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The role of special forces operatives in shaping modern military tactics and national security is irrefutable. Among these elite units, the Special Air Service (SAS) holds a legendary status, credited with numerous covert operations across the globe. Highlighting the most renowned SAS soldiers helps us understand the personal qualities and daring feats that define such an esteemed force. By participating in this ranking, users contribute to a collective recognition of bravery and excellence. The list serves not only as a record of extraordinary military careers but also as an inspiration, showcasing the strength and determination required to be part of such a distinguished unit. Your votes help acknowledge the individuals who have made significant impacts within and beyond the SAS.

Who Is the Most Famous SAS Soldier?

  1. 1
    Blair Mayne

    Blair Mayne

    One of the founding members of the SAS, known for his exceptional leadership and bravery during World War II.
    • Award: Distinguished Service Order and three bars
    • Role: Founding Member
  2. 2
    John McAleese

    John McAleese

    Leader of the team that stormed the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980, an event broadcasted live to millions.
    • Operation: Operation Nimrod
    • Role: Team Leader
  3. 3

    Andy McNab

    Renowned for his leadership during the Bravo Two Zero mission, McNab was captured and tortured but survived to tell the tale.
    • Notable work: Bravo Two Zero
    • Awards: Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal
  4. 4
    Chris Ryan

    Chris Ryan

    Former SAS sergeant known for being the only member to escape death or capture during the Bravo Two Zero mission in the First Gulf War.
    • Notable work: The One That Got Away
    • Mission: Bravo Two Zero
  5. 5

    Rusty Firmin

    Blue Team leader during the Iranian Embassy Siege. He played a crucial role in the operation's success.
    • Operation: Operation Nimrod
    • Role: Blue Team Leader
  6. 6


    A Fijian SAS soldier who displayed extraordinary bravery during the Battle of Mirbat, Oman, in 1972.
    • Battle: Battle of Mirbat
    • Award: Mentioned in Despatches
  7. 7

    Peter Ratcliffe

    Served in the SAS for 25 years, participating in operations around the globe and eventually becoming the Regimental Sergeant Major.
    • Book: Eye of the Storm
    • Service Length: 25 years
  8. 8
    Tommy Macpherson

    Tommy Macpherson

    Highly decorated British Army officer known for his daring exploits in World War II, including capturing 23,000 German soldiers single-handedly.
    • Award: Military Cross and two bars
    • WWII Exploit: Captured 23,000 German soldiers
  9. 9

    Mike Coburn

    SAS operative known for his involvement in the Bravo Two Zero patrol during the Gulf War alongside Andy McNab and Chris Ryan.
    • Notable work: Soldier Five
    • Mission: Bravo Two Zero
  10. 10
    Colin Armstrong (aka Chris Ryan)

    Colin Armstrong (aka Chris Ryan)

    Noted for his escape during the Bravo Two Zero mission, Ryan has since become a successful author and security consultant.
    • Notable work: The One That Got Away
    • Alias: Chris Ryan

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More about the Most Famous SAS Soldier

Blair Mayne
Rank #1 for the most famous SAS soldier: Blair Mayne (Source)
The Special Air Service (SAS) is an elite unit of the British Army. It has a reputation for excellence. The soldiers are known for their bravery, skill, and secrecy. The SAS was formed during World War II. Its mission was to carry out raids behind enemy lines. The unit's success led to its permanent establishment.

SAS soldiers undergo rigorous training. They must pass physical and mental tests. These tests push them to their limits. Only a few make it through. The selection process is one of the toughest in the world. It ensures that only the best join the ranks.

The SAS operates in small teams. These teams are highly skilled and versatile. They can adapt to any situation. They carry out a wide range of missions. These include counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and reconnaissance. They also train other military units. Their expertise is sought after worldwide.

One soldier stands out in the history of the SAS. He is known for his extraordinary feats. His actions have become legendary. He served in many high-profile missions. His bravery and skill were unmatched. He became a symbol of the SAS's excellence.

This soldier's identity remains a secret. The SAS values anonymity. They believe it protects their operatives. It also adds to their mystique. The soldier's deeds speak for themselves. They inspire future generations of SAS recruits.

His most famous mission involved a hostage rescue. Terrorists had taken hostages in a foreign embassy. The situation was tense. Lives were at stake. The SAS was called in. They planned a daring raid. The soldier played a key role. He led his team with precision. The raid was a success. The hostages were freed. The terrorists were neutralized.

This mission brought the SAS into the spotlight. The public learned of their existence. The soldier's actions were praised. He became a hero. His story was told in books and documentaries. Despite the fame, he remained humble. He continued to serve with distinction.

The soldier also took part in other missions. These were often in hostile environments. He faced many dangers. Yet, he always completed his objectives. His determination was unwavering. He earned the respect of his peers. He was a leader and a mentor. He helped shape the future of the SAS.

After his military career, he continued to contribute. He shared his knowledge and experience. He trained new recruits. He also advised on security matters. His legacy lives on. He set a high standard for those who followed.

The SAS remains one of the world's top special forces. Its soldiers continue to carry out critical missions. They do so with the same bravery and skill. The unit's history is filled with remarkable individuals. Yet, one soldier's story stands out. His deeds are a testament to the SAS's motto: "Who Dares Wins.

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