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Are you ready to cast your vote and make your voice heard in the ultimate showdown of the most popular magazine in the UK? Dive into the world of glossy pages, fascinating articles, and eye-catching covers as we, at StrawPoll, bring you an exciting ranking that needs your expert opinion! We've curated a list of the UK's top magazines, covering various genres like fashion, technology, sports, and much more. But the power lies in your hands to determine the true champion of this prestigious title. So, don't hold back! Vote for your favorite magazine or suggest one that we may have missed. Join the thousands of voters, and let's discover together the most beloved magazine gracing the coffee tables and shelves of readers across the United Kingdom. Are you in? Let the polling begin!

What Is the Most Popular Magazine in the UK?

  1. 1
    The Radio Times
    Anon/ BBC · Public domain
    The Radio Times is the most popular magazine in the UK, with a weekly readership of over 7 million people. It is a television and radio programme listings magazine and features reviews, interviews and behind-the-scenes content.
    The Radio Times is a weekly British television and radio programme listing magazine. It provides comprehensive listings for all major UK broadcasters and TV channels, covering various genres including entertainment, drama, news, sports, and documentaries. The magazine also features exclusive interviews, articles, reviews, and recommendations on upcoming television and radio programmes.
    • Publication Frequency: Weekly
    • First Issue: 28 September 1923
    • Cover Price: £3.20 (as of 2021)
    • Circulation: Approximately 600,000 (as of 2021)
    • Format: Print and Digital
  2. 2
    Hello! is a celebrity and lifestyle magazine that is popular in the UK. It has a weekly readership of over 2 million people and features exclusive interviews, photos and stories about celebrities and their lives.
    Hello! is a popular weekly magazine in the UK that focuses on celebrity news, lifestyle, fashion, and royal family. It provides readers with exclusive interviews, photographs, and features on famous personalities.
    • Publication frequency: Weekly
    • Launch date: 1988
    • Cover price: £2.20
    • Circulation: Over 270,000 copies (as of 2020)
    • Language: English
  3. 3


    OK! is another celebrity and lifestyle magazine that is popular in the UK. It has a weekly readership of over 1.5 million people and features exclusive interviews, photos and stories about celebrities and their lives.
    OK! is a British weekly celebrity and entertainment magazine. It covers celebrity news, interviews, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. The magazine is known for its exclusive coverage of high-profile celebrity weddings and events.
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Publisher: Northern & Shell (OK! Ltd)
    • First published: 1993
    • Country: United Kingdom
    • Language: English
  4. 4
    The Economist
    The Economist · Public domain

    The Economist

    James Wilson
    The Economist is a weekly news and current affairs magazine that is popular in the UK. It has a readership of over 1.5 million people and covers a range of topics including politics, business, finance and technology.
    The Economist is a weekly international news and business publication with a strong focus on politics, economics, science, and technology. It offers in-depth analysis and commentary on global affairs, as well as covering cultural and social issues. The magazine's articles are well-known for their thought-provoking and authoritative perspective.
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • First Published: 1843
    • Language: English
    • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    • Headquarters: London, England
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  5. 5
    Cosmopolitan is a women's magazine that is popular in the UK. It has a monthly readership of over 1 million people and covers topics such as fashion, beauty, relationships, health and career.
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    • Primary Alcohol: Vodka
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    • Sweetener: Simple syrup (optional)
  6. 6
    Good Housekeeping
    John Cecil Clay · Public domain

    Good Housekeeping

    Good Housekeeping Institute
    Good Housekeeping is a women's magazine that is popular in the UK. It has a monthly readership of over 900,000 people and covers topics such as home and garden, health and wellbeing, food and drink and fashion.
    Good Housekeeping is a highly popular magazine in the UK that covers a wide range of topics related to home and lifestyle. It offers practical advice, tips, and inspiration for managing and improving various aspects of one's home and life. The magazine focuses on topics like home organization, interior design, cooking and baking, health and wellness, beauty and fashion, family and relationships, and money management.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • First published: 1885
    • Categories: Lifestyle, Home, Women's magazine
    • Language: English
    • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  7. 7
    Time Out
    Time Out Images · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Time Out

