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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Mar 2, 2024 05:55
Welcome to StrawPoll, your one-stop destination for discovering and participating in the ultimate showdown of opinions! We are excited to invite you to our latest ranking - "What is the most popular chess website?" As the chess world has witnessed a tremendous surge in popularity, we want to know where you, the chess enthusiasts, prefer to sharpen your skills, learn new strategies, and engage with fellow players. Dive into our diverse list of options, cast your vote for your favorite, or even suggest a missing gem to make sure it gets the recognition it deserves. Unleash your inner Grandmaster, and let's find out which chess website reigns supreme! Are you ready for the ultimate checkmate? Then let the games begin!

What Is the Most Popular Chess Website?

  1. 1
    With over 35 million members, is the most popular chess website in the world. It offers a wide range of features, including online play, tutorials, puzzles, and articles. is a widely popular chess app that allows players of all skill levels to enjoy the game of chess. It offers a user-friendly interface and a multitude of game modes, including online multiplayer and computer simulations. also provides access to in-depth chess tutorials, puzzles, and analysis tools, making it a comprehensive learning platform for beginners and advanced players alike.
    • Platform Compatibility: Available on iOS, Android, and web browsers
    • Multiplayer Options: Allows players to compete against friends or enthusiasts worldwide
    • Game Modes: Includes standard, blitz, bullet, and variant chess modes
    • Learning Resources: Provides tutorials, puzzles, analysis tools, and interactive lessons
    • Chess Community: Offers forums, groups, and chat features for players to engage with the community
  2. 2
    Chess24 is a popular website that offers live streaming of major chess tournaments, as well as instructional videos and a range of other features. It has a strong community of users and a user-friendly interface.
    Chess24 is a popular online chess platform that offers a range of features and resources for chess enthusiasts, including training materials, live broadcasts, and interactive playing options. The platform is known for its high-quality content and intuitive interface, making it a favored choice for both beginner and advanced players.
    • Live Broadcasts: Access to live video broadcasts of major chess tournaments and events
    • Interactive Lessons: Extensive library of interactive lessons and tutorials for players of all levels
    • Playing Options: Ability to play against computer opponents or challenge other players online
    • Training Resources: Regularly updated articles, videos, and puzzles for improving chess skills
    • Analysis Tools: Built-in chess engine for analyzing games and positions
  3. 3
    Lichess is a free, open-source chess website that offers online play, puzzles, and analysis tools. It has a strong focus on fair play and offers a range of features for both casual and serious players.
    Lichess is a popular online chess platform that provides players with a free and open-source experience. It offers a variety of features and game modes to cater to the needs of chess enthusiasts of all skill levels.
    • Number of Users: Millions of active users
    • Game Modes: Casual, Ranked, Puzzle, and Practice
    • Time Controls: Bullet, Blitz, Rapid, Classical, and Correspondence
    • Tournaments: Regularly hosted tournaments for all skill levels
    • Board Themes: Multiple visually appealing themes to choose from
  4. 4
    votes is a popular website that offers a vast collection of historical chess games, as well as puzzles, articles, and forums. It has a large community of users and is a great resource for chess enthusiasts. is a popular chess website that serves as an online database of chess games and related content. It offers a platform for chess enthusiasts to explore and analyze past games, learn from famous chess players, and participate in community discussions. It is a comprehensive resource for players of all levels.
    • Game Database: Contains a vast collection of chess games from both historical and contemporary eras.
    • Search and Filter: Enables users to easily search and filter games based on player names, openings, positions, and other criteria.
    • Game Analysis: Provides in-depth analysis of selected games by chess experts, including move-by-move annotations, variations, and evaluations.
    • Opening Explorer: Allows users to explore various chess openings, view popular moves, and study opening theory.
    • Player Profiles: Features profiles of famous chess players, showcasing their career achievements, notable games, and biographical information.
  5. 5
    Chess Tempo is a website that offers a range of chess puzzles and training tools. It is particularly popular among serious players who want to improve their tactical skills.
    Chess Tempo is a popular chess website that offers a wide range of resources for chess enthusiasts. It provides various features for improving chess skills and playing against other users online. Chess Tempo is well-known for its extensive tactics training and analysis tools, making it a valuable platform for players of all levels.
    • Tactics Trainer: Chess Tempo includes a powerful Tactics Trainer with over 50,000 chess puzzles to solve.
    • Game Database: It has a vast collection of over 2 million chess games for exploration and study.
    • Analysis Board: Chess Tempo provides an intuitive analysis board for deep analysis of positions and games.
    • Online Play: Users can play online chess matches against other players, either in real-time or with correspondence-style timing.
    • Rating System: The website uses a comprehensive rating system to evaluate and track players' performance.
  6. 6
    ChessKid is a website that is specifically designed for children. It offers a range of features, including tutorials, puzzles, and online play, and has a user-friendly interface that is easy for kids to navigate.
