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Discover the enchanting beauty of cherry blossoms like never before! Dive into our captivating ranking of "What is the most beautiful cherry blossom?" and let your senses explore the exquisite charm of these ephemeral wonders. Join thousands of other nature enthusiasts in casting your vote for the most breathtaking cherry blossom, or suggest a hidden gem that has captured your heart. Unfold the delicate layers of these floral marvels as you navigate through the array of stunning options, and let your voice be heard in this enchanting quest for the ultimate cherry blossom. Don't let this fleeting moment of captivating beauty slip away – immerse yourself in the world of cherry blossoms and let your passion bloom!

What Is the Most Beautiful Cherry Blossom? (September 2023)

  1. 1

    Somei Yoshino

    Jinbei Kawarazaki
    This variety of cherry blossom is the most popular in Japan, known for its delicate and pale pink petals. It is a symbol of spring and renewal, and its beauty has been celebrated in Japanese art and literature for centuries.
    Somei Yoshino is a popular variety of cherry blossom (sakura) known for its stunning beauty. It is native to Japan and is widely cultivated throughout the country. The flowers of Somei Yoshino are a pale pink color with five delicate petals. This variety is characterized by its abundant blooms and graceful branches, creating a breathtaking sight when in full bloom.
    • Color: Pale pink
    • Number of petals: 5
    • Blooming period: Late March to early April
    • Flower size: Medium-sized
    • Branch structure: Graceful, spreading
  2. 2
    Myrabella · CC BY-SA 3.0
    This cherry blossom is known for its large, double-pink blooms that can last up to two weeks. It is a popular ornamental tree in the United States and is often planted in parks and gardens.
    The Kwanzan is a stunning variety of cherry blossom known for its abundant double-petaled pink flowers. It is one of the most beautiful and popular cherry blossoms in Japan and around the world. The Kwanzan tree has a graceful shape and can reach a height of about 30 feet (9 meters), with its branches spreading wide. Its blossoms appear in clusters and create a breathtaking display during the spring season.
    • Flower color: Pink
    • Flower type: Double-petaled
    • Average height: 30 feet (9 meters)
    • Bloom time: Late spring
    • Branch spread: Wide
  3. 3
    This cherry blossom has a graceful, drooping habit that makes it a beautiful addition to any landscape. Its delicate pink flowers hang in clusters, creating a stunning display in the spring.
    The Weeping Cherry is a variety of cherry tree known for its graceful weeping branches and abundant pink or white blossoms. It is one of the most beautiful and iconic cherry blossoms in the world, symbolizing the arrival of spring and renewal of life.
    • Scientific Name: Prunus subhirtella
    • Height: 10-25 feet (3-7.6 meters)
    • Spread: 10-20 feet (3-6 meters)
    • Blossom Color: Pink or white
    • Blossom Type: Single or semi-double
  4. 4


    Dr. Seisaku Funatsu
    This cherry blossom has bright pink blooms that appear early in the spring, making it a popular choice for gardens and landscapes. Its flowers are also fragrant, adding to its appeal.
    Okame is a popular variety of cherry blossom known for its vibrant pink flowers and charming appearance. The blossoms are single or semi-double, with five delicate petals that form a cup-shaped flower. Okame cherry blossoms bloom in early spring, typically around March, and create a breathtaking display of color against the bare branches. The tree itself grows to a moderate size, usually reaching a height of 20-30 feet with a rounded crown. Its leaves are medium green and provide an attractive backdrop to the blossoms.
    • Flower Color: Vibrant Pink
    • Number of Petals: Single or Semi-double (5 petals)
    • Bloom Time: Early spring (March)
    • Tree Height: 20-30 feet
    • Tree Shape: Rounded Crown
  5. 5
    This cherry blossom has light pink flowers that turn almost white as they age. It is a popular ornamental tree in the United States and is often planted in parks and gardens.
    Akebono is a stunning variety of cherry blossom known for its delicate beauty and vibrant display of pale pink flowers. It is celebrated for its abundant blossoms that cover the branches and create an enchanting springtime scene. The Akebono cherry blossoms are characterized by their soft hue and elegant, slightly drooping petals. The sight of Akebono in full bloom is truly captivating and a beloved symbol of the arrival of spring.
    • Flower color: Pale pink
    • Petals: Slightly drooping, delicate
    • Bloom time: Early to mid-spring
    • Tree type: Deciduous
    • Tree height: Up to 25 feet (7.6 meters)
  6. 6
    This cherry blossom has double-pink flowers that are full and lush. It is a popular variety in Japan and is often used in traditional Japanese gardens.
    Yaezakura is a variety of cherry blossom known for its abundant and densely layered petals, as 'yae' translates to 'double' or 'twice' in Japanese. The flowers of Yaezakura have a strikingly beautiful appearance, resembling fluffy cotton candy or delicate rosettes. It is one of the most admired and sought-after cherry blossom varieties in Japan.
    • Petals: Abundant and densely layered
    • Appearance: Resembles fluffy cotton candy or delicate rosettes
    • Variety: Cherry blossom
    • Japanese Name: 八重桜
    • Meaning: 'Yae' translates to 'double' or 'twice' in Japanese
  7. 7
    Unknown authorUnknown author · Public domain
    This cherry blossom is similar to Kwanzan, with large, double-pink blooms that last up to two weeks. It is a popular ornamental tree in the United States and is often planted in parks and gardens.
    The Kanzan cherry blossom, also known as Prunus serrulata 'Kanzan', is a stunning flowering tree that showcases beautiful double-petaled pink flowers. It is one of the most popular cultivated cherry blossom varieties due to its vibrant and abundant blooms.
    • Flower Type: Double-petaled
    • Bloom Time: Late April to early May
    • Size: Medium-sized tree (up to 25-30 feet tall)
    • Shape: Upright, vase-shaped
    • Fragrance: Mild, sweet fragrance
  8. 8
    This cherry blossom has large, white flowers that are tinged with pink. It is a rare variety and is particularly beautiful when planted in groups.
    Taihaku, also known as 'Great White Cherry,' is a stunning variety of cherry blossom tree. Its name translates to 'Great White' in Japanese, referring to the large, pure white flowers that bloom during spring. The Taihaku cherry blossom is famous for its elegance and extraordinary beauty.
    • Flower Color: White
    • Bloom Time: Spring
    • Flower Size: Large
    • Fragrance: Mild
    • Petals: Single
  9. 9
    This cherry blossom has a weeping habit and delicate pink flowers that hang in clusters. It is a popular variety in Japan and is often used in traditional Japanese gardens.
    Shidarezakura, also known as the weeping cherry tree, is a captivating cherry blossom tree cultivar with gracefully cascading branches. The name 'Shidarezakura' translates to 'drooping cherry blossoms' in Japanese, perfectly describing its elegant appearance. Each spring, the branches of this tree become adorned with an abundance of delicate pale pink or white blossoms, creating a mesmerizing sight.
    • Branch Shape: Gracefully cascading
    • Flower Color: Pale pink or white
    • Blossom Type: Single or double-petaled
    • Blossom Shape: Small, rounded petals
    • Tree Height: Approximately 15-25 feet
  10. 10
    Unknown authorUnknown author · Public domain


