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Updated on Apr 19, 2024 06:50
Welcome to StrawPoll's festive face-off, where we're on a quest to uncover the most popular bird gracing your beloved Christmas cards! With thousands of polls and rankings under our belt, we're no strangers to diving deep into the heart of public opinion. So, we cordially invite you to join us in our merry mission and cast your vote for your ultimate yuletide feathered friend. Will the iconic robin red-breast snatch the title, or will the majestic dove soar to victory? Perhaps you have a hidden gem in mind that's missing from our list? We're all ears! Don't dilly-dally, dear voter—spread your wings and swoop into our holiday bird bonanza to help us uncover the true star of the season!

What Is the Most Popular Bird Featured on Christmas Cards?

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    The red-breasted robin is a common sight during the winter months and is often associated with Christmas due to its appearance in many festive scenes.
    The Robin is a small passerine bird belonging to the thrush family. It is known for its vibrant red breast, contrasting with its gray-brown upperparts and pale belly. The Robin has a charming melodic song that is considered one of the most beautiful in the bird kingdom.
    • Scientific Name: Erithacus rubecula
    • Average Length: 14 cm (5.5 in)
    • Average Weight: 16-22 g (0.6-0.8 oz)
    • Wingspan: 20-22 cm (8-9 in)
    • Habitat: Woodlands, gardens, and parks
  2. 2
    This majestic bird is often featured on Christmas cards due to its association with snowy landscapes and winter weather.
    The Snowy Owl is a magnificent bird of prey that is known for its striking appearance and exceptional hunting skills. It belongs to the family Strigidae and is scientifically known as Bubo scandiacus. This beautiful owl is found in the Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia, making it well-adapted to cold climates. The Snowy Owl is predominantly white, with black markings on its body and bright yellow eyes. It has a rounded head with no ear tufts and a wingspan of about 4.5 to 5 feet (137 to 152 cm). Here are some important specifications of the Snowy Owl:
    • Scientific Name: Bubo scandiacus
    • Family: Strigidae
    • Habitat: Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia
    • Plumage: Predominantly white with black markings
    • Eye Color: Bright yellow
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    The bright red plumage of the cardinal makes it a popular choice for Christmas cards, symbolizing the warmth and cheer of the holiday season.
    The Cardinal is a species of bird known for its vibrant red plumage and distinctive crest. It is native to North and Central America, and is particularly known for its melodious song. The bird gets its name from the scarlet robes worn by Catholic cardinals, which also share a similar shade of red. The Cardinal is highly popular among birdwatching enthusiasts and has become a symbol of beauty and resilience in many cultures.
    • Scientific Name: Cardinalis cardinalis
    • Family: Cardinalidae
    • Size: Approximately 8-9 inches (20-23 cm) long
    • Weight: Approximately 1.5-1.8 ounces (42-51 grams)
    • Wingspan: Approximately 10-12 inches (25-31 cm)
  4. 4
    The colorful feathers of the pheasant are often used to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to Christmas card designs.
    The Pheasant is a large, game bird known for its delicious and tender meat. It has a vibrant plumage, with males displaying colorful feathers on their bodies and long, ornate tails. The Pheasant is native to Europe, Asia, and parts of North America.
    • Species: Phasianus colchicus
    • Size: Length: 60-89 cm, Wingspan: 75-90 cm
    • Weight: 1-2 kg (males are generally larger)
    • Habitat: Woodlands, forests, grasslands, and agricultural areas
    • Diet: Seeds, grains, berries, insects, and small reptiles
  5. 5
    These small, cute birds are a common sight in winter gardens and are often featured on Christmas cards as a symbol of the beauty of nature during the holiday season.
    The Chickadee is a small passerine bird known for its distinctive appearance and cheerful songs. It is a common bird found in North America and is often featured on Christmas cards due to its charming and festive nature.
    • Scientific Name: Poecile
    • Size: 4.7 - 5.9 inches (12 - 15 cm)
    • Weight: 0.3 - 0.5 ounces (8 - 14 grams)
    • Color: Black cap, white cheeks, grayish-white underparts
    • Habitat: Deciduous and mixed forests, gardens, parks
  6. 6
    The bright blue plumage of the blue jay makes it a popular choice for Christmas cards, symbolizing the beauty of winter skies.
    The Blue Jay is a strikingly beautiful bird that is native to North America. With its vibrant blue plumage, accented by a white face and black markings on its wings and tail, the Blue Jay is admired for its stunning appearance. Its crest on the top of its head adds to its charm, as it can be raised or lowered depending on its mood or level of excitement. Known for its loud and distinctive calls, the Blue Jay is a highly vocal bird that can be heard from a significant distance.
    • Scientific Name: Cyanocitta cristata
    • Size: 30-35 cm (12-14 inches) in length
    • Wingspan: 34-43 cm (13-17 inches)
    • Weight: 70-100 grams (2.5-3.5 ounces)
    • Habitat: Deciduous forests, woodlands, and urban areas
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    These small birds are often featured on Christmas cards due to their bright yellow plumage, which adds a touch of color and cheer to winter scenes.
    The Goldfinch is a small bird belonging to the finch family. It is widely known for its vibrant and enchanting appearance and melodious song. The Goldfinch features a combination of striking yellow plumage with black wings marked by white bars. Its feathers have a beautiful shimmer, making it a visually captivating bird.
    • Scientific Name: Carduelis carduelis
    • Size: 11-13 cm (4-5 inches) in length
    • Weight: 14-19 grams
    • Wingspan: 19-22 cm (7-9 inches)
    • Habitat: Woodlands, gardens, and parks
  8. 8
    The dove has a long history as a symbol of peace and is often featured on Christmas cards as a reminder of the message of hope and harmony that the holiday season represents.
    Dove is a popular deodorant brand that offers long-lasting protection and a gentle formula that is suitable for all skin types. It is known for its moisturizing properties, leaving the underarms feeling soft and smooth. The refreshing scents offered by Dove deodorants help to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.
    • Long-lasting protection: Yes
    • Gentle formula: Yes
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    • Leaves underarms soft and smooth: Yes
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    Barn Owl
    Alun · CC BY-SA 4.0
    The striking appearance of the barn owl, with its heart-shaped face and pale feathers, makes it a popular choice for Christmas cards.
    The Barn Owl is a medium-sized bird of prey known for its elegant appearance and unique characteristics. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful birds of prey.
    • Scientific Name: Tyto alba
    • Appearance: Feathers are pale golden-brown above and white underneath with heart-shaped facial disks and dark eyes.
    • Wingspan: Approximately 85-110 cm (33-43 inches)
    • Weight: About 350-550 grams (0.8-1.2 pounds)
    • Habitat: Found in open countryside, woodlands, grasslands, marshes, and agricultural areas.
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    The wren has a long association with the winter season and is often featured on Christmas cards as a symbol of the resilience and hardiness of nature during the colder months.
    The Wren is a small but enchanting singing bird known for its melodious and captivating voice. It belongs to the family Troglodytidae and is commonly found in Europe, North America, and parts of Asia. The Wren is characterized by its compact size, with adults typically measuring around 4-5 inches in length. Despite its small stature, this bird possesses a powerful voice that can be heard from a considerable distance. The Wren features a plump body, short tail, and a distinctive cocked tail posture. Its plumage is a combination of brown, gray, and cream, creating a unique and charming appearance.
    • Scientific Name: Troglodytes troglodytes
    • Average Length: 4-5 inches
    • Habitat: Woodlands, forests, gardens
    • Geographical Range: Europe, North America, Asia
    • Diet: Insects, spiders, small invertebrates

