of Minecraft. Players can challenge their friends or compete against others online to see who can score the highest.
    • Category: Gaming
    • Number of Questions: 50
    • Difficulty Level: Moderate
    • Duration: 30 minutes
    • Audience: All ages
  5. 5

    Animal Quiz

    This Kahoot is popular among animal lovers and covers a wide range of animals, their behaviors, and habitats.
    The Animal Quiz is a popular Kahoot game that tests players' knowledge about animals. It features a variety of questions related to different species, habitats, characteristics, and trivia about animals. The game incorporates engaging visuals and provides a fun and educational experience for players of all ages. The questions are designed to challenge players' knowledge and encourage them to learn more about the animal kingdom.
    • Number of questions: Around 20
    • Difficulty levels: Multiple
    • Modes: Solo and multiplayer
    • Question types: Multiple choice and true/false
    • Time limit: Customizable
  6. 6

    Math Quiz

    Kahoot! Studios
    This Kahoot is popular among students and covers various math concepts, including algebra, geometry, and calculus.
    The 'Math Quiz' is a popular Kahoot game where players can test their math skills with a series of interactive quiz questions.
    • Category: Education
    • Difficulty Level: Medium
    • Number of Questions: 25
    • Topics Covered: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics
    • Time Limit per Question: 20 seconds
  7. 7

    History Quiz

    This Kahoot is popular among history enthusiasts and covers various historical events, figures, and movements.
    The 'History Quiz' is a popular Kahoot game that tests players' knowledge of historical events, figures, and concepts. It is designed to engage players in a fun and interactive way while challenging their understanding of history.
    • Category: History
    • Difficulty: Moderate
    • Number of players: Multiple (up to thousands)
    • Gameplay duration: Variable (usually 10-20 minutes)
    • Question types: Multiple choice
  8. 8

    Science Quiz

    This Kahoot is popular among science students and covers various scientific concepts, including biology, chemistry, and physics.
    The Science Quiz is a highly popular Kahoot quiz that tests players' knowledge in various scientific fields. It covers topics such as physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and more. The questions in the quiz are designed to challenge players' understanding of scientific concepts and their ability to apply them in real-world scenarios. With a mix of multiple-choice and true/false questions, the Science Quiz provides an engaging and educational experience for participants of all ages.
    • Quiz Length: 20 minutes
    • Number of Questions: 50
    • Difficulty Level: Moderate
    • Player Limit: Unlimited
    • Language: English
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  9. 9

    Geography Quiz

    This Kahoot is popular among geography students and covers various geographical regions, landmarks, and cultures.
    The 'Geography Quiz' is a popular Kahoot quiz that focuses on testing players' knowledge about various geographical aspects of the world. It covers a wide range of topics such as countries, capitals, landmarks, physical features, and cultural facts. The quiz is designed to be interactive and engaging, providing players with multiple-choice questions and a time limit to select their answers.
    • Question types: Multiple-choice
    • Difficulty levels: Various
    • Number of questions: Around 20-30
    • Time limit per question: 15-20 seconds
    • Visual media: Includes images and maps
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  10. 10

    Sports Quiz

    This Kahoot is popular among sports enthusiasts and covers various sports, including football, basketball, and soccer.
    The Sports Quiz is a popular Kahoot quiz that tests players' knowledge in various sports disciplines. It covers a wide range of topics including popular sports, athletes, rules, history, and records. The quiz consists of multiple-choice questions with a time limit for each question, adding an element of competition and urgency.
    • Quiz length: Approximately 20-30 minutes
    • Number of questions: Usually 10-20 questions
    • Difficulty level: Varies from easy to challenging
    • Audience: Suitable for sports enthusiasts of all ages
    • Interactive features: Leaderboard, live updates, and instant feedback

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Ranking factors for popular Kahoot

  1. Number of times played
    One of the key factors to gauge the popularity of a Kahoot! is by looking at how many times it has been played by different users.
  2. Number of participants
    Another indicator of popularity is the total number of participants who have joined the games based on that specific Kahoot!.
  3. Number of likes and saves
    The number of likes and saves a Kahoot! has received from users can help determine its popularity as people tend to like or save Kahoots they enjoyed or found useful.
  4. Average rating
    User-generated ratings provide insight into the overall quality and appeal of a Kahoot! based on users' perceptions.
  5. Hype factor
    Some Kahoots may gain sudden popularity due to being related to a trending topic, news event, or famous personality. The relevance and recency of the content can factor into the Kahoot's popularity.
  6. Engagement level
    A popular Kahoot! is likely to have high engagement levels in terms of how actively users participate in the game and interact with the content.
  7. Difficulty level
    The difficulty level of a Kahoot! may affect its popularity. Ideally, a popular Kahoot is challenging enough to keep players interested but not so difficult that it discourages participation.
  8. Quality of content and presentation
    A well-designed Kahoot! with visually appealing graphics, clear questions, and accurate information is more likely to gain popularity among users.
  9. Versatility and reusability
    Kahoots that can be used in a variety of settings, such as classrooms, workplaces, or social events, and can be easily adapted or customized for different age groups and topics are more likely to be popular.
  10. Social sharing and recommendations
    Kahoots that are frequently shared on social media, recommended by users, or have high visibility on the platform's search results also contribute to their popularity.

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