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Fans of Undertale AUs often debate which pairings stand out among the rest, be it due to their unique dynamics, the creative twist of their worlds, or simply the chemistry they exude. To clarify which couples truly capture the hearts of the community, a democratic approach often serves best. By enabling everyone to vote for their preferred ships, a clearer picture of popular opinion emerges. This system of live ranking adjusts as new votes come in, reflecting the latest trends and preferences in the community. Your participation helps ensure that the ranking remains accurate and relevant. Whether you are new to Undertale AUs or an avid follower, your input is crucial in helping determine the most beloved pairs in the various alternate universes.

What Is the Most Popular Undertale AU Ship?

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    This is one of the most popular Undertale AU ships. Fans love this pairing because of the close relationship Sans and Frisk share in the game. It's a pairing that's both cute and heartwarming.
    Sans x Frisk is a popular ship in the Undertale fandom, referring to a romantic or platonic relationship between the characters Sans and Frisk. It is based on the role-playing video game Undertale, where Sans is a laid-back skeleton character and Frisk is the main protagonist. The ship often explores themes of friendship, trust, and adventure.
    • Ship Name: Sans x Frisk
    • Canonical Relationship: Not canon
    • Fandom Compatibility: Widely popular within the Undertale community
    • Age Gap: Dependent on interpretation, typically small age difference
    • Romantic/Platonic: Can be interpreted both romantically and platonically
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    Another popular ship in the Undertale fandom is Papyrus and Mettaton. Fans enjoy this pairing because of the way Papyrus and Mettaton complement each other. Papyrus is goofy and fun-loving, while Mettaton is dramatic and over-the-top.
    Papyrus x Mettaton is a popular ship in the Undertale AU fandom. It depicts a romantic relationship between Papyrus, the skeleton character known for his cheery and positive personality, and Mettaton, the flashy and charismatic robot character. This ship is often explored through fan art, fanfiction, and role-playing scenarios.
    • Ship Name: Papyton
    • First Appearance: Undertale fan works since around 2015
    • Popular AU Versions: Underswap, Swapfell, Horrortale
    • Character Dynamics: Papyrus is often depicted as love-struck and enthusiastic, while Mettaton is portrayed as flirty and charismatic.
    • Fanworks: Fan art, fanfiction, cosplay, role-playing scenarios, and ship-themed merchandise.
  3. 3
    Asriel and Frisk's relationship is one of the main storylines in Undertale. Fans love this pairing because of the emotional connection between the two characters.
    Asriel x Frisk is a popular ship in the Undertale fan community. It is a romantic pairing between Asriel Dreemurr and Frisk, two key characters from the game. This ship explores the potential for a deep emotional connection between the two, delving into themes of forgiveness, redemption, and personal growth.
    • Ship Name: AsriFrisk
    • Ship Type: Romantic
    • Canon Status: Non-canon
    • Popular Tags: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Angst
    • Alternate Universe: Mostly set in the Undertale universe
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    Fans enjoy pairing Sans and Toriel because of their similar personalities. Both characters are laid-back and easygoing, which makes them a perfect match.
    Sans x Toriel (also known as Torans) is a popular ship between Sans, the laid-back skeleton character from Undertale, and Toriel, the motherly goat character. This ship imagines a romantic relationship between the two characters, exploring themes of opposites attracting and the potential for love and understanding across different backgrounds.
    • Setting: Undertale, an indie video game released in 2015.
    • Canonical Relationship: There is no canonical romantic relationship between Sans and Toriel in the original Undertale game.
    • Character Dynamics: Sans is depicted as a laid-back, pun-loving skeleton, while Toriel is portrayed as a caring and nurturing mother figure.
    • Symbolism: The ship represents the possibility of finding happiness and connection despite differences and past traumas.
    • Fan Fiction and Art: The ship has inspired numerous fanfictions, fan arts, and alternate universe scenarios created by fans.
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    Undyne and Alphys are a popular pairing because of their strong personalities and the way they complement each other. Undyne is tough and confident, while Alphys is shy and nerdy.
    Undyne x Alphys, also known as Undynex, is a popular romantic ship within the Undertale Alternative Universe (AU) fandom. It centers around the relationship between Undyne, the determined and fierce fish-like warrior, and Alphys, the shy and socially anxious reptilian scientist.
    • Ship Name: Undynex
    • Ship Type: Romantic
    • AU: Undertale Alternative Universe
    • Characters: Undyne (warrior fish-like monster) and Alphys (reptilian scientist)
    • Popular Fanworks: Fanart, fanfiction, ship videos
  6. 6
    Chara and Asriel's relationship is a tragic one, which is why fans are drawn to this pairing. The two characters share a deep connection, which makes for an emotional and heart-wrenching story.
    Chara x Asriel, also known as Charisk, is a popular ship in the Undertale AU fan community. It refers to the romantic or platonic relationship between the characters Chara and Asriel Dreemurr.
    • Ship Name: Charisk
    • Ship Type: Romantic or platonic
    • Characters: Chara and Asriel Dreemurr
    • Canon Relationship: Close friends and adoptive siblings
    • AU Version: Various Undertale Alternate Universes
  7. 7
    Sans and Papyrus are brothers in the game, but fans love to ship them together anyway. The two characters have a close relationship, which makes for a cute and heartwarming pairing.
    Sans x Papyrus, also known as 'Fontcest', is a popular ship in the Undertale fandom. It revolves around a romantic or sexual relationship between the two skeleton brothers, Sans and Papyrus. This ship is based on the relationship dynamic between the characters as depicted in the original Undertale game.
    • Ship Name: Sans x Papyrus or Fontcest
    • Fandom: Undertale
    • Relationship Type: Romantic or sexual
    • Characters: Sans, Papyrus
    • Canon Relationship: Brothers, friends
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    Frisk and Asriel's relationship is a major storyline in Undertale, which is why fans enjoy pairing them together. The two characters share a deep connection, which makes for an emotional and heartwarming story.
    The ship 'Frisk x Asriel' is a romantic relationship between the characters Frisk and Asriel from the popular Undertale AU fandom. It portrays a deep bond and affection between the two characters, often exploring themes of friendship, trust, and forgiveness.
    • Ship Name: Friskriel
    • Alternate Names: Asrisk, Askrisk
    • Ship Type: Romantic
    • Status: Active
    • Fandom: Undertale AU
  9. 9
    Sans and Undyne have a fun and playful relationship in the game, which is why fans enjoy pairing them together. The two characters have contrasting personalities, which makes for an interesting pairing.
    Sans x Undyne ship is a romantic pairing between the characters Sans and Undyne from the popular role-playing video game Undertale. This ship imagines a relationship between the lazy skeleton Sans and the determined fish-like monster Undyne.
    • Ship Name: Sundyne
    • Ship Type: Romantic
    • Popularity: High
    • Canon Compatibility: Non-canon
    • Fanart Community: Active
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    Frisk and Chara's relationship is a complex one, which is why fans enjoy pairing them together. The two characters have a deep connection, which makes for an emotional and heart-wrenching story.
    Frisk x Chara, also known as Charisk, is a popular Undertale AU ship that revolves around the romantic relationship between the game's protagonist, Frisk, and the fallen human, Chara. This ship explores the dynamic between the two characters and often delves into themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the blurred lines between good and evil.
    • Ship Name: Charisk
    • Ship Type: Romantic
    • Undertale AU: Yes
    • Fandom Origin: Undertale
    • Popular Mediums: Fanfiction, fan art, roleplay

