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Author: Gregor Krambs
Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Dec 2, 2023 20:57)
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your choice matters! We are thrilled to present you with our latest ranking quest: "What is the most popular knife in MM2?" Dive into the exhilarating world of MM2 and join thousands of dedicated fans in voting for your all-time favorite blade. With countless choices, from the legendary Chroma Laser to the striking Heat, you may just be the deciding factor in crowning the ultimate fan-favorite knife. Is your favorite missing from the list? Don't worry! You can easily suggest an option, making sure that every exquisite blade gets a fair chance to shine. Cast your vote now and unleash your passion for MM2 in this epic showdown of the finest knives in the game!

What Is the Most Popular Knife in MM2?

  1. 1
    This is a rare and highly sought-after knife with a unique design and color scheme that stands out from other knives in the game. It is often traded for high values due to its rarity and popularity among players.
    The Godly Chroma Luger is a highly sought-after knife in the game Murder Mystery 2 (MM2). It is known for its flashy and vibrant design, featuring a chromatic spiral pattern on the blade. The color scheme of the knife varies based on the different chroma conditions, making it both unique and eye-catching. The Godly Chroma Luger is a rare and powerful weapon, held in high regard by collectors and players alike.
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Type: Melee
    • Availability: Obtained through trading or unboxing
    • Damage: Depends on the equipped Chroma condition
    • Durability: Unlimited
  2. 2
    Another highly desirable and rare knife, the Chroma Seer features a rainbow-like color scheme that changes depending on the angle and lighting. It is a favorite among collectors and traders.
    The Godly Chroma Seer is a highly sought-after knife in the popular game Murder Mystery 2. It is a skin for the Seer knife and has a vibrant and eye-catching chromatic color scheme. The knife features intricate patterns and designs, giving it a unique and appealing aesthetic.
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Knife Type: Seer
    • Color Scheme: Chromatic
    • Design: Intricate and unique patterns
    • Popularity: High
  3. 3

    Godly Fang

    The Fang is a sleek and deadly-looking knife with a curved blade and sharp teeth. It is a popular choice for players who like to show off their combat skills in the game.
    The Godly Fang is a highly sought-after knife in the game MM2. It possesses an intriguing design that resembles a sleek fang, exuding an aura of power and mystery. The blade is crafted with impeccable precision, making it a deadly weapon in the hands of skilled players. Its rarity and popularity have made it a symbol of prestige among the MM2 community.
    • Layers: 2
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Type: Melee
    • Attack Range: Close
    • Damage: Various (depending on game mode)
  4. 4

    Godly Gingerblade

    The Gingerblade is a festive knife with a gingerbread man design that is only available during the Christmas season. It is a fan favorite for its unique and playful appearance.
    The Godly Gingerblade is a highly sought-after knife in MM2. This knife features a sleek, narrow blade made from the finest stainless steel, with a unique gingerbread pattern etched onto it. It is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and formidable presence.
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Knife Type: Melee
    • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
    • Pattern: Gingerbread
    • Handle Material: Premium Polymer
  5. 5

    Godly Eternal

    The Eternal is a mythical and rare knife with a haunting design featuring a skull and ghostly flame. It is often traded for high values due to its rarity and popularity.
    The Godly Eternal is a legendary knife in MM2, highly sought after by players due to its impressive design and formidable powers. It is recognized as one of the most powerful and coveted knives in the game. The knife features an intricately crafted hilt with engraved celestial symbols, and a gleaming blade with an otherworldly aura. Possessing the ability to instill an everlasting effect on its wielder, the Godly Eternal grants increased speed, enhanced agility, and heightened stealth capabilities, making it a deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled assassin.
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Effect: Eternal
    • Design: Intricately crafted hilt with celestial engravings
    • Blade: Gleaming with an otherworldly aura
    • Power: Increased speed
  6. 6
    The Nightblade is a dark and edgy knife with a black and red color scheme that appeals to players who like a more aggressive look. It is a popular choice for combat-focused players.
    The Godly Nightblade is a highly sought-after knife in the popular game Murder Mystery 2 (MM2). It is known for its sleek and deadly design, making it a fan favorite among players. The knife is crafted with precision and attention to detail, showcasing a dual-tone black and silver blade with a slim and curved profile. The handle is textured for a secure grip, ensuring optimal control during use. The Godly Nightblade exudes an aura of mystery and power, making it a formidable weapon in the hands of any player.
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Knife Type: Melee
    • Design: Dual-tone black and silver blade
    • Blade Shape: Slim and curved
    • Handle Texture: Textured for a secure grip
  7. 7

