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Updated on Feb 16, 2024 07:21
Unmask your inner vigilante enthusiast as you step into the thrilling world of StrawPoll's latest ranking - "Who is the most famous vigilante?"! Join thousands of fans as they cast their votes to determine the ultimate champion of righteousness. From caped crusaders to stealthy cyber sleuths, our dynamic selection features an array of legendary characters who have taken justice into their own hands. Will your favorite hero emerge victorious, or will an unexpected contender swoop in to claim the title? Don't see your beloved vigilante on the list? Fear not, for you can suggest a missing option and rally support for their cause. So, ready your keyboards, summon your passion, and dive into this enthralling battle of the masked avengers! Let the voting games begin!

Who Is the Most Famous Vigilante?

  1. 1
    He is one of the most popular and well-known vigilante characters in pop culture. His alter ego, Bruce Wayne, fights crime in Gotham City with his intelligence, martial arts skills, and gadgets.
    Batman is a fictional superhero who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. He was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Batman is widely regarded as one of the greatest comic book superheroes of all time.
    • Alter Ego: Bruce Wayne
    • First Appearance: Detective Comics #27 (1939)
    • Abilities: Peak physical and mental conditioning, expert detective skills, martial arts and combat expertise, advanced gadgets and technology, highly skilled strategist
    • Secret Identity: Known to very few individuals, including trusted allies
    • Base of Operations: Gotham City
  2. 2
    Frank Castle is a vigilante who uses lethal force to fight crime. He was trained as a Marine and became a skilled marksman and hand-to-hand fighter.
  3. 3
    Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer who uses his heightened senses to fight crime as Daredevil. He has acrobatic skills and is trained in martial arts.
    Daredevil is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett, with input from Jack Kirby. The story follows Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen, New York, who gains superhuman senses after being exposed to a radioactive substance. Murdock uses his newfound abilities to fight crime and protect the innocent.
    • Real Name: Matthew Michael Murdock
    • First Appearance: Daredevil #1 (April 1964)
    • Powers and Abilities: Enhanced senses, radar sense, excellent acrobat, skilled martial artist and tactician
    • Occupation: Lawyer, Crimefighter
    • Alias: The Man Without Fear
  4. 4
    Peter Parker gained his superhuman powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. He uses his strength, agility, and web-slinging abilities to fight crime in New York City.
    Spider-Man is an action-adventure game based on the popular Marvel superhero. Players take on the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, swinging through the city of New York and battling various enemies and villains. The game features an open-world design, allowing players to freely explore the city and engage in both main story missions and side activities. With a compelling story, fluid traversal mechanics, and intense combat sequences, Spider-Man offers an immersive and thrilling gaming experience.
    • Genre: Action-adventure
    • Platform: PlayStation 4
    • Release Date: September 7, 2018
    • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    • Developer: Insomniac Games
  5. 5


    The character V is a mysterious and anarchic vigilante who wears a Guy Fawkes mask. He fights against a fascist government in a dystopian future setting.
    The letter 'V' is a voiced labiodental fricative, which means it is produced by bringing the bottom lip into light contact with the upper teeth and forcing air through the narrow gap. It is one of the most difficult letters to pronounce due to the position of the articulators and the precise control of airflow required.
    • Voiced/Unvoiced: Voiced
    • Manner of Articulation: Fricative
    • Place of Articulation: Labiodental
    • IPA Symbol: /v/
    • Example Words: vase, victory, very
  6. 6
    Walter Kovacs is a vigilante who wears a mask with shifting ink blots. He is a brutal and uncompromising fighter who seeks justice in a corrupt world.
  7. 7
    Oliver Queen is a billionaire playboy who becomes a bow-wielding vigilante after being stranded on a deserted island. He fights to protect his city and his loved ones.
  8. 8
    The Shadow is a character from pulp fiction who has been adapted into various media. He is a master of disguise who uses his psychic powers to fight crime.
  9. 9
    John Rambo
    Yoni S.Hamenahem · CC BY-SA 3.0
    John Rambo is a character from the Rambo film series. He is a former Green Beret who becomes a one-man Army to fight for his country and his fellow soldiers.
  10. 10
    Paul Kersey is a character from the Death Wish film series. He becomes a vigilante after his wife is murdered and his daughter is sexually assaulted. He takes revenge on criminals in the streets of New York City.

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Ranking factors for famous vigilante

  1. Popularity and Cultural Impact
    The level of recognition and mainstream awareness a vigilante has achieved, their wide appeal among different demographics, and their lasting impact on popular culture.
  2. Media Representation
    The portrayal and representation of the vigilante in various forms of media such as comic books, movies, TV shows, video games, and literature. This includes considering the number of adaptations, the quality of characterization, and how well-known the character is across different platforms.
  3. Longevity and Legacy
    The vigilante's history and the length of time they have been in existence. Additionally, the impact the character has had on helping shape the genre and influence future vigilante characters.
  4. Symbolism and Iconography
    The symbolic importance or iconography associated with the vigilante, such as a distinct costume, logo, weapons, or catchphrase that has become well-known and recognizable.
  5. Real-World Impact
    Any real-life impact the vigilante has had outside of the fictional realm, such as inspiring movements, becoming a symbol for social and political causes, or being incorporated into the public discourse.

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More information on most famous vigilante

When it comes to vigilantes, there are many fictional characters that come to mind, from Batman to Spider-Man. But there are also real-life individuals who have taken the law into their own hands in order to fight crime and protect their communities. These individuals are often controversial and their actions are not always legal or ethical, but they have gained a certain level of fame or notoriety for their efforts. Some of the most famous vigilantes in history include the likes of the Lone Ranger, the Green Hornet, and even real-life figures like the Texas Rangers. While their methods may be questionable, their commitment to justice and their willingness to take risks in order to protect others has made them a popular topic of discussion and debate. So, who do you think is the most famous vigilante of all time? Cast your vote and let the world know!

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