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Updated on Apr 18, 2024 06:17
Welcome to StrawPoll, where every opinion counts! Get ready to dive into the ever-evolving universe of YouTube, as we bring you the ultimate ranking of the most popular YouTube video ideas! With thousands of polls and rankings on a myriad of topics, we now invite you to cast your vote for your favorite YouTube video idea or even suggest a missing option. Unleash your inner content creator and join the conversation as we explore everything from DIY tutorials to gaming streams, from travel vlogs to cooking channels, and so much more. Let your voice be heard and help us discover the true champions of the YouTube arena. So, what are you waiting for? Click further and let the battle of ideas commence!

What Are the Most Popular YouTube Video Ideas?

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    Vlogs or video blogs are one of the most popular video ideas on YouTube. They are a personal and engaging way to connect with an audience and share experiences.
    Vlogs, also known as video logs, are a type of YouTube content where creators document their daily lives or specific events. Vlogs often feature the creator speaking directly to the camera and showcasing their experiences, thoughts, and emotions. They provide viewers with a personal and authentic insight into the creator's life, covering a wide range of topics such as travel, food, fashion, relationships, or simply documenting their daily routine. Vlogs are popular for their relatability and the sense of connection they create between the creator and the viewers.
    • Video Format: Usually in horizontal (16:9) aspect ratio
    • Video Length: Varies, but usually between 5 to 30 minutes
    • Filming Style: Handheld or tripod-mounted camera with or without additional stabilization
    • Editing: Often includes jump cuts, music, and sound effects to enhance storytelling
    • Locations: Can be filmed in various settings such as homes, cities, nature, or specific events
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    YouTube is a great platform for sharing knowledge and tutorials. From makeup tutorials to DIY projects, instructional videos are a valuable resource for viewers looking to learn new skills.
    How-to Tutorials is a category of YouTube videos that provide step-by-step instructions on various topics. From DIY projects to technology guides, these videos aim to educate and empower viewers by teaching them new skills or helping them solve a problem.
    • Video Length: Varies, typically between 5-15 minutes
    • Visuals: Includes real-time demonstrations, graphics, or animations
    • Narration: Usually accompanied by a clear and concise voice-over
    • Structure: Breaks down the process into clear steps or stages
    • Content Variety: Covers a wide range of subjects such as cooking, home improvement, beauty, technology, crafts, etc.
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    Product Reviews