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Ranking factors for popular ship

  1. Overall popularity
    The fan community's interest and engagement with a particular AU ship may indicate its popularity.
  2. Depth of story
    The depth of the relationship between the characters in the AU ship, as well as the development of their story and dynamic, may also be a key factor.
  3. Fanworks
    The quantity and quality of fan-created works (such as fanfictions, fan art, videos, and cosplay) featuring the AU ship can reflect its popularity and impact on the fan community.
  4. Universality
    The extent to which a particular AU ship is widely known and recognized across the fan community, as well as its cross-fandom appeal.
  5. Originality
    The uniqueness and creativity of the AU ship within the Undertale universe and its fandom may also be considered.

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More information on most popular undertale au ship

Undertale is a popular indie game that has gained a massive following around the world. The game features a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique personalities and storylines. As with any fandom, Undertale has spawned a plethora of Alternate Universe (AU) ships that fans have come to love. AU ships are fan-made pairings of characters that exist outside of the original storyline. These pairings are often created by fans who want to explore different possibilities of romance and relationships between characters. In the Undertale fandom, AU ships have become a popular way for fans to express their creativity and love for the game. The most popular Undertale AU ship is a matter of debate, and fans have different opinions. However, some of the most popular ones include Sans x Frisk, Papyrus x Mettaton, and Undyne x Alphys. These pairings have gained popularity due to their unique character dynamics and chemistry. Whether you're a fan of Undertale or not, it's undeniable that the game has created a vibrant and passionate fandom that continues to create new and exciting content. The world of Undertale AU ships is just one small part of this fandom, but it's a world that many fans continue to explore and enjoy.

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