Cheapest Shipping Label Printer: Affordable Efficiency

We have researched 13 shipping label printers for you.

When it comes to managing outgoing packages efficiently, a reliable shipping label printer can save both time and money. Small businesses and e-commerce ventures recognize the need for cost-effective solutions that do not compromise on performance. In the age of rapid delivery expectations, having the right tools to streamline the shipping process is more important than ever.

This article explores a variety of label printers that combine affordability with efficiency. Categorized to fit every budget, these devices offer features that make label printing a breeze, allowing for a smoother workflow and ultimately contributing to improved customer satisfaction. Finding a balance between quality and cost can significantly impact your bottom line, and that's exactly what our lineup is designed to help you achieve.
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What to Look for in Cheapest Shipping Label Printers

Important criteria

  • Compatibility with shipping platforms
  • Print speed
  • Print quality
  • Supported label sizes
  • Cost of labels and supplies
  • Reliability

1.) Printer Compatibility

When purchasing a shipping label printer, it is crucial to ensure that it is compatible with your operating system and shipping platforms. Check the specifications to make certain that the printer works with Windows, macOS, or any other OS you use. Moreover, verify that it can seamlessly integrate with carrier websites or shipping services such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Compatibility with various marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, like eBay, Amazon, or Shopify, can also be important for streamlined operations.

2.) Print Quality and Speed

The print quality and speed are significant factors to consider before making a purchase. Look for a printer that offers high resolution for clear, readable labels which adhere to carrier guidelines. A printer that can quickly produce labels can improve efficiency, especially if you have a high volume of packages to ship. However, remember that faster printers might be more expensive, so balance the need for speed with your budget.

3.) Ease of Use and Maintenance

Consider how user-friendly the printer is, as you will want something that is easy to set up and operate. Printers with intuitive interfaces, easy label loading, and minimal operational steps are preferable. Additionally, look into the maintenance requirements; a printer with self-diagnosis capabilities and easy-to-replace parts can save time and reduce operational downtime.

4.) Cost Efficiency

Examine the overall cost-efficiency of the printer, not just the initial purchase price. Factor in the cost of supplies, like labels, and whether the printer requires a specific type. Also, assess the long-term reliability and durability of the printer; investing in a slightly more expensive printer that is less prone to breakdowns can be more economical in the long run. Lastly, check if the printer has energy-saving features to reduce operational costs.

