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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Apr 15, 2024 08:26
Step right up and join the ultimate showdown as we seek to crown the most famous Robin of all time! At StrawPoll, we've hosted thousands of polls and rankings, and now it's time for you to cast your vote and make your voice heard in this epic battle of the Robins. From the daring sidekick of Batman to the legendary hero of Sherwood Forest, these iconic characters have captured our hearts and imaginations throughout the years. Will it be Robin Hood, Robin Williams, or perhaps even a dark horse candidate who swoops in to claim the title? The choice is yours, so spread your wings, dive into the thrilling debate, and help us decide once and for all - who is the ultimate Robin? Don't forget, if you feel like we've missed a worthy contender, simply suggest a new option and watch as the competition soars to new heights!

Who Is the Most Famous Robin?

  1. 1
    The most famous Robin of all time, known for his bravery, archery skills, and his fight against injustice.
    Robin Hood in other rankings
  2. 2
    Robin Williams
    Eva Rinaldi · CC BY-SA 2.0
    A beloved actor, comedian, and humanitarian who starred in many popular movies such as "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Good Will Hunting."
    Robin Williams in other rankings
  3. 3
    Robin Wright
    Georges Biard · CC BY-SA 3.0
    A talented actress who has starred in many popular movies and TV shows, including "Forrest Gump" and "House of Cards."
  4. 4
    A former Dutch soccer player who played for many top clubs, including Arsenal and Manchester United. He was known for his skill, agility, and accuracy on the field.
  5. 5
    A co-host of the popular radio show "The Howard Stern Show" and a cancer survivor who has inspired many with her bravery and resilience.
  6. 6
    Robin Gibb
    RobinReigns · Public domain
    A singer, songwriter, and member of the Bee Gees, who were one of the most successful bands of all time.
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  7. 7
    A singer and songwriter who had a hit in the 1990s with the song "Show Me Love."
  8. 8
    A motivational speaker, leadership expert, and author of several best-selling books, including "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari."
    Robin Sharma in other rankings
  9. 9
    A former professional baseball player who played for the Milwaukee Brewers for his entire career and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999.
  10. 10
    Robin Hanson
    KatjaGrace · CC BY-SA 3.0
    An economist and writer who has made important contributions to the field of prediction markets and futurism.

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Ranking factors for famous Robin

  1. Popularity
    The character's overall popularity among readers and fans is an important factor. This can be determined by their presence in comics, multimedia adaptations, and their fan following.
  2. Longevity
    How long the character has been actively portrayed as Robin and their continuous presence in the Batman franchise contributes to their fame. Characters who have had a longer tenure may have had more opportunities to establish themselves and connect with audiences.
  3. Cultural Impact
    The character's impact on popular culture and their ability to transcend the comics medium is another crucial aspect. This could include appearances in movies, TV shows, video games, and merchandise, as well as how they are perceived and recognized by audiences.
  4. Story Arcs and Character Development
    The quality of storylines, character growth, and memorable moments associated with a particular Robin can also influence their fame. Iconic story arcs, character defining moments, and notable achievements can elevate a character's status.
  5. Legacy and Successors
    The impact a Robin has on future iterations and successors can also be a factor. If a particular Robin's storyline or character traits are carried on by subsequent Robins or influence future storytelling, it could enhance their fame and importance.

About this ranking

This is a community-based ranking of the most famous Robin. We do our best to provide fair voting, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. So if you notice something or Robin is missing, feel free to help improve the ranking!


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More information on most famous robin

Robin, the fictional character who serves as the sidekick to Batman, has been portrayed by several actors over the years. From the classic portrayal by Burt Ward in the 1960s Batman TV series to the more recent performances by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Chris O'Donnell, there's no denying that Robin has become an iconic figure in pop culture. But who is the most famous Robin? That's a question that has been debated by fans and critics alike, and the answer may surprise you. With so many different interpretations of the character, it's hard to say who truly stands out as the most famous Robin. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure: Robin has left an indelible mark on the world of comics and entertainment, and his legacy is sure to endure for years to come.

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