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Ranking factors for popular bird featured

  1. Symbolism and meaning
    Birds that are traditionally associated with Christmas or have specific symbolism within the holiday season should be prioritized.
  2. Visual appeal
    Birds that are colorful, have distinct markings, or are otherwise visually interesting are likely to be featured more prominently on Christmas cards.
  3. Iconic status
    Some birds have become iconic within the context of Christmas, such as the robin or dove, and should be considered as top choices.
  4. Festive connections
    Birds that have specific connections to Christmas traditions, such as the turkey or goose, could also be popular options for inclusion on cards.
  5. Availability in nature
    Birds that are commonly found during the winter season, particularly in regions where Christmas is celebrated, may have a higher likelihood of being featured on cards.
  6. Representation of peace and harmony
    Birds that symbolize peace or harmony, such as doves or swans, may be popular choices for Christmas cards due to their positive associations.

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More information on most popular bird featured on christmas cards

Background Information: The Most Popular Bird Featured on Christmas Cards Christmas is a festive season celebrated every year around the world. It is a time to exchange gifts, share love, and spread joy. One of the most popular traditions during Christmas is sending and receiving holiday cards. These cards often feature beautiful winter landscapes, religious symbols, and of course, various birds. When it comes to birds on Christmas cards, there are a few common species that are often featured. However, the most popular bird featured on Christmas cards is undoubtedly the robin. This small, plump bird with its bright red breast and brown back is a favorite among bird lovers and non-bird enthusiasts alike. The robin has been associated with Christmas for centuries, and it's easy to see why. In the UK, the robin's red breast is said to symbolize the red robes worn by the Christian figure of Jesus Christ, while its brown back represents the humble manger where he was born. In addition to its religious significance, the robin's cheerful appearance and friendly demeanor have also made it a beloved symbol of the holiday season. While the robin may be the most popular bird featured on Christmas cards, there are other species that are also commonly seen. These include the snowy owl, the chickadee, the cardinal, and the penguin. Each of these birds has its own unique charm and appeal, making them popular choices for holiday greetings. In conclusion, the robin is the most popular bird featured on Christmas cards, and for good reason. Its bright red breast, cheerful demeanor, and religious symbolism

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