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Updated on Jul 18, 2024 07:09
Choosing the right secondary school can significantly influence a student's academic and personal development. With numerous options in Singapore, each offering unique programs and environments, parents and students often spend considerable time researching the best fit. A comprehensive ranking based on popular votes can provide a clearer picture of which schools stand out in the community's eyes, aiding in making informed decisions. This live-ranking website allows users to cast votes for the secondary schools they believe are the top in Singapore. By contributing your personal experiences and preferences, you help create a dynamic, crowd-sourced survey of the best schools. As more votes accumulate, clearer trends emerge, offering valuable insights not just to prospective students and their families but also to educators and policymakers.

What Is the Most Popular Secondary School in Singapore?

  1. 1

    Raffles Institution

    A leading boys' school and junior college in Singapore known for its academic excellence.
    • Established: 1823
    • Gender: Boys
  2. 2

    Hwa Chong Institution

    A prestigious independent school in Singapore for boys and is affiliated with Hwa Chong International School for coeducation.
    • Established: 1919
    • Gender: Boys
  3. 3

    Nanyang Girls' High School

    One of the top all-girls secondary schools in Singapore, offering a four-year Integrated Programme.
    • Established: 1917
    • Gender: Girls
  4. 4

    Dunman High School

    A coeducational secondary school in Singapore offering the six-year Integrated Programme, known for its Chinese culture and values.
    • Established: 1956
    • Gender: Coeducational
  5. 5
    Singapore Chinese Girls' School

    Singapore Chinese Girls' School

    An independent all-girls school, known for its bilingual policy and strong Chinese cultural influence.
    • Established: 1899
    • Gender: Girls
  6. 6

    Catholic High School

    A well-known all-boys Catholic school in Singapore that offers both the O-Level and Integrated Programme.
    • Established: 1935
    • Gender: Boys
  7. 7

    Methodist Girls' School (Secondary)

    A popular all-girls' school in Singapore known for its strong academic and music programs.
    • Established: 1887
    • Gender: Girls
  8. 8

    Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

    A Methodist secondary school in Singapore, offering the six-year Integrated Programme.
    • Established: 1886
    • Gender: Boys
  9. 9

    Victoria School

    One of the oldest secondary schools in Singapore, offering the four-year Express course and six-year Integrated Programme.
    • Established: 1876
    • Gender: Boys
  10. 10

    NUS High School of Math and Science

    A specialized independent school in Singapore focusing on mathematics and science.
    • Established: 2005
    • Gender: Coeducational

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More about the Most Popular Secondary School in Singapore

In Singapore, secondary schools play a key role in shaping young minds. These schools offer a variety of programs and activities, aiming to provide a holistic education. Students enter secondary school after completing their primary education, usually at the age of 12 or 13. The education system in Singapore is known for its high standards and rigorous curriculum.

Secondary schools in Singapore are divided into different streams. The main streams are Express, Normal (Academic), and Normal (Technical). The Express stream is for students who perform well academically. They complete their secondary education in four years. Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) streams cater to students with different learning needs and abilities. These students usually take five years to complete their secondary education.

The curriculum in secondary schools is broad and balanced. It includes subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, and Mother Tongue languages. Students also take Humanities subjects such as History and Geography. In addition, there are non-academic subjects like Physical Education, Art, and Music. This wide range of subjects helps students develop various skills and interests.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs) are a key part of secondary school life. Every student must join at least one CCA. These activities include sports, performing arts, clubs, and societies. CCAs help students develop teamwork, leadership, and other important life skills. They also provide a break from academic work and allow students to pursue their interests.

Secondary schools in Singapore often have strong traditions and values. These schools emphasize discipline, respect, and responsibility. Many schools have a house system, where students are divided into different houses. This system fosters a sense of belonging and healthy competition. Schools also organize various events and activities to build school spirit and camaraderie among students.

Teachers in secondary schools are highly qualified and dedicated. They undergo continuous training to stay updated with the latest teaching methods. Teachers play a crucial role in guiding and mentoring students. They provide support both in and out of the classroom. Many schools also have counseling services to help students with personal or academic issues.

Parental involvement is encouraged in secondary schools. Schools often organize parent-teacher meetings and workshops. These sessions help parents stay informed about their child's progress and school activities. Strong communication between parents and teachers is seen as vital for student success.

Technology is widely used in secondary schools. Classrooms are equipped with computers and other digital tools. Students use technology for research, projects, and presentations. Schools also use online platforms to communicate with students and parents. This integration of technology enhances the learning experience and prepares students for the future.

Secondary schools in Singapore have a strong focus on character development. Programs and activities are designed to instill values such as integrity, empathy, and resilience. Schools aim to produce not just academically successful students, but also responsible and caring individuals.

In conclusion, secondary schools in Singapore provide a comprehensive education. They offer a wide range of academic and non-academic programs. The focus on discipline, values, and character development is strong. With dedicated teachers and supportive parents, these schools strive to bring out the best in every student.

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