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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Apr 12, 2024 06:55
Are you a chess enthusiast always on the lookout for the ultimate chess app? Well, look no further! At StrawPoll, we've curated a list of the most popular chess apps that have captured the imagination of millions of players worldwide. Whether you're a seasoned grandmaster or a casual player, our ranking offers something for everyone. So, join the ranks of fellow chess aficionados and cast your vote for your favorite app or suggest a hidden gem that deserves recognition. Let's embark on this exciting journey and discover the ultimate chess battleground together. Checkmate!

What Is the Most Popular Chess App?

  1. 1
    One of the most popular chess apps with over 25 million members. It offers daily puzzles, lessons, and tournaments. is a widely popular chess app that allows players of all skill levels to enjoy the game of chess. It offers a user-friendly interface and a multitude of game modes, including online multiplayer and computer simulations. also provides access to in-depth chess tutorials, puzzles, and analysis tools, making it a comprehensive learning platform for beginners and advanced players alike.
    • Platform Compatibility: Available on iOS, Android, and web browsers
    • Multiplayer Options: Allows players to compete against friends or enthusiasts worldwide
    • Game Modes: Includes standard, blitz, bullet, and variant chess modes
    • Learning Resources: Provides tutorials, puzzles, analysis tools, and interactive lessons
    • Chess Community: Offers forums, groups, and chat features for players to engage with the community
  2. 2
    This is a free, open-source chess app with a clean and user-friendly interface. It also has an active community and offers features such as analysis boards and chess variants. is a popular online chess platform that allows players to play against each other and improve their chess skills. It provides a user-friendly interface, various game modes, and a vibrant online community.
    • Game Modes: Online multiplayer, computer analysis, puzzles, correspondence games, and more.
    • User Interface: Clean and intuitive interface, customizable board and piece themes.
    • Fair Play: Lichess uses advanced anti-cheating measures and actively promotes fair play.
    • Analytical Tools: Built-in analysis board, computer analysis, and opening explorer.
    • Tournaments: Regularly held tournaments with different time controls, ranging from blitz to classical.
  3. 3
    This app offers live coverage of top tournaments, lessons, and a strong chess engine for analysis. It also has a social aspect with user profiles and chat options.
    Chess24 is a popular online chess platform that offers a range of features and resources for chess enthusiasts, including training materials, live broadcasts, and interactive playing options. The platform is known for its high-quality content and intuitive interface, making it a favored choice for both beginner and advanced players.
    • Live Broadcasts: Access to live video broadcasts of major chess tournaments and events
    • Interactive Lessons: Extensive library of interactive lessons and tutorials for players of all levels
    • Playing Options: Ability to play against computer opponents or challenge other players online
    • Training Resources: Regularly updated articles, videos, and puzzles for improving chess skills
    • Analysis Tools: Built-in chess engine for analyzing games and positions
  4. 4

    Play Magnus

    Play Magnus AS
    A unique app that allows users to play against a simulated version of World Champion Magnus Carlsen at different ages and skill levels.
    Play Magnus is a popular chess app that allows users to play against a simulated version of world champion Magnus Carlsen at different stages of his life. The app provides a realistic chess-playing experience and allows players to challenge themselves against various skill levels of Magnus Carlsen.
    • Available Platforms: iOS, Android
    • Simulated Levels of Magnus: From the age of 5 to present
    • Real-time Ratings: Track your performance with FIDE ratings
    • Training Mode: Receive personalized feedback and hints
    • Play Friends: Challenge friends to online matches
  5. 5

    Chess Tactics Pro

    LR Studios
    This app is focused on improving tactical skills with over 1000 puzzles and the ability to track progress.
    Chess Tactics Pro is an interactive chess app that challenges players to improve their tactical skills. It provides a wide range of tactical puzzles and exercises to sharpen their ability to spot winning moves and combinations. The app also offers various training modes and difficulty levels to accommodate beginners as well as advanced players.
    • Number of Puzzles: Over 3500
    • Training Modes: Standard, Blitz, Timed, and Marathon
    • Difficulty Levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Master
    • Progress Tracking: Yes
    • Analysis and Solution Hints: Yes
  6. 6

