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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Jun 22, 2024 07:10
For hunting enthusiasts and sport shooters alike, choosing the right shotgun can significantly enhance performance and comfort. The range of options within the Remington shotgun family challenges even seasoned experts to pinpoint the top contender, as each model offers unique features suitable for various shooting disciplines and preferences. By participating in the ranking of the most popular Remington shotguns, users provide valuable insights that help others make informed decisions. This collective intelligence not only aids new buyers but also sparks discussions among aficionados, fostering a community of shared knowledge and experiences.

What Is the Most Popular Remington Shotgun?

  1. 1

    Remington 870

    A pump-action shotgun widely used by the public and law enforcement.
    • Type: Pump-action shotgun
    • Introduced: 1951
    • Variants: Express, Wingmaster, Tactical, and others
  2. 2

    Remington 1100

    A semi-automatic shotgun, popular for sport shooting and hunting.
    • Type: Semi-automatic shotgun
    • Introduced: 1963
    • Variants: Field, Sporting, Classic Trap
  3. 3

    Remington 11-87

    A versatile semi-automatic shotgun, successor to the Model 1100.
    • Type: Semi-automatic shotgun
    • Introduced: 1987
    • Features: Self-cleaning gas operation system
  4. 4

    Remington 887 Nitro Mag

    A pump-action shotgun known for its durability and use in harsh conditions.
    • Type: Pump-action shotgun
    • Introduced: 2009
    • Features: ArmorLokt coating for protection against elements
  5. 5

    Remington 105 CTi

    A low-recoil semi-automatic shotgun with an innovative bottom ejection and loading.
    • Type: Semi-automatic shotgun
    • Introduced: 2006
    • Features: Carbon titanium composite receiver
  6. 6

    Remington Versa Max

    A versatile semi-automatic shotgun known for its reliability across different shell types.
    • Type: Semi-automatic shotgun
    • Introduced: 2010
    • Features: VersaPort gas system
  7. 7

    Remington Spartan 100

    A series of affordable, entry-level shotguns produced by Remington in partnership with Baikal.
    • Type: Break-action shotgun
    • Introduced: 2000s
    • Features: Affordable pricing
  8. 8

    Remington V3 Tac-13

    A compact semi-automatic shotgun with a unique birdshead grip.
    • Type: Semi-automatic shotgun
    • Introduced: 2018
    • Barrel Length: 13 inches
  9. 9

    Remington Model 58

    An early semi-automatic shotgun, predecessor to the Model 1100.
    • Type: Semi-automatic shotgun
    • Introduced: 1956
    • Discontinued: 1963
  10. 10

    Remington Model 10

    An early pump-action shotgun with a unique takedown system.
    • Type: Pump-action shotgun
    • Introduced: 1908
    • Discontinued: 1929

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More about the Most Popular Remington Shotgun

Remington 870
Rank #1 for the most popular Remington shotgun: Remington 870 (Source)
Remington shotguns have a long history. They are well-known for their reliability and craftsmanship. Hunters and sport shooters often choose them. The brand started in the early 19th century. It has become one of the top names in firearms.

The company began with Eliphalet Remington. He made his first gun barrel in 1816. His work soon gained a good reputation. As a result, Remington's business grew. Over time, the company expanded its product line. It included rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

Shotguns by Remington stand out for their design. They are easy to use and maintain. Many people appreciate their durability. These shotguns often feature a pump-action mechanism. This type of action is simple and robust. Users can quickly load and fire. This makes them ideal for hunting and home defense.

The materials used in Remington shotguns are high-quality. The barrels are usually made of strong steel. Stocks can be wood or synthetic. Both types offer comfort and stability. The finish on these guns often resists rust and wear. This ensures a long lifespan.

Remington shotguns also offer versatility. They can handle different types of ammunition. This includes birdshot, buckshot, and slugs. Users can switch barrels for different activities. For example, a shorter barrel is good for home defense. A longer barrel works well for hunting.

The popularity of Remington shotguns is not just due to their quality. The company also provides good customer service. They offer warranties and support. This builds trust with their customers. Many people pass these shotguns down through generations. This speaks to their lasting value.

Remington has also been involved in shooting sports. Many competitions feature their shotguns. This includes trap, skeet, and sporting clays. The brand sponsors events and teams. This helps to maintain their reputation. It also introduces new shooters to their products.

Innovation is another key aspect. Remington continues to improve its shotguns. They incorporate new materials and technologies. This keeps their products up-to-date. It also meets the changing needs of users. For instance, modern models may have adjustable stocks. This allows for a better fit and improved accuracy.

The brand has faced challenges over the years. There have been changes in ownership and financial troubles. Despite this, Remington shotguns remain popular. The quality and reliability of their products keep them in demand. Many people still choose them for hunting, sport, and defense.

In summary, Remington shotguns have a rich history. They are known for their durability, ease of use, and versatility. The brand continues to innovate and support its customers. This ensures that Remington shotguns remain a top choice for many.

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