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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on May 24, 2024 10:10
Fans of dance shows often debate who the best professional dancer is on Strictly. Each season brings a fresh lineup of talent that dazzles the audience with spectacular routines. By ranking these professionals, viewers can share their opinions and see how their favorites stack up against the community consensus. This live ranking system allows for real-time updates as more fans cast their votes. It's a dynamic way to gauge which dancers are currently capturing the hearts of the audience. Whether you agree or disagree with the rankings, your vote helps shape the outcome, making every viewer's input valuable.

Who Is the Most Popular Professional Dancer on Strictly?

  1. 1

    Anton Du Beke

    Anton Du Beke is a British ballroom dancer and television presenter, known for being part of Strictly Come Dancing since its inception.
    • Wins: 0
    • Finals Reached: 1
  2. 2

    Oti Mabuse

    Oti Mabuse is a South African professional Latin American and ballroom dancer. She joined Strictly Come Dancing in 2015 and has won the series twice.
    • Wins: 2
    • First Win Season: 2019
  3. 3

    Kevin Clifton

    Kevin Clifton is an English professional dancer who has been part of Strictly Come Dancing since 2013 and has won once.
    • Wins: 1
    • First Win Season: 2018
  4. 4

    Aljaž Škorjanec

    Aljaž Škorjanec is a Slovenian dancer and choreographer who joined Strictly Come Dancing in 2013 and won his first series.
    • Wins: 1
    • First Win Season: 2013
  5. 5

    Giovanni Pernice

    Giovanni Pernice is an Italian dancer and choreographer, known for his participation in Strictly Come Dancing since 2015.
    • Wins: 0
    • Finals Reached: 5
  6. 6

    Karen Hauer

    Karen Hauer is a Venezuelan professional Latin dance specialist and World Mambo Champion, part of Strictly Come Dancing since 2012.
    • Wins: 0
    • Finals Reached: 2
  7. 7

    Janette Manrara

    Janette Manrara is an American professional dancer, known for her appearances on Strictly Come Dancing since 2013.
    • Wins: 0
    • Finals Reached: 1
  8. 8

    Pasha Kovalev

    Pasha Kovalev is a Russian professional Latin and ballroom dancer, known for his participation in Strictly Come Dancing where he won once.
    • Wins: 1
    • First Win Season: 2014
  9. 9

    Dianne Buswell

    Dianne Buswell is an Australian professional dancer and YouTuber who joined Strictly Come Dancing in 2017.
    • Wins: 0
    • Finals Reached: 1
  10. 10

    Gorka Márquez

    Gorka Márquez is a Spanish professional dancer and choreographer, part of Strictly Come Dancing since 2016.
    • Wins: 0
    • Finals Reached: 1

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More about the Most Popular Professional Dancer on Strictly

Anton Du Beke
Rank #1 for the most popular professional dancer on Strictly: Anton Du Beke (Source)
Strictly Come Dancing has captured the hearts of many. It showcases the talent and charm of professional dancers. Among them, one stands out as the most popular. This dancer's journey to fame is inspiring.

From a young age, this dancer showed a natural talent for movement. They trained hard, dedicating long hours to practice. Their passion for dance was clear. They competed in many contests, winning several titles. This success paved the way to a career in dance.

Joining Strictly Come Dancing was a turning point. The show brought them into the spotlight. Their skill and charisma won over the audience. Week after week, they delivered stunning performances. Their routines were creative, precise, and full of energy.

The dancer's connection with their celebrity partners was special. They showed patience and support, helping their partners improve. This bond often led to high scores from the judges. Their dedication to their partners' progress was evident. This approach earned them respect and admiration.

The dancer's personality also played a big role in their popularity. They were warm, friendly, and approachable. Fans felt a connection with them. They shared moments from their life, making them relatable. Their social media presence grew, and they engaged with fans regularly.

Off the dance floor, the dancer took part in various projects. They appeared on talk shows, sharing their experiences. They also participated in charity events, showing their commitment to giving back. These activities further increased their popularity.

Their hard work did not go unnoticed. They received several awards and accolades. These honors recognized their contributions to dance and entertainment. Their peers and fans celebrated their achievements.

The dancer's journey is a testament to perseverance and passion. They faced challenges but overcame them with determination. Their story inspires many aspiring dancers. It shows that with hard work, dreams can come true.

Strictly Come Dancing continues to be a platform for showcasing talent. This dancer's success is a shining example. They have set a high standard for others to follow. Their legacy will be remembered for years to come.

In conclusion, this professional dancer's rise to fame is a blend of talent, hard work, and charm. They have left a lasting impact on the world of dance. Their journey on Strictly Come Dancing is a story of triumph and inspiration.

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