The Cheapest Shipping Label Printers of our Choice

Our Pick
POLONO Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer
Model: PL70E Type/Color: White Size: PL70e
  • Printing via Bluetooth with APP
  • Printing via USB for Windows, Mac, Chrome OS
  • High-Speed & Clear Printing
  • Wide Usage for various marketplaces and platforms
  • Professional After-Sales Service with free support
$ 79.99 *
yesbeaut Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer
Type/Color: white
  • Printing via Bluetooth or USB supported
  • Custom label printer for small businesses
  • High speed printing, labels appear clear
  • Designed for small businesses and e-commerce platforms
  • Efficient and portable design, with intelligent functions
  • Eco-friendly thermal printer, no ink or toner needed
$ 53.99 *
Jiose Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer
Model: N43BT Type/Color: White-Mini Size: 4x6
  • Connect phone via Bluetooth to print labels easily
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac computers via USB
  • High-speed printing with clear and scannable labels
  • Prints labels for major shipping and e-commerce platforms
  • Works with most thermal label sizes and custom labels
$ 89.99 *
Price Pick
LabelCreate PM-246S-PK Thermal Printer
Type/Color: Pink Size: 4X6 Shipping Thermal Label Printer
  • Efficient Paper Management with automatic paper feed system
  • Versatile Compatibility with popular marketplaces and shipping platforms
  • Quick Setup on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems
  • Automatic Label Detection for precise and fast printing
  • Reliable Technical Support with free replacement service
$ 48.99 *
Zoolion Shipping Label Printer 4x6 with 30 Labels
Type/Color: Grey Size: 9 x 6.89 x 6.26 inches
  • Bluetooth shipping label printer for mobile devices.
  • USB label printer supports various operating systems.
  • Wireless printer for small business with fast printing.
  • Works with various thermal shipping label sizes.
  • Good platform compatibility with popular e-commerce platforms.
  • App "Labelife" offers free label editing software.
$ 60.99 *
iDPRT Thermal Label Printer
Model: SP410 Type/Color: Dark Black Size: USB
$ 79.99 *
Phomemo 4x6 Shipping Label Printer for Small Business
Model: B246D Type/Color: Purple Size: 2"x2"
  • Work with various label types
  • Automatic paper feed to reduce waste
  • Suitable for shipping, address, mailing labels
  • Prints high-quality labels with Japanese ROHM print head
  • No toner, ink, or mess, economical and eco-friendly
  • Easy setup in one minute with clear installation guide
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  • Works with all major shipping and sales platforms
  • Comes with 24-month warranty and after-sales support
$ 48.99 *
Beeprt Bluetooth Shipping Label Printer
Type/Color: BLACK Size: one size
  • Print via Bluetooth for IOS/Android
  • Supports USB connection for Windows, Mac, Chromebook
  • High-speed printing with clear labels
  • No need for ink or toner, thermal labels only
  • Compatible with major shipping platforms
  • Supports various types of thermal labels
  • Easy setup with automatic features
  • Ideal for small businesses and home offices
$ 119.99 *
Omezizy Bluetooth Shipping Label Printer
Model: 241-BT Type/Color: Sliver Size: Compact
  • Supports Bluetooth and USB connection
  • Compatible with various operating systems
  • Environmental and money-saving benefits
  • High speed printing with clear quality
  • Ideal for small businesses and home use
  • Easy one-minute setup process
$ 59.99 *
JADENS Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer
Type/Color: Blue Size: 4×6
  • High tech label printer with Japanese thermal print head
  • 203 DPI high printing quality, label holder, and extra labels
  • No ink, no toner, clean and economical printing
  • Works with both fanfold and roll labels
  • Print wirelessly with Bluetooth or via USB connection
  • Compatible with Windows, Chrome OS, and Mac OS
  • Wide usage for various marketplaces and shipping platforms
  • Ideal for small businesses to increase productivity
  • Easy setup and reliable after-sale service
  • One year warranty and multiple customer support options
$ 119.99 *
Rongta 4x6 Thermal Label Printer
Model: RP420 Type/Color: Black Size: 8.66 x 4.13 x 3.54 inches
  • NO WIFI NO Bluetooth!
  • USB disk includes Printer Driver, User Manual, Printer Tool
  • Print up to 60 labels per minute (150mm/s).
  • Direct thermal technology, no ink or other consumables needed.
  • NOTICE: If the USB disk is unavailable or missing, please contact us or go to our official web for download the driver.
  • If you use Mac computer, please choose the "RP4xx Series A2" when you select printer driver software.
  • Please tell us if you have a question with the driver install, we will solve for you.
  • DO NOT ChromeOS/Square.
  • Please read the manual before use.
  • Interface USB.
  • Compatible with all major shipping and sales platforms Labeling like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, Fedex, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Shippo, Ordoro, Endicia Dazzle, Shipwire, Shipworks, Stockx, Xps ship, etc.
  • Automatic Label Detection: This printer can automatically catch and feed the label and supports label widths ranging from 2" to 4.65".
  • It is good for printing Shipping and Warehouse Labels, Food Nutrition Labels, Amazon FBA Labels, etc.
  • Box includes: 1*Rongta Label Printer,1*Power Adapter,1*USB Cable,1*User Manual and a U Disk containing the printer driver, installation guide, setup guide, and user manual.
  • Refer to the included tutorials to start printing within minutes.
  • Easy Set Up: Support Windows/Mac/Linux.
  • RP422 Shipping label printer installs and works like a regular thermal printer that can create customized labels directly from any application.
$ 49.99 *
Nelko Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer
Model: PL70E Type/Color: black Size: PL70E
  • Print wirelessly via Bluetooth on iOS, Android devices.
  • Supports Windows 7 or later for Bluetooth connection.
  • Works with Mac via Bluetooth on M1, M2 CPUs.
  • Direct USB connection for Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS.
  • No Bluetooth printing for Mac OS, USB only.
  • Fast printing speed of 150mm/s, 72 labels/min.
  • 203 DPI for clear printing with no ink needed.
  • Compatible with most platforms like Amazon, Ebay, etc.
  • User support includes driver and instruction videos.
  • Free lifetime technical support from NELKO team.
$ 89.66 *
Yinleader Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer
Type/Color: Black
$ 55.99 *

Top Picks for Budget-Friendly Shipping Label Printers

Budget Shopper
If you're looking to streamline your shipping process without breaking the bank, we've picked out the most cost-effective printers for you. These printers balance affordability with reliability, ensuring you get your packages labeled and out the door with ease.
Home Business Owner
Operating a business from home requires a printer that's compact and easy to use. Our recommendations focus on models that won't take up too much room and are simple enough for any home entrepreneur to operate.
E-commerce Startups
E-commerce startups need printers that can keep up with growing demand. We've selected printers known for their speed and efficiency, ideal for businesses on the rise looking to keep costs minimized.
Occasional Sellers
For those who sell items occasionally online, a no-fuss, easy-to-set-up printer is key. Our selection includes the most user-friendly printers that offer convenience and quality without unnecessary features.

