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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Jun 7, 2024 07:10
Golfers know that choosing the right putter is a critical part of improving their game. With a variety of designs, weights, and balance options available, finding the best fit can be a challenge. A reliable way to assess the effectiveness of a putter is through collective feedback from an array of players. This site offers the unique opportunity to see which putters are receiving the highest marks from fellow golf enthusiasts. By casting your vote, you contribute to a broader understanding of which models perform best across different styles of play. This can be invaluable information for anyone looking to make an informed choice about their next golf putter.

What Is the Most Popular Putter in Golf?

  1. 1

    Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0

    Features an improved version of the legendary White Hot insert technology.
    • Brand: Odyssey
    • Type: Mallet Putter
  2. 2

    Evnroll ER2

    Features unique grooves that provide uniform performance across the entire face.
    • Brand: Evnroll
    • Type: Blade Putter
  3. 3

    Axis1 Rose

    Designed with perfect balance and alignment in mind, used by Justin Rose.
    • Brand: Axis1
    • Type: Blade Putter
  4. 4

    SeeMore FGP Black Mallet

    Utilizes RifleScope Technology (RST) for accurate alignment and consistent strokes.
    • Brand: SeeMore
    • Type: Mallet Putter
  5. 5

    Wilson Staff Infinite Putter

    Features counterbalanced technology for a smoother putting stroke.
    • Brand: Wilson
    • Type: Various Models
  6. 6

    Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

    A classic design with modern weighting, providing balance and stability.
    • Brand: Titleist
    • Type: Blade Putter
  7. 7

    TaylorMade Spider X

    Combines optimal stability with alignment technology for enhanced accuracy.
    • Brand: TaylorMade
    • Type: Mallet Putter
  8. 8

    Ping Sigma 2 Anser

    A soft-feeling putter with a touch of forgiveness and a classic look.
    • Brand: Ping
    • Type: Blade Putter
  9. 9

    Bettinardi Studio Stock 8

    Precision-milled with an elegant design, offering exceptional feel and balance.
    • Brand: Bettinardi
    • Type: Blade Putter
  10. 10

    Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter

    Offers a soft feel with precision milled face for improved consistency.
    • Brand: Cleveland
    • Type: Various Models

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This is a community-based ranking of the most popular putter in golf. We do our best to provide fair voting, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. So if you notice something or putter is missing, feel free to help improve the ranking!


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Additional Information

More about the Most Popular Putter in Golf

Golf has many clubs, but the putter stands out. It is the club used most on the green. The putter helps golfers roll the ball into the hole. Its design focuses on precision and control.

The history of the putter dates back centuries. Early versions were simple. They were often made from wood. Over time, materials and designs evolved. Today, putters come in many shapes and sizes. They use advanced materials like steel and aluminum.

The putter is unique among golf clubs. It has a flat face. This ensures a smooth roll. The shaft is usually shorter. This gives the golfer better control. The grip is often thicker. This reduces wrist movement. Stability is key when putting.

There are different types of putters. Blade putters are traditional. They have a simple, straight design. Mallet putters are larger. They have a more complex shape. This can help with alignment. Some golfers prefer one type over the other. It often comes down to personal preference.

The weight of the putter is important. A heavier putter can help in controlling the stroke. A lighter putter can offer more feel. Balance is also crucial. Some putters are face-balanced. Others are toe-balanced. The choice depends on the golfer's stroke.

The length of the putter varies. Standard lengths range from 32 to 36 inches. Some golfers use longer putters. These can help with posture. They can also reduce strain on the back. The choice of length is personal. It depends on the golfer's height and stance.

The grip of the putter is another key feature. Some grips are thick. Others are thin. Some grips are soft. Others are firm. The grip can affect the feel of the putter. It can also impact control. Golfers often try different grips. They look for the one that feels best.

Putting is a crucial part of golf. It can make or break a round. A good putter can make a big difference. It helps golfers sink more putts. This lowers their scores. Many golfers spend hours practicing their putting. They know its importance.

Choosing a putter is a personal decision. It involves trying different models. It means finding one that feels right. Many factors come into play. The weight, balance, length, and grip all matter. A good fit can boost confidence. It can lead to better performance on the green.

In conclusion, the putter is a vital club in golf. Its design has evolved over time. It offers precision and control. There are many types to choose from. Each golfer has their preference. The right putter can enhance performance. It can help golfers achieve lower scores.

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