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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about StrawPoll.

Is StrawPoll free to use?

Yes, StrawPoll is free to use. We are convinced that artificial restrictions on features as payment barriers are not a sensible way to monetize a service. Therefore we offer all features, including user accounts and an unlimited number of polls and participants per poll, for free. In order to maintain the service, some users will be shown ads, but we always strive to provide the best possible user experience.

How reliable are the results of a StrawPoll?

StrawPoll is a service where everyone can create their own opinion poll. This does not always mean that the result is demographically representative. Very often, however, it can be used to show public opinion on a particular issue. We do not encourage our users to create political polls, but recommend that they use our service only for private or professional purposes. Nonetheless, we always do our best to minimize duplicate votes on StrawPoll. The latest implementation was a VPN detector that allows us to block all fake votes of VPN users.

Can I share screenshots or links of StrawPoll content?

Of course, you are welcome to share screenshots of one of our straw polls with others, but please make sure to include a link to the poll as a reference near the screenshot. Otherwise it will be difficult for others to find the source.

How to report a harmful/illegal poll?

StrawPoll should remain a safe place for everyone's opinion, and we do not allow anyone to play against this rule. We have therefore made it very easy to report a survey. In the options drop-down menu of each poll, you will therefore have the option to report a poll directly. Please remember to add a reasonable comment to your report so that it is easier for us to review it.

How can I delete a poll?

There are several ways to delete a poll on StrawPoll. We recommend you to visit and read our guide on how to delete a poll. There you'll find all the information how it works and how fast the process will be. Find even more guides in our always growing help section.

Is this poll a representative survey?

Have you ever received a link to a poll whose creator you want to influence politically? Then you should read this short article about the representativeness of surveys on StrawPoll.

Short Answer

No. A poll on StrawPoll is almost never representative.

Long(er) Answer

In order for a poll or survey to have a representative character, several properties should be fulfilled. At StrawPoll, we offer users a platform for creating polls of various types. Our system could be used to conduct a representative survey, but we do not provide a system to help with this.

Therefore, any party claiming that its survey is representative should provide additional facts. If they are not able to do so, the result should be questioned fundamentally.

We can't forbid anyone to create arbitrary polls, but we can ask you not to believe everything that is shared on StrawPoll. In the end, this platform is intended for non-political surveys where it does not matter whether the results are representative or not, as it is only used in its target group.

Why can I not vote on a specific poll?

Did you ever get an error message while trying to vote that looked like this?

You (or someone in your network) have already participated in this vote.

And at the same time you are quite sure that you have not already voted in this poll? Then perhaps someone from your household, school or office has already voted. This may mean that your vote cannot be counted.

It depends entirely on the "Duplication Check" setting chosen by the poll creator. If you think this is a mistake, please contact the poll author and let them know.