Questions You Might Ask

When choosing a shipping label printer, you should consider print quality, speed, durability, compatibility with your shipping software, the size and type of labels you need to print, connectivity options such as USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, and the overall cost of ownership including the price of labels, ink or thermal printing, and maintenance.
Thermal label printers are generally preferred for shipping labels because they are more cost-effective over time, don't require ink or toner, and are better suited for high-volume shipping environments. They produce durable, smudge-proof labels that are easy to read, which is critical for shipping. Inkjet printers are better if you require color printing for custom branding, but they are less common for standard shipping label tasks.
No, shipping label printers have specific label size compatibilities. It's important to check the printer's specifications for the range of label sizes it can support. Always make sure the printer you choose can accommodate the label sizes you need for your packages to ensure a smooth printing process.
To ensure your shipping label printer is operating at its best, regularly clean the print head and internal components, follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines, use the recommended labels and supplies, keep the firmware updated, and handle the printer according to the user manual. Additionally, always have spare labels and any required printing supplies on hand to avoid downtime.

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How to Choose the Cheapest Shipping Label Printer

Our Pick: POLONO Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer
Navigating the market for shipping label printers can be overwhelming, especially when cost efficiency is a top priority. In this buying guide, we'll walk you through key features to consider so you can find the cheapest shipping label printer that doesn't skimp on quality. Whether you're a small business owner or a frequent shipper, you'll learn how to select a device that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Understand Your Printing Needs

Before diving into the sea of label printers, take a moment to assess your specific needs. Consider the volume of labels you'll be printing daily. Are you a small operation looking to print a dozen labels a day, or do you need something that can handle hundreds with ease? Also, think about the label size requirements for your shipments, as different printers accommodate different label widths and lengths.
Print quality is another critical factor. If you're shipping products that require barcodes, you'll need a printer that can produce clear, readable barcodes to avoid scanning issues. Lastly, consider the types of materials you'll be printing on. Some printers work best with specific label types, such as thermal labels, which can impact the overall cost-effectiveness of your operation.

Choose the Right Printer Technology

The two main types of printers are thermal and inkjet. Thermal printers are typically more cost-effective in the long run—they don't require ink or toner, and they print quickly. Direct thermal printers are generally cheaper than thermal transfer printers, but the labels can fade over time. If longevity isn't a concern, direct thermal could be a money-saving choice.
Inkjet printers may offer higher quality prints and the ability to print in color, but they come with the added cost of ink cartridges. They might be a sensible option if you're also planning to print marketing materials, but if you're focused on shipping labels alone, a thermal printer will likely be more cost-efficient.

Evaluate Printer Connectivity

In today's connected world, how your printer interfaces with your devices is crucial. Most budget-friendly printers will offer USB connectivity, which is often sufficient for a single workstation setup. If you require more flexibility, look for printers that offer wireless connections like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, enabling you to print from multiple devices or from your smartphone.
Also, consider the software compatibility. Some printers work seamlessly with popular shipping platforms and can streamline your workflow significantly. Ensure the printer you choose is compatible with the platforms you use, or you might find yourself burdened with cumbersome workarounds.

Don't Overlook Potential Hidden Costs

The upfront cost of a printer is only part of the picture. To truly find the cheapest option, you must consider the total cost of ownership. This includes the cost of labels, which can vary widely in price. Some printers require proprietary labels, which can be more expensive. Others can use generic labels, offering more ways to save.
Maintenance is another ongoing cost to consider. High-quality printers may have a higher price point but could save you money on maintenance and replacements in the long run. Before making your final decision, research the durability of the models within your budget, and read customer reviews to gauge long-term satisfaction.

Read Reviews and Seek Recommendations

With your requirements in mind, it's time to research and analyze products. Customer reviews are an invaluable resource for understanding the real-world pros and cons of different label printers. Look for consistent comments about print quality, reliability, and customer service experiences.
Don't hesitate to reach out to your network for personal recommendations. Other business owners or shipping professionals in your circles might have insights into which printers offer the best value for money. Ultimately, combining your research with real-world advice can lead you to the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Hands-on Reviews and Recommendations from Discussion-Boards

In this section, we focus on providing you with a curated list of resources for finding the most cost-effective shipping label printers. These resources have been meticulously chosen for their credibility and value, and are organized into four distinct types: in-depth product reviews, insightful forum discussions, engaging Reddit threads, and informative videos. Each category offers a different perspective to help you make an informed decision about the best shipping label printer options that won't break the bank.
It prints at a rapid 150 millimeters per second, has Bluetooth connectivity and it's 49% off right now at Amazon.
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Best budget thermal label printer? ... I was looking at Zebra thermal label printers , but $150+ is a bit too much to justify at this point.
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I use a Zebra ZP450 thermal printer that uses 4x6 labels. Got it for $25 used on Craigslist. It was a good deal, today they run you $100-150ish.
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You can get one for pretty cheap on ebay. Zebra makes the best thermal label printers period.
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