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Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion matters! Do you have a soft spot for cunning characters who always know how to bend the rules and outsmart their opponents? Then you're in the right place! We've compiled a list of the most famous tricksters from mythology, literature, movies, and beyond, and we want you to help us rank them. Dive into our thrilling world of deception, wit, and mischief, and cast your vote for the ultimate master of trickery. Think we've missed someone? Don't worry, you can suggest your favorite trickster to be added to the list. Join the fun, make your voice heard, and let's find out who truly reigns as the most famous trickster of all time!

Who Is the Most Famous Trickster?

  1. 1
    As a prominent figure in Norse mythology, Loki is known for his mischievous and cunning nature. He is often depicted as a trickster god who enjoys causing trouble and playing pranks on others.
    Loki is a Siberian Husky known for its stunning beauty and distinctive features. It has a thick double coat with a variety of colors and patterns, including black, white, gray, and brown. Loki has striking blue or multi-colored eyes that add to its captivating appearance. Its expressive face is highlighted by erect ears and a fox-like snout. This breed is known for its graceful and powerful physique, conveying a sense of strength and agility.
    • Hypoallergenic: No
    • Size: Medium
    • Weight: 35-60 pounds
    • Height: 20-24 inches
    • Coat Type: Double coat
  2. 2
    Anansi is a West African spider god who is known for his trickery and wit. He often uses his intelligence to outsmart other animals and gain an advantage.
    Anansi is a deity originating from West African folklore, specifically from the Akan ethnic group. Anansi is often portrayed as a cunning and trickster spider, renowned for his wit and intelligence. He is a complex character, embodying both wisdom and mischief, and is often associated with storytelling, wisdom, and creativity.
    • Origin: West African folklore
    • Representation: Anthropomorphic spider
    • Nature: Trickster deity
    • Domains: Storytelling, wisdom, creativity
    • Characteristics: Cunning, cleverness, intelligence
  3. 3
    In Native American mythology, Coyote is a trickster figure who is known for his cunning and deceitful nature. He often uses his trickery to teach important lessons or to help others in need.
    The Coyote is a species of canid native to North America. It is known for its cunning and adaptability, making it a challenging and exciting animal to hunt. Coyotes have a unique combination of physical characteristics and behavioral traits that contribute to their allure as a hunting target.
    • Scientific Name: Canis latrans
    • Size: Average height of 20-22 inches at the shoulder, and length ranging from 40-60 inches, including the long bushy tail
    • Weight: Typically between 20-50 pounds, with males being larger than females
    • Coat: Thick and dense fur that varies in color from gray to brown, with patches of reddish fur commonly found on the neck and legs
    • Habitat: Found in a wide range of habitats including forests, grasslands, deserts, and urban areas
  4. 4
    Br'er Rabbit is a popular trickster figure in African-American folklore. He is known for his cleverness and ability to outsmart his enemies, often using his wit to avoid danger or gain an advantage.
  5. 5
    Eris is a Greek goddess of chaos and discord who is known for her love of mischief and trickery. She is often portrayed as a mischievous figure who enjoys causing trouble and chaos wherever she goes.
    Eris is the most massive known dwarf planet in our solar system, located in the distant regions of the Kuiper Belt. It was discovered in 2005 by astronomers at the Palomar Observatory. Eris is pronounced as 'eer-iss' and is named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord.
    • Discovered: 2005
    • Type: Dwarf planet
    • Mass: 1.66 x 10^22 kg
    • Diameter: 2,326 km
    • Orbit: Elliptical
  6. 6
    Puck is a character from English folklore who is known for his mischievous and playful nature. He is often depicted as a trickster figure who enjoys playing pranks on humans and causing chaos.
    Puck is a moon of Uranus that was discovered by the Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1985. It is named after the mischievous fairy sprite from William Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Puck is relatively small and irregularly shaped, with a diameter of about 162 kilometers. Its surface is heavily cratered, providing evidence of its violent past. Puck's composition is thought to be a mixture of rock and ice.
    • Discovery Year: 1985
    • Diameter: 162 kilometers
    • Shape: Irregular
    • Surface: Heavily cratered
    • Composition: Rock and ice
  7. 7
    In Greek mythology, Hermes is known as the god of trickery and thieves. He is often depicted as a mischievous figure who enjoys playing pranks on others and causing chaos.
    Hermes is a high-end luxury brand known for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs. Renowned for its leather goods, the brand offers a wide range of products including handbags, accessories, clothing, and fragrances. With a reputation for exceptional quality and attention to detail, Hermes has become synonymous with luxury and elegance.
    • Founded: 1837
    • Headquarters: Paris, France
    • Signature Product: Birkin and Kelly bags
    • Materials Used: Leather, silk, cashmere, and more
    • Artisans Employed: Over 3,000 skilled artisans
  8. 8
    In Native American mythology, Raven is a trickster figure who is known for his cunning and deceitful nature. He often uses his trickery to outsmart his enemies and gain an advantage.
    The Raven is a popular and highly sought-after skin in Fortnite. It features a dark and mysterious theme with a menacing raven motif. The character is dressed in an all-black outfit with a crow-like mask and feathered details. The Raven exudes an aura of stealth and danger, making it a favorite among players who want to intimidate their opponents.
    • Release Date: April 6, 2018
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Set: Nevermore
    • Back Bling: Iron Cage
    • Cost: 2,000 V-Bucks
  9. 9
    In Hindu mythology, Krishna is known for his mischievous nature and love of pranks. He is often depicted as a playful figure who enjoys causing trouble and teasing others.
    Krishna is a popular name in Nepal, derived from the Hindu god Krishna who is worshipped as the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is widely used for both boys and girls in Nepal and holds deep cultural and religious significance.
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Religious Significance: Associated with Hindu god Krishna
    • Meaning: Dark, black, or blue-skinned
    • Popularity: One of the most popular names in Nepal
    • Cultural Significance: Depicts love, devotion, and divine playfulness
  10. 10
    Sun Wukong
    AnonymousUnknown author · Public domain
    In Chinese mythology, Sun Wukong is a monkey king who is known for his trickery and mischievous nature. He often uses his intelligence and wit to outsmart his enemies and gain an advantage.
    Sun Wukong in other rankings

