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Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion matters! Today, we're on the quest to find out who truly holds the title of "The Most Iconic Female Character" of all time. From fearless warriors to trailblazing pioneers, these powerful women have captured our hearts and minds throughout history. So, who will reign supreme? That's where you come in! Join us in this epic showdown by casting your vote or suggesting a worthy contender, as we unveil the ultimate ranking of iconic female characters. Don't miss the chance to have your say in this legendary battle, and let's celebrate the greatest heroines of our time together! Let the voting begin!

Who Is the Most Iconic Female Character?

  1. 1
    Wonder Woman
    ABC Television · Public domain

    Wonder Woman

    William Moulton Marston
    Created in 1941, Wonder Woman has become one of the most iconic female superheroes of all time, representing strength, courage, and justice. She serves as a symbol for women's empowerment and has inspired generations of fans.
    Wonder Woman is a fictional superheroine appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. She made her first appearance in All Star Comics #8 in 1941 and was created by writer William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter. Wonder Woman is known for her iconic costume featuring a red, gold and blue color scheme, as well as her Lasso of Truth and indestructible bracelets. She is a founding member of the Justice League and is often depicted as a warrior princess from the Amazonian island of Themyscira.
    • First Appearance: All Star Comics #8 (1941)
    • Publisher: DC Comics
    • Costume Colors: Red, Gold, Blue
    • Lasso of Truth: A golden, magical lariat that compels truthfulness in anyone captured by it
    • Indestructible Bracelets: Bracelets that can deflect bullets and other projectiles
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    From the Star Wars franchise, Princess Leia is a rebel leader fighting against an oppressive empire. She's known for her bravery, intelligence, and iconic hair buns. She's also a trailblazer for female representation in science fiction.
    Princess Leia costume is inspired by the iconic character from the Star Wars franchise. It is a popular choice for little girls who want to dress up as a strong and powerful princess. The costume typically includes a long white dress, a belt, and a wig styled in Leia's signature hairstyle with two buns on the sides of the head.
    • Character: Princess Leia
    • Franchise: Star Wars
    • Gender: Female
    • Color: White
    • Dress Length: Long
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    Hermione Granger
    Mademoiselle Ortie / Elodie Tihange · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Hermione Granger

    J.K. Rowling
    From the Harry Potter series, Hermione is a brilliant witch who values knowledge and friendship. She's a role model for young girls, encouraging them to be smart, brave, and independent.
    Hermione Granger is a fictional character from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. She is one of the main characters and is portrayed as a highly intelligent and talented witch. Hermione is known for her extensive knowledge of magic and her dedication to her studies. She is also a loyal friend and exhibits qualities such as bravery, resourcefulness, and determination. Throughout the series, Hermione plays a crucial role in helping Harry and Ron in their quests, using her quick thinking and problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles. She is a strong advocate for justice and equality, founding the society known as S.P.E.W. to campaign for the rights of house-elves. Hermione's character development showcases her growth from a studious and rule-abiding student to a courageous and compassionate leader. She has become an iconic character and a role model for many fans.
    • Intelligence: Exceptionally smart
    • Knowledge: Extensive understanding of magic and spells
    • Friendship: Loyal to her friends Harry and Ron
    • Bravery: Displays courage in challenging situations
    • Resourcefulness: Quick thinking and problem-solving abilities
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    From the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy is a vampire slayer who battles evil demons and saves the world. She's a feminist icon, breaking stereotypes and fighting against gender roles.
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    From the Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss is a survivor who fights against a corrupt government. She's a symbol for rebellion and revolution, inspiring a generation of young adults.
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    From the Alien franchise, Ripley is a tough survivor who battles against a deadly alien species. She's a feminist icon, breaking gender stereotypes and proving that women can be just as capable as men in action movies.
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    Lara Croft
    Georges Seguin (Okki) · CC BY-SA 3.0
    From the Tomb Raider video game series, Lara is an adventurer and treasure hunter who solves puzzles and fights against enemies. She's a symbol for female empowerment, challenging gender norms and stereotypes.
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    From the Disney movie Mulan, Mulan is a brave warrior who disguises herself as a man to fight in the Chinese army. She's a feminist icon, challenging gender roles and proving that women can be just as strong and capable as men.
  9. 9
    From the Game of Thrones TV series, Daenerys is a queen who fights for the freedom of her people and the throne. She's a feminist icon, breaking gender norms and stereotypes in a male-dominated world.
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    Mary Poppins

    Walt Disney
    From the Disney movie Mary Poppins, Mary is a magical nanny who teaches children valuable life lessons. She's an iconic character, representing kindness, imagination, and the power of positive thinking.
    Mary Poppins is a musical fantasy film that combines live-action and animation. The story revolves around a magical nanny who is whimsical, yet stern, and brings joy and order to the lives of the Banks family. Through her unique approach, Mary Poppins teaches important life lessons to the children and helps the adults rediscover the importance of family and imagination.
    • Release Year: 1964
    • Director: Robert Stevenson
    • Starring: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke
    • Genre: Musical, Fantasy
    • Runtime: 139 minutes
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Ranking factors for iconic female character

  1. Impact
    The character's impact on popular culture, society, and the representation of women in media. Did the character break barriers, challenge stereotypes, or inspire others?
  2. Cultural Significance
    The character's importance within a specific cultural or historical context. Did the character influence or reflect the values, beliefs, or aspirations of a particular group or era?
  3. Longevity
    The character's enduring popularity and continued relevance over time. Did the character remain relevant and beloved by audiences beyond its initial creation?
  4. Memorable Traits
    The character's distinct personality, appearance, and memorable traits. Did the character have a unique and lasting impression on audiences?
  5. Empowerment
    The character's ability to empower and inspire others, especially women and girls. Did the character embody strength, resilience, independence, or other empowering qualities?
  6. Depth and Development
    The character's complexity, growth, and multi-dimensional portrayal. Did the character evolve and develop throughout their story arc, displaying depth and a range of emotions?
  7. Influence
    The character's ability to influence future characters and storytelling. Did the character set a precedent or archetype for future female characters in literature, film, or other forms of media?
  8. Global Recognition
    The character's widespread recognition and international impact. Did the character achieve global fame and resonate with audiences across different countries and cultures?

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More information on most iconic female character

When it comes to female characters, there are countless iconic ones that have captured our hearts and imaginations over the years. From literature and film to TV shows and video games, female characters have played a significant role in shaping our popular culture. Some of the most iconic female characters of all time include Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen, and Buffy Summers. Each of these characters has left a lasting impact on audiences around the world, inspiring generations of women to be strong, brave, and independent. But the list doesn't end there. There are countless other female characters that have made a significant impact in their respective fields, from the likes of Lara Croft and Ellen Ripley to Daenerys Targaryen and Rey. Each of these characters has its unique traits and strengths, making them beloved by fans worldwide. As we look back on the most iconic female characters of all time, it's clear that they have played an essential role in shaping our cultural landscape. And with new female characters being introduced all the time, it's exciting to see how they will inspire and influence the next generation of women.

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