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Updated on Nov 15, 2023 08:20
Welcome to StrawPoll, the ultimate hub for curious minds! We are excited to present our latest ranking: "What is the most popular Kahoot PIN?" This engaging poll lets you dive into the world of Kahoot, where knowledge meets fun and friendly competition. Thousands of people have already cast their votes on their favorite PINs, and now it's your turn to join in! Not only can you vote for your favorite, but you can even suggest a missing option to make this ranking as comprehensive as possible. So, why wait? Unleash your inner trivia master and join the conversation – who knows, you might just find the perfect Kahoot game to challenge your friends and family. Cast your vote now and be part of this exciting journey to discover the most popular Kahoot PIN out there!

What Is the Most Popular Kahoot PIN?

  1. 1

    "Disney Trivia"

    This Kahoot game is popular because of the popularity of Disney movies and characters among children and adults alike.
    Disney Trivia is a Kahoot game that tests players' knowledge of Disney movies, characters, and trivia. It covers various aspects of Disney, including classic and modern films, memorable characters, and iconic moments. The questions range from easy to challenging, allowing participants of different ages and familiarity levels to engage in the game.
    • Number of questions: 50
    • Duration: 20 minutes
    • Difficulty level: Moderate
    • Target audience: Disney fans of all ages
    • Playable on: Mobile devices, tablets, and computers with internet access
  2. 2
    Harry Potter is a popular book and movie series that has a massive fan base. Many people are interested in testing their knowledge about the magical world of Harry Potter.
    Harry Potter Trivia is a Kahoot game that tests players' knowledge on the Harry Potter book series and movies. It includes questions about the characters, plot, magical spells and artifacts, and more. Players compete against each other to answer the questions correctly and earn points.
    • Number of questions: 50
    • Average game duration: 20 minutes
    • Difficulty level: Medium
    • Playable languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese
    • Supported devices: Desktop, laptop, mobile
  3. 3
    General knowledge quizzes are popular because they cover a wide range of topics, making them interesting for a diverse group of people.
    The General Knowledge Quiz is a Kahoot game that tests players on a wide range of general knowledge topics. It features a mix of questions from various fields including history, geography, science, literature, and pop culture.
    • Number of Questions: 20
    • Time Limit per Question: 20 seconds
    • Difficulty Level: Moderate
    • Multiple Choice Options: 4
    • Scoring Method: Points based on speed and accuracy
  4. 4
    Music is a universal language, and many people enjoy testing their knowledge of popular songs and artists.
    Music Trivia is a Kahoot game that challenges players' knowledge of music-related facts and trivia. It covers a wide range of topics including music history, genres, famous artists, and popular songs.
    • Category: Trivia
    • Difficulty: Moderate
    • Number of Questions: 50
    • Time Limit per Question: 20 seconds
    • Multiplayer: Yes
  5. 5

    "Sports Trivia"

    Sports fans enjoy testing their knowledge about their favorite teams, players, and sports.
    Sports Trivia is a Kahoot game, where participants are challenged with questions related to various sports.
    • Categories: Questions about football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and more.
    • Difficulty levels: Easy, medium, and hard.
    • Question types: Multiple choice.
    • Number of questions: Usually around 20.
    • Time limit per question: 15 seconds.
  6. 6
    Geography quizzes are popular because they allow people to demonstrate their knowledge of the world's countries, cities, and landmarks.
  7. 7

    "Movie Trivia"

    Movie trivia is popular because many people enjoy watching movies and testing their knowledge of popular films.
    Movie Trivia is a Kahoot quiz game that tests players' knowledge of movies and film-related facts. It includes multiple choice questions about various aspects of movies, such as actors, directors, plotlines, and iconic scenes.
    • Number of questions: Up to 20
    • Difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard
    • Time limit per question: From 5 to 60 seconds
    • Supported languages: Multiple, including English, Spanish, French, German, and more
    • Player limit: Up to 1000
  8. 8

    "Animal Trivia"

    Many people are interested in learning about different animals and testing their knowledge about the animal kingdom.
    Animal Trivia is a popular Kahoot game designed to test players' knowledge about various animals. It challenges participants with questions related to different species, habitats, behaviors, and adaptations of animals worldwide. The game aims to educate and entertain players about the fascinating world of animals.
    • Category: Educational
    • Difficulty Level: Moderate
    • Number of Questions: 50
    • Duration: Approximately 20 minutes
    • Suitable for Age Group: All ages
  9. 9

    "Food Trivia"

    Kahoot Studios
    People enjoy learning about different types of food and testing their knowledge about culinary arts.
    Food Trivia is a popular Kahoot game that tests players' knowledge about various food-related topics. It includes questions about different cuisines, ingredients, cooking techniques, and famous dishes from around the world. The game is designed to be fun and educational, allowing players to learn interesting facts about food while competing against each other.
    • Playable on: Kahoot app or website
    • Number of questions: 50
    • Time limit per question: 20 seconds
    • Difficulty level: Easy to Medium
    • Suitable for: All age groups
  10. 10
    History quizzes are popular because they allow individuals to demonstrate their knowledge of significant events and historical figures.

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Ranking factors for popular Kahoot PIN

  1. Number of players
    A popular Kahoot PIN should have a significant number of players joining the game, showing high interest in that particular session.
  2. Game frequency
    A popular PIN will be used repeatedly, as the hosting game is played more frequently by different hosts and users.
  3. Difficulty level
    A balance between easy and challenging questions tends to attract more users to participate and play, making the Kahoot PIN popular.
  4. Engagement levels
    users showing high engagement in the sessions can determine popularity, usually reflected through in-game interaction and communication.
  5. Topic relevance
    The topic of the Kahoot game should be relevant and interesting to a wider audience, making it more likely for the PIN to gain popularity.
  6. Accessibility
    A popular Kahoot PIN should be easily accessible, shared, and publicized across social media platforms or online forums.
  7. Positive feedback
    A Kahoot PIN that receives positive feedback from users will gain more traction and become popular.
  8. Duration of the game
    A reasonably paced game with a good duration can contribute to a more popular Kahoot PIN, as users are more likely to enjoy and participate in well-timed games.
  9. Inclusiveness
    A popular Kahoot PIN will cater to a diverse audience, with various skill levels, languages, and demographics, making the game more appealing to a broader user base.
  10. Game host's reputation
    Users may be inclined to join a Kahoot game if the host has a reputation for creating entertaining and engaging sessions, thereby contributing to the popularity of the Kahoot PIN.

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Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that has become increasingly popular among students and educators around the world. It allows users to create and participate in quizzes, surveys, and discussions in a fun and interactive way. One of the most exciting features of Kahoot is the ability to join games using a unique PIN, which is displayed on the host's screen. With so many Kahoot games being played every day, it's only natural to wonder what the most popular Kahoot PIN is. In this article, we will explore the top Kahoot PINs and what makes them so popular.