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Updated on Apr 13, 2024 07:26
Welcome to StrawPoll, your go-to destination for discovering the most popular patterns on Ravelry! We've curated a diverse and captivating list of patterns from the knitting and crochet paradise, Ravelry, and now we need your help to unravel the ultimate fan-favorites. Delve into the world of textured treasures, lace masterpieces, and cozy creations - all with just a few clicks! Cast your vote for your much-loved pattern or champion a hidden gem by suggesting a missing option. Join the vibrant community of fellow yarn enthusiasts and indulge in the art of crafting as we embark on this exciting journey to uncover the reigning pattern royalty. So, grab your hooks and needles, and let the quest for the most popular pattern on Ravelry begin!

What Is the Most Popular Pattern on Ravelry?

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    This unique and versatile quilt pattern has over 20,000 projects on Ravelry, making it one of the most popular patterns on the site. It's a great way to use up leftover yarn and create a cozy, textured blanket.
    The Beekeeper's Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits is a charming and popular knitting pattern available on Ravelry. It is known for its unique hexagonal puffy shape, resembling tiny honeycomb cells. This project involves knitting small stuffed hexagons separately and then sewing them together to create a cozy quilt or blanket. The pattern provides plenty of room for creativity, allowing knitters to use a variety of yarn colors and textures to personalize their quilts.
    • Yarn Weight: Fingering
    • Needle Size: US 2 (2.75 mm)
    • Gauge: 28 stitches and 36 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch
    • Finished Dimensions: Variable, depending on the desired size of the quilt
    • Construction: Modular (hexagons are knit separately and sewn together)
  2. 2
    This shawl pattern has over 37,000 projects on Ravelry, making it one of the most popular knitting patterns ever. It's easy to knit, but the unique shape and texture make it a standout piece.
    The Hitchhiker by Martina Behm is a popular knitting pattern available on Ravelry. It is a beautiful and versatile scarf/shawl design that features a unique shape and an interesting textured stitch pattern. The pattern is inspired by the book 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and it captures the essence of adventure and exploration.
    • Yarn weight: Fingering
    • Suggested yarn: 400-440 yards (366-402 meters) of gradient or solid-colored fingering weight yarn
    • Needle size: US 6 (4.0mm)
    • Gauge: 24 stitches and 32 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch
    • Finished dimensions: 63 inches (160 cm) from tip to tip, 12 inches (30 cm) at widest point
  3. 3
    This stunning shawl pattern has over 14,000 projects on Ravelry. It features a beautiful gradient effect and a simple but eye-catching lace pattern.
    Find Your Fade is a popular knitting pattern designed by Andrea Mowry. It is a large, asymmetrical triangular shawl that uses a combination of garter stitch and eyelet lace. The pattern features a beautiful fade effect created by using multiple colors of fingering weight yarn. It is a versatile and customizable project that can be adapted to different yarn weights and lengths to suit individual preferences.
    • Pattern Type: Shawl
    • Yarn Weight: Fingering
    • Needle Size: US 4 - 5 (3.5 - 3.75 mm)
    • Yardage: 1200 - 1500 yards (1097 - 1371 meters)
    • Gauge: 22 stitches and 44 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch, after blocking
  4. 4
    This crochet pattern has over 12,000 projects on Ravelry. It's easy to follow and produces a beautifully colorful and cozy blanket.
    The Granny Stripe Blanket by Lucy of Attic24 is a popular crochet pattern featured on Ravelry. It is a vibrant and versatile blanket design that showcases colorful stripes created using a combination of granny stitch and double crochet. The blanket is known for its cheerful and playful appearance, making it suitable for all ages and home decors.
    • Craft: Crochet
    • Skill Level: Easy
    • Yarn Weight: DK (Double Knit)
    • Hook Size: 4.5mm (G) or size needed to obtain gauge
    • Finished Dimensions: Varies depending on desired size
  5. 5
    This simple but stylish hat pattern has over 15,000 projects on Ravelry. It's a great way to use up leftover sock yarn and create a warm, comfortable hat.
    The Sockhead Slouch Hat by Kelly McClure is a popular knitting pattern on Ravelry. It is a versatile and stylish hat that features a slouchy design, making it perfect for those looking for a cozy and casual accessory. The hat is designed to be worn with long or short hair and can be customized with different yarns to achieve various looks. It is a great beginner-friendly project that can be easily modified to fit different head sizes and preferences.
    • Yarn Weight: Fingering
    • Needle Size: US 2 (2.75mm)
    • Gauge: 32 stitches and 48 rows = 4 inches in Stockinette stitch
    • Sizes Available: One size fits most adults
    • Finished Measurements: Approximately 20 inches in circumference (unstretched) and 10 inches in length
  6. 6
    This versatile and easy-to-knit shawl pattern has over 20,000 projects on Ravelry. It's a great beginner pattern and can be worn in a variety of ways.
    The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief by Orange Flower Yarn is a popular knitting pattern available on Ravelry. It is a versatile and stylish accessory that can be worn as a kerchief, scarf, or shawl. The pattern features a simple yet elegant lace design that evokes the aesthetic of the Victorian era and the industrial revolution. It is suitable for knitters of all skill levels and can be customized to match any outfit or personal preference.
    • Pattern Type: Knitting
    • Skill Level: All levels
    • Yarn Weight: Fingering
    • Recommended Yarn: Any fingering weight yarn
    • Needle Size: US 6 - 4.0 mm
  7. 7

