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Updated on Jun 23, 2024 06:42
Fans of Black Clover understand the excitement that each new opening theme brings, setting the stage for the adventures and epic battles that unfold in every episode. The openings are not just catchy tunes; they encapsulate the spirit and emotional backdrop of the story arcs they precede. This makes choosing the best one a subject of much discussion and personal preference among viewers. By participating in the ranking of Black Clover's openings, fans contribute to a community consensus that reflects the collective taste and sentiment of its dedicated viewer base. This list is shaped by individual preferences and offers a fun, engaging way for the community to interact and show support for their favorites. Your vote helps determine which openings rise to the top as fan favorites, providing newcomers and longtime followers alike with insights into the series' most impactful musical introductions.

What Is the Most Popular Black Clover Opening?

  1. 1

    Black Rover

    Performed by Vickeblanka, 'Black Rover' is the theme song for episodes 40–51 and is widely celebrated for its energetic vocals and engaging visuals.
    • Artist: Vickeblanka
    • Episodes: 40–51
  2. 2

    Guess Who Is Back

    Kumi Koda brings 'Guess Who Is Back' for episodes 52–64, with an upbeat tempo and catchy tune that energizes viewers.
    • Artist: Kumi Koda
    • Episodes: 52–64
  3. 3

    Black Catcher

    Vickeblanka returns with 'Black Catcher' for episodes 116–128, offering a darker tone that perfectly matches the series' intense arc.
    • Artist: Vickeblanka
    • Episodes: 116–128
  4. 4


    Seiko Oomori's energetic 'JUSTadICE' serves as the opening for episodes 77–94, perfectly matching the series' intense action and dramatic moments.
    • Artist: Seiko Oomori
    • Episodes: 77–94
  5. 5


    Empire's 'RiGHT NOW' is the theme for episodes 103–115, offering a mix of rap and rock that stands out among the series' openings.
    • Artist: Empire
    • Episodes: 103–115
  6. 6

    Haruka Mirai

    Kankaku Piero's 'Haruka Mirai' is the very first opening theme for episodes 1–13, setting the stage for the adventure with its hopeful lyrics and melody.
    • Artist: Kankaku Piero
    • Episodes: 1–13
  7. 7

    Sky & Blue

    Performed by GIRLFRIEND for episodes 95–102, 'Sky & Blue' brings a refreshing and uplifting sound to the series.
    • Artist: GIRLFRIEND
    • Episodes: 95–102
  8. 8


    Snow Man's 'Stories' captures the essence of adventure and camaraderie in episodes 171–current, adding a new layer of excitement to the series.
    • Artist: Snow Man
    • Episodes: 171–current
  9. 9


    Miyuna's 'Gamushara' captures the relentless spirit of the series' protagonist in episodes 65–76.
    • Artist: Miyuna
    • Episodes: 65–76
  10. 10


    Snow Man's 'Grandeur' serves as the theme for episodes 158–170, capturing the grand scale of the series' battles and the growth of its characters.
    • Artist: Snow Man
    • Episodes: 158–170

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More about the Most Popular Black Clover Opening

Black Clover, a popular anime, has captured the hearts of many fans. The series follows Asta, a young boy born without magic in a world where magic is everything. Despite this, Asta dreams of becoming the Wizard King. His journey is full of challenges, battles, and friendships.

The opening themes of Black Clover play a significant role in its popularity. These themes set the tone for the episodes and often reflect the arc's mood. Fans eagerly await each new opening, as they often hint at upcoming events or character developments.

The music in Black Clover openings is dynamic and engaging. The blend of rock, pop, and sometimes orchestral elements creates a powerful listening experience. The songs are catchy and memorable, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. The lyrics often resonate with the show's themes of perseverance, friendship, and ambition.

The animation in these openings is top-notch. The visuals are vibrant and fluid, often showcasing intense battles, emotional moments, and key characters. The animation style captures the essence of the series, making the openings visually appealing and exciting to watch. The use of color and motion adds depth and energy, drawing viewers into the world of Black Clover.

The characters featured in the openings are another reason for their popularity. Fans love seeing their favorite characters in action, whether it's Asta, Yuno, or members of the Black Bulls. The openings often highlight the growth and development of these characters, giving fans a glimpse of what's to come. This anticipation keeps viewers engaged and excited for each new episode.

The combination of music, animation, and character focus makes Black Clover openings stand out. They are not just a prelude to the episode but a crucial part of the viewing experience. Fans often discuss and analyze these openings, sharing their thoughts and theories online. This community engagement adds to the overall enjoyment of the series.

The success of Black Clover openings can also be attributed to the talented artists and animators behind them. These creators pour their passion and skill into each opening, ensuring they are of high quality. Their dedication is evident in the final product, which resonates with viewers and enhances the series.

In conclusion, Black Clover openings are a key element of the anime's appeal. Their dynamic music, stunning animation, and focus on beloved characters make them memorable and engaging. Fans eagerly anticipate each new opening, knowing it will set the stage for the episodes to come. The talent and passion of the creators shine through, making these openings a beloved part of the Black Clover experience.

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