    ChessKid is an online chess learning platform specifically designed for children aged 5-12. It provides a safe and fun environment for kids to learn and play chess. The platform offers interactive lessons, tutorials, puzzles, and tournaments to help young players improve their chess skills. ChessKid also includes various tools such as puzzles, videos, and practice games to make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable. With its intuitive interface and educational content, ChessKid has gained popularity among parents, teachers, and young chess enthusiasts worldwide.
    • Target audience: Children aged 5-12
    • Language support: Multiple languages
    • Interactive lessons: Yes
    • Tutorials: Available
    • Puzzles: Included
  7. 7
    The Internet Chess Club is a popular website that offers online play, tournaments, and instructional videos. It has a strong community of users and is particularly popular among serious players.
    The Internet Chess Club (ICC) is one of the most popular online platforms for playing chess, interacting with a vibrant chess community, and improving one's chess skills. It offers a wide range of features and resources for chess enthusiasts of all levels.
    • Membership: Requires a paid membership to access most features, with options for different subscription plans.
    • Playing Options: Provides various playing modes, including real-time chess games, correspondence chess, tournaments, team matches, and computer chess.
    • Strong Player Base: Attracts a large community of chess players, including many title holders and grandmasters.
    • Rating System: Uses an Elo rating system to measure player strength and facilitate fair matchmaking.
    • Interactive Lessons: Offers interactive chess lessons and videos from renowned chess coaches and players.
  8. 8
    Chessable is a website that offers a range of chess courses and training tools. It is particularly popular among serious players who want to improve their opening repertoire and endgame skills.
    Chessable is an innovative chess learning platform that combines technology and education to provide a highly effective way to learn and improve at chess. It offers a wide range of interactive courses and training materials for players of all skill levels.
    • Interactive Courses: Chessable provides interactive courses designed by chess experts to help players learn and improve their skills.
    • MoveTrainerTM Technology: The MoveTrainerTM technology allows users to practice and reinforce their learnings through spaced repetition.
    • Variety of Content: Chessable offers a diverse selection of content including opening repertoires, tactics training, endgame studies, and more.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The platform features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and engage with the learning materials.
    • Progress Tracking: Chessable enables users to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and set goals for their chess development.
  9. 9
    ChessCafe is a website that offers a range of articles, puzzles, and reviews related to chess. It has a strong community of users and is a great resource for chess enthusiasts.
    ChessCafe is a popular online platform dedicated to the game of chess. It serves as a comprehensive resource for chess enthusiasts, offering a wide range of content including articles, reviews, columns, puzzles, and interviews. ChessCafe provides a dynamic community where players of all levels can engage in discussions, analyze games, and improve their skills.
    • Membership Options: Free and paid (premium content access)
    • Established: 1996
    • Content Type: Articles, reviews, columns, puzzles, interviews
    • Community Features: Discussion forums, game analysis
    • Skill Level: All levels
  10. 10
    ChessBomb is a website that offers live coverage of major chess tournaments, including live analysis and commentary. It is particularly popular among fans of professional chess.
    ChessBomb is a popular chess website that provides live chess game coverage and analysis. It offers real-time updates on ongoing chess tournaments, matches, and events. Users can watch live games, follow along with computer engine analysis, and interact with other chess enthusiasts through chat and comments. ChessBomb also provides a wide range of chess-related resources including puzzles, articles, and player profiles.
    • Live Game Coverage: Real-time updates on ongoing games
    • Analysis: Computer engine analysis for ongoing games
    • Interactivity: Chat and comment system for users to discuss games
    • Tournament Coverage: Comprehensive coverage of major chess tournaments
    • Live Stream: Ability to watch live chess games

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Ranking factors for popular chess website

  1. User base
    The number of active users on the website, which indicates its popularity among chess enthusiasts and players.
  2. User experience and interface
    The ease of use and overall design of the website, including features like game analysis, live games, and a learning center.
  3. Game features
    The availability of different game formats, like blitz, rapid, and classical, as well as game variants like Chess960 or Bughouse.
  4. Community engagement
    The presence of an active forum, chat, or other social features that enable users to interact, discuss, and share knowledge about chess.
  5. Security and fair play
    Measures taken by the website to prevent cheating and ensure fair play, such as requiring email verification, offering secure login options, and employing anti-cheating measures.
  6. Learning resources
    Availability of quality instructional materials, like video lectures, courses, and articles, to help users improve their chess skills.
  7. Analysis tools
    Features like an integrated chess engine, opening explorer, or endgame tablebases that help users analyze their games and learn from them.
  8. Mobile app
    Having a well-designed mobile app for both Android and iOS will be an added advantage for users to access the platform from anywhere.
  9. Tournaments and events
    The frequency and quality of online tournaments, championships, and events organized by the website that cater to various skill levels and interests.
  10. Reputation and credibility
    Endorsements by professional chess players, presence of titled players, and the general perception of the website in the online chess community.

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