    Godly Laser

    The Laser is a futuristic and sci-fi inspired knife with a glowing blue blade and sleek design. It is a fan favorite for its unique and eye-catching appearance.
    The Godly Laser is a highly sought-after knife in the game MM2. It is known for its sleek and futuristic design, resembling a laser blaster.
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Obtained: Unbox or trade
    • Value: Estimated to be worth several thousand in-game coins
    • Appearance Chance: 1.5% chance to unbox from a Godly crate
    • Effect: Emits a glowing laser effect when equipped
  8. 8

    Godly Pixel

    The Pixel is a retro-inspired knife with a pixelated design that harkens back to classic video games. It is a popular choice for players who enjoy a nostalgic feel in their gameplay.
    The Godly Pixel is a highly sought-after knife in MM2, known for its unique and intricate design. It features a pixelated pattern on its blade and handle, giving it a distinct aesthetic appeal. The knife is highly valued for both its visual appeal and its rarity in the game.
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Obtained: Unboxing (Limited)
    • Value: High
    • Demand: Very High
    • Knife Type: Melee
  9. 9

    Godly Old Glory

    The Old Glory is a patriotic knife with an American flag design that is only available during the Independence Day season. It is a fan favorite for its unique and festive appearance.
    The Godly Old Glory is a highly sought-after knife in the game Murder Mystery 2 (MM2). It features a patriotic design reminiscent of the American flag, with a red, white, and blue color scheme. The blade is finely crafted and has a wavy pattern that resembles flowing flames. The hilt is adorned with stars, giving it an overall striking appearance. The Godly Old Glory is considered one of the rarest and most valuable knives in MM2.
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Obtainability: Unboxable
    • Core Type: Classic
    • Value: High
    • Trading Tier: Tier 3
  10. 10

    Godly Virtual

    The Virtual is a futuristic and digital-looking knife with a neon green color scheme and circuit-board inspired design. It is a popular choice for players who like a high-tech feel in their gameplay.
    The 'Godly Virtual' is a highly sought-after knife in MM2. It boasts a futuristic design with a blade made of virtual energy, giving it a unique and powerful appearance. The knife seems to emit a faint glow, making it even more captivating.
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Obtainability: Unbox or Trade
    • Value Range: 100,000 - 200,000 coins
    • Damage: 105 (Critical Hit)
    • Swing Speed: 1.3 seconds

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Ranking factors for popular knife

  1. Design/Appearance
    The design and appearance of the knife play a significant role in its popularity. Knives with unique and aesthetically pleasing designs are more likely to be desired by players.
  2. In-game Performance
    Although all knives in MM2 have the same basic function, some may have marginally better performance, such as animation or special effects, which could affect their popularity.
  3. Prestige/Exclusivity
    Some knives may be associated with specific achievements, events, or partnerships, which may increase their perceived value and desirability among players.
  4. Trade Value
    The trade value of a knife depends on its demand and supply in the MM2 trading market. Knives with higher trade values are typically more popular and sought after by players.
  5. Player Feedback/Reviews
    The opinions and experiences of other players can influence a knife's popularity. Knives that receive positive feedback and reviews are more likely to be favored by the MM2 community.
  6. Branding
    If a knife is associated with a popular brand, influencer, or personality within the MM2 community, it may become more popular as a result of this association.
  7. Emotional Attachment
    Players may have a personal connection with specific knives due to their in-game experiences or the memories attached to obtaining the knife, which could influence its popularity.
  8. Nostalgia
    Some knives may become popular due to their connection to previous versions of the game or previous editions of Murder Mystery, causing players to feel nostalgic for these older variations.
  9. Availability
    The availability of a knife can impact its popularity. For example, if a knife is only available for a limited time or during special events, it may be perceived as more valuable and desirable.

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Background Information: What is MM2? MM2, also known as "Murder Mystery 2," is a popular multiplayer game in Roblox where players take on the roles of innocent bystanders, a sheriff, or a murderer. The objective of the game is for the sheriff to identify the murderer and eliminate them before they can kill all the bystanders. The murderer, on the other hand, must eliminate all the bystanders without getting caught by the sheriff. One of the unique features of MM2 is the wide variety of weapons available to players. These weapons range from guns to knives, each with their own unique characteristics and abilities. Among these weapons, knives have become one of the most popular choices for players due to their stealthy and lethal nature. In this article, we will explore the most popular knife in MM2 and why it has become a fan favorite among players.

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