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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about StrawPoll.

Is StrawPoll free to use?

Yes, StrawPoll is free to use. You will never be charged for creating polls on, so feel free to add as many as you want. The more polls you create, the more helpful a user account will help you to organize the list of polls you started. It goes without saying that creating a user account on StrawPoll is free, too.

How reliable are the results of a StrawPoll?

StrawPoll is a service where everyone can create their own opinion poll. This doesn't always mean that the result has a demographically representative character. But most often, is can be used to show the popular opinion on a certain matter. We do not encourage our users to create political polls, but recommend to use our service for private or job related matters. Anyhow, we always do our best to fight voter fraud. The latest implementation was a VPN detector which allows us to block all fake votes from VPN users.

Can I share screenshots or links of StrawPolls?

Yes, you're very welcome to share screenshots of one of our straw polls, but please make sure you'll add a link to the poll for reference anywhere near the screenshot. Otherwise, it will be hard for your voters to find that poll.

How to report a harmful/illegal poll?

StrawPoll should stay a safe place for everyone's opinion, and we do not allow anyone that is playing against this rule. So we made it very easy to report a poll. Just use the link on the top navigation bar of every page where it says "Report a poll" in red color. Providing a reasonable comment to your report will make it easier for us to review the report, so please keep that in mind.

How can I delete a poll?

There are several ways to delete a poll on StrawPoll. We recommend you to visit and read our guide on how to delete a poll. There you'll find all the information how it works and how fast the process will be. Find even more guides in our always growing help section.