    Tony Elliott
    Time Out is a weekly magazine that is popular in the UK. It has a readership of over 500,000 people and covers topics such as entertainment, culture, food and drink, and travel.
    Time Out is a popular weekly magazine in the UK that provides comprehensive information on various entertainment, lifestyle, and cultural events happening in and around the city. It is known for its extensive coverage of theaters, music concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings, restaurants, bars, and other venues.
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • First Published: 1968
    • Content Categories: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Culture
    • City Coverage: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh
    • Audience: City dwellers, tourists, arts enthusiasts
  8. 8
    National Geographic is a monthly magazine that is popular in the UK. It has a readership of over 450,000 people and covers topics such as geography, science, history and culture. It is known for its stunning photography and in-depth articles.
    National Geographic is a renowned magazine that focuses on exploring the world through stunning photography, compelling stories, and in-depth reporting. It covers a wide range of topics including nature, science, archaeology, culture, and travel. The magazine aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of our planet and its diverse inhabitants.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • First Published: 1888
    • Format: Print and digital
    • Language: English
    • Number of Issues: 12 per year
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  9. 9
    Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that is popular in the UK. It has a readership of over 200,000 people and covers topics such as fashion, beauty, culture and travel. It is known for its high-end fashion photography and exclusive interviews with designers and celebrities.
    Vogue is a highly acclaimed international fashion and lifestyle magazine that celebrates the world of fashion, beauty, and culture. Known for its striking visuals, cutting-edge editorials, and renowned photographers, Vogue sets the standard for high fashion publications. Each issue covers the latest trends, industry news, and features exclusive interviews with designers, models, and celebrities.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • First Issue: December 17, 1892
    • Country of Origin: United States
    • Language: English
    • Circulation: Approximately 1.2 million
  10. 10
    Glamour is a women's magazine that is popular in the UK. It has a monthly readership of over 150,000 people and covers topics such as fashion, beauty, health and relationships. It is known for its relatable content and empowering messages for women.
    Glamour is a popular fashion and lifestyle magazine in the United Kingdom, targeting primarily young women. It showcases the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and entertainment, providing its readers with style advice, celebrity news, and inspirational stories. The magazine aims to empower and inspire women by promoting self-confidence and celebrating individuality.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • First published: April 2001
    • Categories: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle
    • Target audience: Young women
    • Language: English

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Ranking factors for popular magazine

  1. Circulation figures
    The number of copies sold or distributed is a key indicator of a magazine's popularity. This can be measured by average monthly or annual sales numbers.
  2. Readership
    The estimated number of readers of a magazine, including both primary purchasers and those who read borrowed or shared copies, is another important measure of its popularity. This can be determined through market research surveys.
  3. Audience demographics
    A magazine's popularity can also be measured by the target audience it attracts, including factors like age, gender, socio-economic background, and interests. Magazines that reach a diverse and wide-ranging demographic may be considered more popular.
  4. Advertising revenue
    The advertising revenue generated by a magazine is an indirect reflection of its popularity. Higher ad revenue typically indicates that advertisers value the magazine's audience and reach, which could mean the magazine is popular.
  5. Online presence
    In today's digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for a magazine to maintain its readership. Web traffic, social media engagement, and digital subscriptions can also help gauge the popularity of a UK magazine.
  6. Longevity and publication frequency
    A magazine's longevity and frequency of publication can also signal its prominence and popularity. Magazines that have been around for a long time and maintain a regular publication schedule tend to be more established and well-regarded in the market.
  7. Quality of content
    High-quality writing, in-depth journalism, engaging visuals, and appealing design can all contribute to a magazine's popularity. Magazines that consistently deliver top-notch content are likely to have a loyal and engaged readership.
  8. Brand reputation and recognition
    A magazine's overall reputation, brand recognition, and perceived authority in its field can also impact its popularity. Magazines with strong brand identities are likely to have higher levels of readership and influence.

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