    Reyna by Noora Laivola

    Noora Laivola
    This elegant shawl pattern has over 11,000 projects on Ravelry. It features a simple lace pattern and a beautiful crescent shape.
    Reyna by Noora Laivola is a beautiful and versatile triangular shawl pattern. It features a combination of garter stitch and lace panels, creating an elegant and delicate design. The shawl is worked from the center top down, making it easy to customize the size. The pattern includes both written instructions and charts, making it suitable for knitters of all preferences.
    • Yarn Weight: Fingering
    • Needle Size: US 4 - 3.5 mm
    • Yardage: 400 - 437 yards (366 - 400 m)
    • Gauge: 22 stitches and 34 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch
    • Finished Size: One size – approximately 64 inches (163 cm) wingspan and 23 inches (58 cm) deep
  8. 8
    This colorful and eye-catching afghan pattern has over 10,000 projects on Ravelry. It features a unique color-shifting design that's both fun to knit and beautiful to look at.
    The Hue Shift Afghan by Knit Picks is a popular knitting pattern that features a colorful and visually stunning afghan. The pattern utilizes a technique called modular knitting to create a unique design with shifting hues. It is a versatile project that can be customized to match any color palette or décor. The afghan is made up of individually knit mitered squares that are later joined together. The finished piece measures approximately 45 inches wide by 55 inches long. The pattern is suitable for intermediate knitters and provides detailed instructions. The creator of the Hue Shift Afghan is Knit Picks, a well-known brand in the knitting community. With its vibrant colors and engaging construction, this pattern has garnered a large following on Ravelry.
    • Type: Knitting pattern
    • Technique: Modular knitting
    • Size: Approximately 45 inches wide by 55 inches long
    • Skill Level: Intermediate
    • Color Options: Customizable to match any color palette
  9. 9
    This crochet pattern has over 7,000 projects on Ravelry. It's a great way to use up scraps of yarn and create a cozy, colorful blanket.
    The Scrappy Granny Stripe Afghan by Joanita Theron is a crochet pattern that creates a beautiful and colorful striped afghan. It is a popular pattern on Ravelry, a popular online knitting and crochet community. This pattern allows crafters to use up their leftover yarn scraps to create a cozy and vibrant blanket. The afghan consists of alternating rows of granny stitches, creating a classic and timeless design. The pattern includes clear instructions and is suitable for intermediate-level crocheters.
    • Craft Type: Crochet
    • Skill Level: Intermediate
    • Yarn Weight: Any weight can be used
    • Hook Size: Depends on yarn weight
    • Finished Size: Customizable
  10. 10
    This fun and quirky blanket pattern has over 7,000 projects on Ravelry. It features a variety of different motifs, including a teapot, a birdhouse, and a bicycle.
    My Favorite Things by Jill McGee is a versatile knitting pattern that combines elements of a shawl, wrap, and blanket. It features a unique combination of lace, colorwork, and textured stitch patterns, making it a truly captivating and enjoyable project. The pattern includes instructions for three different sizes, allowing knitters to customize it as per their preference and desired use. With its intricate yet approachable design, My Favorite Things is a beloved pattern among knitters of all skill levels.
    • Pattern Type: Knitting
    • Skill Level: Intermediate
    • Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large
    • Yarn Weight: Fingering, Sport, or DK
    • Needle Size: US 4 - 6 (3.5 - 4 mm)

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Ranking factors for popular pattern

  1. Number of projects
    This is a clear indicator of popularity, as it shows how many people have chosen to create a particular pattern. The higher the number of projects, the more popular the pattern is likely to be.
  2. Favorites and queues
    This includes the number of times a pattern has been favorited or added to a user's queue, which indicates they are interested in making it. A high number of favorites and queues suggests that the pattern is appealing to a large audience.
  3. Designer reputation
    Patterns created by well-known and respected designers within the Ravelry community may attract more attention and therefore be more popular.
  4. Ease of use and clarity
    Patterns that are easy to understand, well-written, and include clear instructions are likely to be more popular among users who are looking for a hassle-free crafting experience.
  5. Photos and styling
    High-quality photographs showcasing the finished project help users visualize the end result and can significantly influence a pattern's popularity. Appealing photos with good lighting, styling, and clear views of the project entice users to try the pattern.
  6. Versatility and adaptability
    Patterns that offer multiple variations, sizes, or customization options may be more popular because they appeal to a broader range of users.
  7. Inclusion in published collections or magazines
    If a pattern has been featured in a well-known collection or magazine, it can increase its overall popularity.
  8. Type and uniqueness of the project
    A pattern for an item that is trending, in high demand, or unique may have more popularity than patterns for more common or traditional projects.
  9. Ratings and reviews
    Positive user ratings and reviews can show potential users if a pattern is worth trying, while negative feedback could negatively impact a pattern's popularity.
  10. Difficulty level
    The difficulty level of a pattern may affect its popularity. Patterns that cater to a variety of skill levels or provide a manageable challenge may be more popular than overly complex patterns.

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