    Product reviews are a popular video idea on YouTube as they provide valuable insights into products and services. They are especially useful for consumers looking to make informed purchasing decisions.
    Product Reviews is a YouTube video series that focuses on providing in-depth analysis and opinions on various consumer products. The creator offers detailed insights and evaluations to help viewers make informed purchasing decisions.
    • Video Length: Around 10-15 minutes
    • Frequency of Videos: Weekly
    • Types of Products Reviewed: Electronics, gadgets, household items, beauty products, and more
    • Unboxing: Yes, includes unboxing and initial impressions
    • Testing Period: Minimum of 1 week for each product
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    Gaming videos are hugely popular on YouTube, with gamers sharing gameplay footage, walkthroughs, and reviews. The gaming community is a large and engaged audience, making it an attractive niche for content creators.
    Gaming is a popular YouTube video category that features a wide range of content related to video games. It includes gameplay footage, reviews, tutorials, and discussions about various gaming-related topics. The content creators showcase their gaming skills, provide tips and tricks, and share their thoughts and opinions on different games and gaming platforms.
    • Content Type: Gameplay footage, reviews, tutorials, discussions
    • Game Genres: Action, adventure, sports, strategy, RPG, etc.
    • Platforms: PC, console (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc.), mobile
    • Subscriber Base: Millions of subscribers
    • Engagement Level: High interaction through comments, likes, and shares
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    Challenges are a fun and entertaining video idea that often go viral on YouTube. From the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to the "Bean Boozled Challenge", challenges are a great way to engage with an audience and showcase creativity.
    Challenges are a popular genre of YouTube videos where creators undertake various tasks or tests in order to entertain or engage their audience. These challenges can range from physical feats to creative tasks, and often involve humorous or unexpected elements.
    • Engagement: Challenges encourage audience participation and interaction.
    • Entertainment: Challenges are designed to entertain and engage viewers.
    • Variety: There are numerous types of challenges, ensuring a wide range of content.
    • Popularity: Challenges are among the most viewed and shared videos on YouTube.
    • Creativity: Creators often add their unique twists and ideas to make challenges more interesting.
  6. 6
    Travel videos are a popular way to share experiences and inspire others to explore the world. From vlogs to destination guides, travel content is a great way to showcase different cultures and destinations.
    Travel is the act of moving from one place to another for various purposes such as tourism, business, education, and more. It allows individuals to experience different cultures, environments, and lifestyles, while also broadening their perspective and worldview.
    • Mode of Travel: Air, Land, Sea
    • Requirements: Valid travel documents, such as a passport and visa if applicable
    • Cost: Varies depending on destination, duration, and mode of travel
    • Accommodation: Hotels, Hostels, Resorts, Apartments, Campsites
    • Activities: Sightseeing, Adventure sports, Cultural Events, Shopping, Nightlife
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    Food videos are a popular video idea on YouTube, with content creators sharing recipes, cooking tutorials, and restaurant reviews. The food community is a large and engaged audience, making it a great niche for content creators.
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    Comedy videos are a popular way to entertain audiences on YouTube. From sketch comedy to stand-up routines, comedy content is a great way to showcase humor and creativity.
    In the realm of YouTube, comedy videos are among the most popular and entertaining content. These videos aim to elicit laughter and brighten up viewers' days with humorous skits, stand-up performances, parodies, pranks, and funny commentary on various subjects.
    • Video length: Usually around 5 - 10 minutes
    • Humor styles: Slapstick, observational, satirical, surreal, parody, dark humor, stand-up, etc.
    • Engagement: High audience engagement through likes, comments, and shares
    • Improvization: Often relies on spontaneous or scripted comedic moments
    • Collaborations: Frequent collaborations between comedy YouTubers for variety and crossover appeal
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    Music videos are a popular video idea on YouTube, with musicians sharing their original music, covers, and music videos. The music community is a large and engaged audience, making it a great niche for content creators.
    Music is an art form that uses sound and silence as its medium. It is typically organized in time and has patterns and structures that can be composed and improvised upon. Music can evoke emotion, convey meaning, and communicate cultural values and traditions.
    • Genre: There are many genres of music including classical, jazz, rock, pop, country, hip hop, and electronic among others.
    • Instruments and Vocals: Music can be created using a wide variety of instruments including the guitar, drums, piano, violin, saxophone, and voice.
    • Rhythm: The rhythm of music refers to the pattern of beats and the tempo that define its structure.
    • Harmony: Harmony refers to the combination of different musical notes and chords to create a pleasing sound.
    • Melody: The melody of a piece of music is the main theme or tune that is repeated throughout the piece.
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    Fitness videos are a popular way to share workouts, tips, and inspiration with audiences on YouTube. From yoga to HIIT, fitness content is a great way to showcase healthy living and inspire others to stay active.
    Fitness is a popular YouTube video category that focuses on various aspects of physical health and well-being. It covers a wide range of topics including workouts, exercise routines, nutrition tips, and fitness challenges. The videos in this category aim to educate and motivate viewers to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
    • Video Types: Workout routines, fitness challenges, nutrition tips
    • Duration: Varies from short exercise clips to complete workout sessions
    • Target Audience: People interested in fitness, exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
    • Style: Instructive, motivational, and often includes demonstrations
    • Fitness Levels: Videos for beginners, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels

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Ranking factors for popular ideas

  1. Viewership and engagement
    Analyze the number of views, likes, comments, and shares for similar videos to gauge their popularity. Videos with high engagement rates and consistent viewership are more likely to be popular among the audience. 2. Relevance and trending topics: Identify current trends, events, or conversations happening in your niche or target audience. Videos that address these topics are more likely to become popular as they provide timely and relevant content.
  2. Audience demographics
    Understand your target audience and their preferences, including age, location, interests, and content consumption habits. Popular video ideas should cater to your audience's specific needs and preferences.
  3. Educational or entertainment value
    People often look for videos that either educate them or entertain them. Videos that offer valuable information, new skills, or solve problems, as well as those that make the audience laugh, are more likely to be popular.
  4. Shareability
    The potential for a video to be shared among friends, family, and social networks is crucial for its popularity. Videos that are easily shareable with a broad appeal have a higher chance of becoming popular.
  5. Production quality
    Crisp visuals, clear audio, and a well-structured storyline with a coherent message make videos more enjoyable to watch and more likely to be popular.
  6. Creativity and uniqueness
    Videos that present fresh ideas, unique perspectives, or creative execution can quickly gain popularity. Popular video ideas often break away from the norm and provide something different that captures the audience's attention.
  7. Influencer collaboration
    Partnering with prominent influencers who have a large following can boost your video's popularity. Collaborations can bring new audiences, increase engagement, and enhance the overall appeal of the content.
  8. Length and format
    Videos that are too long or too short may not hold the audience's attention well. Find the optimal video length and format for your target audience and topic to make your content more popular.
  9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Optimize your video titles, descriptions, and tags to make them more discoverable through search engines and YouTube's search and recommendation features. Well-optimized videos have a higher chance of reaching a larger audience and becoming popular.

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