    Chess Genius

    Richard Lang
    This app is known for its strong chess engine and ability to analyze games. It also offers a variety of difficulty levels for players of all skill levels.
    Chess Genius is a highly popular chess app known for its advanced artificial intelligence and intuitive user interface. It offers players of all levels an exceptional chess experience on their mobile devices.
    • Artificial intelligence: Advanced
    • User interface: Intuitive
    • Skill levels: Adaptable for all players
    • Training modes: Multiple options available
    • Game analysis: Provides in-depth analysis
  7. 7

    Shredder Chess

    Stefan Meyer-Kahlen
    Another app with a strong chess engine and the ability to analyze games. It also offers a variety of game modes including blitz and bullet chess.
    Shredder Chess is a popular chess app that offers a comprehensive chess playing experience for users of all skill levels. It provides a platform for players to improve their chess skills, challenge friends or play against advanced AI opponents.
    • Platform: iOS, Android
    • Features: Various game modes, puzzles, opening database, analysis mode
    • AI Strength: Top-ranked engine, customizable difficulty levels
    • Online Play: Multiplayer mode, ELO rating system
    • Training: Tactics training, endgame training, position analysis
  8. 8

    Chess Time

    Tundra Labs
    This app has a social aspect with the ability to play against friends and join clubs. It also offers a variety of game modes including correspondence chess.
    Chess Time is a popular chess app that allows players to connect with other chess enthusiasts and participate in online chess matches. It offers a user-friendly interface with various game modes, including real-time games and correspondence games. The app also features a robust matchmaking system, allowing players to find opponents of similar skill level. Chess Time supports both casual play and competitive tournaments, providing users with a comprehensive chess experience.
    • Platform: Available on iOS and Android
    • Game Modes: Real-time games, correspondence games
    • Matchmaking: Robust matchmaking system for finding opponents
    • Skill Levels: Ability to match with opponents of similar skill level
    • Tournaments: Ability to participate in competitive tournaments
  9. 9

    DroidFish Chess

    Peter Österlund
    This app uses the Stockfish chess engine and offers a variety of options for customization such as board themes and piece sets.
    DroidFish Chess is a popular chess app available for Android devices. It provides a feature-rich and user-friendly experience for both casual players and chess enthusiasts. With powerful chess engine integration and various customization options, DroidFish Chess offers a comprehensive chess playing experience on mobile devices.
    • Chess Engine: Stockfish
    • Game Modes: Single-player, Two-player
    • Engine Strength: Adjustable from 0 to 3200 Elo
    • Customization: Board and piece themes, sound effects
    • Analysis: Position evaluation, move analysis, opening book
  10. 10
    This app is focused on chess training with courses from top grandmasters and the ability to track progress. It also offers a unique feature where users can train using spaced repetition.
    Chessable is an innovative chess learning platform that combines technology and education to provide a highly effective way to learn and improve at chess. It offers a wide range of interactive courses and training materials for players of all skill levels.
    • Interactive Courses: Chessable provides interactive courses designed by chess experts to help players learn and improve their skills.
    • MoveTrainerTM Technology: The MoveTrainerTM technology allows users to practice and reinforce their learnings through spaced repetition.
    • Variety of Content: Chessable offers a diverse selection of content including opening repertoires, tactics training, endgame studies, and more.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The platform features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and engage with the learning materials.
    • Progress Tracking: Chessable enables users to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and set goals for their chess development.

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Ranking factors for popular chess app

  1. User Interface and Design
    The app should have a visually appealing user interface that is easy to navigate and understand.
  2. Tutorials and Learning Resources
    A good chess app should have tutorials, lessons, and learning resources to help beginners learn and improve their chess skills.
  3. Multiplayer and Offline Mode
    The app should support multiplayer options and provide the ability to play against AI opponents at different difficulty levels.
  4. Game Analysis and Tools
    The app should provide insightful game analysis and tools such as move suggestions, hints, and board analysis to help players improve their skills.
  5. Platform and Device Compatibility
    The app should be available on various devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) and platforms (Android, iOS, web).
  6. User Reviews and Ratings
    The popularity of a chess app can be gauged by checking user reviews and ratings on app stores and online forums.
  7. Regular Updates and New Features
    The app developer should provide regular updates to fix bugs and add new features to keep users engaged.
  8. Customization Options
    A good chess app should have customization options, such as the ability to change the board's appearance, piece styles, and sound effects.
  9. Community and Social Features
    The app should have features that enable users to interact with other players, such as in-app chat, friend lists, and sharing games or positions on social media.
  10. Price and Value for Money
    The app should be priced reasonably or have a useful free version with the option to upgrade for additional features or to remove ads.

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