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Updated on May 27, 2024 07:09
Ranking popular Pusheen characters is a fun way for fans to engage with these adorable cat cartoons and see how their favorites stack up against the community's choices. It provides a snapshot of which Pusheen resonates most with the audience at any given time. This dynamic ranking updates in real time as more votes are cast, reflecting the latest trends in Pusheen popularity. By participating in this ranking, users not only express their preference but also influence the live results seen by others. It's an active community interaction that helps new fans identify the most beloved Pusheen characters. Each vote contributes to the overall standings, making the rankings a collective expression of all participants' preferences.

What Is the Most Popular Pusheen?

  1. 1


    A variant of Unicorn Pusheen, featuring pastel colors and a fluffy mane.
    • Special Feature: Fluffy mane
    • Color: Pastel
  2. 2

    Pusheen with Donut

    Pusheen depicted with a love for donuts, often seen holding or eating one.
    • Special Feature: Donut
    • Theme: Food
  3. 3


    Pusheen's dinosaur alter ego, complete with spikes and a long tail.
    • Special Feature: Dinosaur spikes
    • Color: Green
  4. 4

    Detective Pusheen

    Pusheen as a detective, complete with a magnifying glass and detective hat.
    • Special Feature: Detective hat
    • Accessory: Magnifying glass
  5. 5

    Super Pusheenicorn

    An even more magical version of Pusheenicorn, with special powers and glowing features.
    • Special Feature: Glowing
    • Powers: Magical
  6. 6

    Classic Grey Pusheen

    The original and most recognized version of Pusheen, depicted in a classic grey color.
    • Color: Grey
    • Features: Striped tail, whiskers
  7. 7

    Unicorn Pusheen

    A magical iteration of Pusheen, featuring a unicorn horn and rainbow colors.
    • Special Feature: Unicorn horn
    • Color: Rainbow
  8. 8

    Mermaid Pusheen

    Pusheen in mermaid form, with a colorful tail and starfish accessories.
    • Special Feature: Mermaid tail
    • Color: Pastel
  9. 9

    Halloween Pusheen

    Pusheen in various Halloween costumes, ranging from ghosts to witches.
    • Special Feature: Halloween costumes
    • Theme: Halloween
  10. 10

    Christmas Pusheen

    Festive Pusheen versions celebrating Christmas, often with Santa hats or as a reindeer.
    • Special Feature: Santa hat
    • Theme: Christmas

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This is a community-based ranking of the most popular Pusheen. We do our best to provide fair voting, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. So if you notice something or Pusheen is missing, feel free to help improve the ranking!


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Additional Information

More about the Most Popular Pusheen

Rank #1 for the most popular Pusheen: Pusheenicorn (Source)
Pusheen is a cartoon cat that has captured hearts across the globe. Created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff, Pusheen first appeared in a webcomic series in 2010. The name "Pusheen" comes from the Irish word "puisín," which means kitten. This chubby, gray tabby cat quickly became an internet sensation.

People love Pusheen for its cute and simple design. The cat has a round body, short legs, and tiny paws. Its face features small, round eyes, a tiny nose, and a straight-line mouth. These features give Pusheen a friendly and approachable look.

The comics often show Pusheen in everyday situations. These include eating snacks, lounging, or playing with friends. The scenarios are relatable and often humorous. This simplicity and charm make Pusheen appealing to a wide audience. The cat’s antics bring smiles and laughter to many.

Pusheen's popularity grew beyond the webcomic. It became a brand with a wide range of merchandise. Fans can find Pusheen plush toys, clothing, accessories, and even home decor. The cat also appears in animated GIFs and stickers for messaging apps. These allow fans to share Pusheen’s charm in their daily conversations.

The character has also appeared in several books. These include collections of the webcomics and themed books. Each book showcases Pusheen’s adventures and personality. The books are popular gifts and collectibles for fans of all ages.

Pusheen has a strong social media presence. The cat has millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The posts often feature new comics, merchandise, and fan art. This keeps the audience engaged and connected to the character.

Collaborations with other brands have also boosted Pusheen’s fame. The cat has appeared in special collections with popular companies. These collaborations often sell out quickly, showing Pusheen’s strong fan base.

The character’s appeal lies in its universal charm. Pusheen does not rely on complex stories or dialogue. Instead, it uses simple visuals and relatable situations. This allows people from different backgrounds to enjoy and connect with the character.

Pusheen’s design also lends itself well to various forms of media. The cat looks just as cute in a plush toy as it does in a digital sticker. This versatility helps the character stay relevant in a fast-changing world.

Fans often create their own Pusheen-inspired art and share it online. This fan engagement helps keep the community active and vibrant. It also shows how much people love and relate to the character.

In a world filled with stress and complexity, Pusheen offers a simple joy. The cat’s adventures remind us to find happiness in small moments. Whether it’s enjoying a snack or spending time with friends, Pusheen shows that life’s simple pleasures are worth celebrating.

Pusheen’s journey from a webcomic character to a global icon is impressive. It shows the power of simple, relatable content in bringing people together. As Pusheen continues to charm fans worldwide, its legacy as a beloved cartoon cat grows stronger.

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