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  1. Cultural Impact
    The trickster's influence on popular culture, literature, mythology, or folklore is crucial. How widely recognized is the trickster figure?
  2. Historical Significance
    Evaluating the trickster's historical importance is crucial. Has the trickster had a lasting impact on society, politics, or the arts?
  3. Archetypal Status
    The trickster's depiction as an archetypal character in various mythologies or cultural narratives adds weight to their fame. Are they a recognizable symbol of mischief, cunning, or chaos?
  4. Enduring Legacy
    Consider the trickster's relevance and popularity over time. Are they still celebrated and known today?
  5. Storytelling Traditions
    Evaluate the richness and variety of stories featuring the trickster. Are there numerous well-known tales associated with the character?
  6. Cross-Cultural Recognition
    If the trickster is known and celebrated across different cultures or regions, it highlights their universal appeal and fame.
  7. Contemporary Influence
    Assess the impact of the trickster in modern media, such as literature, film, or art. Have their attributes or characteristics influenced modern-day characters or narratives?
  8. Popularity and Recognition
    Finally, consider the general awareness and recognition of the trickster among the wider population. Are they widely known or recognized outside of specific cultural or artistic circles?

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Tricksters have been a part of folklore and mythology for centuries, known for their cunning and mischievous ways. From the Norse god Loki to the Native American figure Coyote, tricksters have taken on various forms across cultures. In modern times, tricksters have also made their way into pop culture, with characters like Bugs Bunny and the Joker embodying their playful but often unpredictable nature. But who is the most famous trickster of all? Let's explore some of the top contenders and see who comes out on top.

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