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Updated on Feb 22, 2024 07:18
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion truly matters! Today, we're on a festive quest to discover the ultimate Santa Claus, and we need your help. Get ready to jingle your way through our exclusive ranking of "Who is the most famous Santa?" featuring beloved Santas from movies, commercials, and folklore. Will it be the jolly old St. Nick from the North Pole or perhaps the iconic Coca-Cola Santa? Or could it be a surprise underdog who steals the spotlight? We've got thousands of polls and rankings on various topics, and now it's your turn to make some holiday magic happen. Cast your vote, add your suggestions, and join us as we unwrap the most famous Santa of all time. Remember, every vote counts in making this season the most wonderful time of the year!

Who Is the Most Famous Santa?

  1. 1
    Santa Claus
    Michael Rivera · CC BY-SA 4.0
    The most famous and iconic Santa Claus known worldwide, he is the patron saint of Christmas and the embodiment of the holiday spirit.
    The Santa Claus ornament is a classic and beloved Christmas decoration that represents the iconic figure of Santa Claus. It is typically made of painted ceramic or glass and features a jolly and rosy-cheeked Santa in his signature red suit, hat, and white beard. The ornament often includes intricate details such as Santa holding a sack of gifts, riding a sleigh, or surrounded by reindeer. It is commonly hung on Christmas trees or displayed on mantels and brings a festive and joyful ambiance to any holiday decor.
    • Material: Ceramic or glass
    • Color: Red, white, and various other colors
    • Dimensions: Varies, typically around 3-6 inches in height
    • Features: Santa Claus in red suit, hat, and white beard
    • Details: Includes intricate designs like Santa holding a sack of gifts, riding a sleigh, or surrounded by reindeer
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  2. 2
    Famous for his portrayal of Santa Claus in the movie "The Santa Clause" and its sequels. He is also known for his comedic roles in TV shows such as "Home Improvement".
    Tim Allen in other rankings
  3. 3
    Known for his portrayal of Santa Claus in the classic Christmas movie "Miracle on 34th Street".
  4. 4
    Coca-Cola Santa Claus
    Husky · CC BY 2.5
    The famous depiction of Santa Claus in the Coca-Cola commercials has become an iconic image of the holiday season.
  5. 5
    Tom Hanks
    U.S. Department of State · Public domain
    Known for his portrayal of multiple characters in the movie "The Polar Express", including Santa Claus.
    The 'Tom Hanks' voice is a popular voice used in various media applications, known for its warm and friendly tone. It is named after the renowned American actor Tom Hanks, whose voice is widely recognized and admired.
    • Clarity: Clear and articulate
    • Tone: Warm and friendly
    • Emotional range: Versatile, capable of conveying a wide range of emotions
    • Naturalness: Smooth and natural sounding
    • Soothing: Creates a sense of calmness and comfort
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  6. 6
    Famous for his portrayal of Santa Claus in the movie "Miracle on 34th Street" and his role as John Hammond in "Jurassic Park".
  7. 7
    David Huddleston
    Trailer to "Breakheart Pass" (1975) · Public domain
    Known for his portrayal of Santa Claus in the movie "Santa Claus: The Movie".
  8. 8
    Director of the classic Christmas movie "Miracle on 34th Street" which features a memorable portrayal of Santa Claus.
  9. 9
    Known for his portrayal of a raunchy and unconventional Santa Claus in the movie "Bad Santa".
    Billy Bob Thornton in other rankings
  10. 10
    Known for his portrayal of a bumbling and accident-prone Santa Claus in the movie "Santa Claus: The Movie".

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Ranking factors for famous Santa

  1. Image and Iconography
    How recognizable and iconic is the Santa Claus in question? This includes factors such as the overall appearance (red suit, white beard, etc.), depiction in movies, TV shows, and other media.
  2. Cultural Impact
    How widely known and celebrated is the Santa Claus figure in different cultures around the world? Consider the level of influence Santa Claus has on holiday traditions, festivals, and customs.
  3. Historical Context
    The historical background and origin of the Santa Claus figure can also play a role. This includes considering the impact of historical figures such as Saint Nicholas or Father Christmas on the modern Santa Claus image.
  4. Popularity and Media Presence
    The popularity and visibility of Santa Claus in different forms of media, including advertisements, commercials, books, and other promotional materials, should also be considered.
  5. Generational Awareness
    How recognized and beloved is Santa Claus among different age groups? A Santa Claus figure that resonates with multiple generations may be considered more famous.
  6. Philanthropic Activities
    The extent to which the Santa Claus figure is associated with charitable activities, such as toy drives, gifts for children, or participation in community events, can also be considered.

About this ranking

This is a community-based ranking of the most famous Santa. We do our best to provide fair voting, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. So if you notice something or Santa is missing, feel free to help improve the ranking!


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Background Information: Who is the Most Famous Santa? The jolly old man in a red suit with a white beard and hat has become an iconic figure during the holiday season. But who is the most famous Santa? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as one might think. Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, has been a popular figure in Western culture for centuries. He is believed to have been a fourth-century bishop in what is now modern-day Turkey. Saint Nicholas is known for his generosity and is said to have left gifts for children in their shoes. In the 1800s, the image of Santa Claus as we know it today began to take shape. Clement Clarke Moore's poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" popularized the idea of Santa Claus as a jolly, rotund man who delivers presents on Christmas Eve. The poem is also responsible for the image of Santa's sleigh and eight reindeer, including Rudolph. However, it wasn't until the 1930s that the modern image of Santa, with his red suit and white trim, became widespread. This image was popularized in advertisements for Coca-Cola, which depicted Santa as a plump, jolly figure with a white beard and a red suit. Despite the widespread popularity of the modern Santa Claus, there are many different versions of the character around the world. In some countries, Santa Claus is known as Father Christmas or Saint Nicholas. In others, he is accompanied by different characters or has different traditions. So, who is the most famous Santa

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