    Hiroshi Takeyama
    This cherry blossom has pale yellow flowers that are very unusual and striking. It is a rare variety and is particularly beautiful when planted in groups.
    The Ukon is a breathtaking cherry blossom cultivar known for its vibrant golden-yellow flowers that appear during the spring season. It captivates with its unique and rare color, contrasting beautifully against the traditional delicate pink hues of other cherry blossoms. The Ukon cherry blossoms create a magnificent spectacle and add a touch of enchantment to any landscape where they bloom.
    • Color: Golden-yellow
    • Bloom Time: Spring
    • Petal Shape: Single
    • Tree Type: Deciduous
    • Mature Height: Up to 20 feet

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Ranking factors for beautiful cherry blossom

  1. Location
    The surroundings of the cherry blossom site should be considered, as some locations might be more picturesque or culturally significant than others. Accessibility, amenities, and the number of cherry blossom trees at the site may also impact the experience.
  2. Timing
    The peak blooming period of cherry blossoms is relatively short, usually lasting about a week. The stage of blooming and the weather conditions during the viewing period greatly affect the overall beauty of the blossoms.
  3. Color and variety
    There are several varieties of cherry blossoms, ranging from white to different shades of pink. The mix of colors and varieties of blossoms can be a key factor in their overall beauty.
  4. Tree shape and form
    The shape and form of cherry blossom trees may vary by age, pruning, or natural growth patterns. Some trees may have unique shapes and branches that add to their overall beauty.
  5. Density and abundance of blossoms
    Some cherry blossom trees may produce more abundant and denser flowers clusters than others, leading to a more impressive display.
  6. Scenery and backdrop
    The background scenery can play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of cherry blossoms. For example, a backdrop of mountains, a river, or historical buildings can greatly add to the overall visual appeal.
  7. Lighting and atmosphere
    The overall atmosphere and lighting at the cherry blossom site can greatly influence the experience. Some locations may have special lighting events during the peak blooming period that enhance the beauty of the blossoms.
  8. Crowds and popularity
    Cherry blossom viewing tends to be a popular activity, and some sites may be more crowded than others. Sites with less crowded conditions might provide a more enjoyable and peaceful experience.
  9. Overall experience
    Ultimately, the overall experience of viewing cherry blossoms will be shaped by a variety of factors, such as personal preferences, group size, mood, and the ability to appreciate nature's fleeting beauty.

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Cherry blossoms are one of the most iconic symbols of springtime, with their delicate pink and white petals adorning trees across the world. The most famous cherry blossom variety is the Japanese sakura, which has become synonymous with Japan's culture and aesthetics. However, there are many other types of cherry blossoms that are just as stunning, including the Korean cherry blossom, the Taiwanese cherry blossom, and the Chinese cherry blossom. Each variety has its own unique characteristics and beauty, making it difficult to choose the most beautiful one. Nevertheless, the sight of cherry blossoms in full bloom is a breathtaking experience that draws millions of visitors every year.