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Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion shapes the world! Today, we're diving into the enchanting realm of doll names, and we need your help to rank the most popular ones. From timeless classics like Annabelle and Samantha to unique and trendy names like Luna and Willow, we've gathered a fascinating collection of doll names just waiting for your vote. So, which name will reign supreme? Be a part of this whimsical journey and cast your vote for your favorite or suggest a missing option to complete the list. Let's embark on this delightful adventure together and find out which doll names steal the hearts of many!

What Are the Most Popular Doll Names?

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    The most popular doll name of all time, Barbie has been a household name since it was first launched in 1959.
    Barbie is a popular fashion doll that has been a cultural icon since its debut in 1959. It is known for its glamorous looks, stylish clothing, and extensive collection of accessories. Barbie represents a youthful and aspirational image, inspiring countless imaginative play scenarios and encouraging self-expression through fashion and creativity.
    • Year of debut: 1959
    • Height: 11.5 inches (29 cm)
    • Body type: Slim and proportionate
    • Hair: Varies in length, texture, and color
    • Eye color: Varies
  2. 2
    American Girl dolls are known for their historically accurate clothing and accessories, along with their inspiring stories.
    American Girl is a line of dolls and accessories that are highly popular among young girls. Each doll represents a certain historical time period and comes with a unique backstory. American Girl dolls promote historical education, cultural diversity, and instill positive values in their young owners.
    • Dolls perma-: Each doll is 18 inches tall and made of vinyl.
    • Historical Themes: The dolls depict different historical eras, such as the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War II, and more.
    • Fictional Characters: Each doll represents a fictional character from a particular time period and has a backstory that incorporates historical events and themes.
    • Books and Accessories: Each doll comes with a series of books that provide more information about her story and the historical context. Various accessories and clothing are also available for purchase.
    • Diversity: American Girl offers dolls with diverse ethnicities and backgrounds to promote inclusivity and representation.
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    Bratz dolls, with their large heads and flashy outfits, were a hit in the early 2000s.
    Bratz is a line of fashion dolls known for their edgy and fashion-forward style. The dolls are characterized by their oversized heads, almond-shaped eyes, and full lips. They have a diverse range of fashion styles and personalities, which appealed to a wide audience of children and collectors.
    • Year Released: 2001
    • Height: 10 inches (25 cm)
    • Number of Characters: Over 100
    • Distinctive Features: Oversized heads, almond-shaped eyes, full lips
    • Fashion Styles: Variety of trendy and edgy styles
  4. 4
    Baby Alive dolls simulate the experience of caring for a real infant, with features like feeding and diaper changing.
    Baby Alive is a popular interactive doll that mimics the experience of taking care of a real baby. It is designed to provide a nurturing playtime for children, encouraging them to develop empathy and responsibility. The doll features realistic baby sounds, movements, and functions such as eating, drinking, wetting diapers, and even speaking short phrases. It provides an engaging play experience for children.
    • Recommended Age: 3 years and above
    • Size: Around 14-16 inches
    • Material: Vinyl, cloth, and plastic
    • Power Source: Battery-powered
    • Accessories: Diapers, bottle, spoon, food packets, and more
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    Cabbage Patch Kids
    Bernard Gotfryd · Public domain

    Cabbage Patch Kids

    Xavier Roberts
    Cabbage Patch Kids were popular in the 1980s and are known for their unique "adoptable" concept.
    Cabbage Patch Kids is a line of soft-sculpture dolls that first gained popularity in the 1980s. These dolls were designed to resemble children and had unique characteristics such as pudgy cheeks, yarn hair, and adoption certificates. They became highly sought after due to their distinctive appearance and the concept of 'adoption'.
    • Year of Creation: 1978
    • Height: 14-16 inches
    • Materials: Soft fabric body with a vinyl head
    • Features: Pudgy cheeks, yarn hair, adoption certificates
    • Manufacturing: Originally handmade, later mass-produced
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    My Little Pony

    Bonnie Zacherle
    My Little Pony dolls have a dedicated fan base among children and adults alike, with their colorful hair and magical powers.
    My Little Pony is a popular line of colorful plastic pony toys that are primarily targeted towards young girls. Each pony has a unique design, often with vibrant pastel colors and a flowing mane and tail. The toy line also inspired animated TV series, movies, and various merchandise. The ponies are known for their friendship themes and often feature symbols known as cutie marks on their flanks, representing their special talent or personality trait.
    • First Release Year: 1982
    • Manufacturer: Hasbro
    • Average Height: 4.5 inches
    • Number of Generations: 4
    • Number of Main Characters: 6
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    Monster High

    Garrett Sander
    Monster High dolls feature characters who are the children of famous monsters, with a focus on fashion and empowerment.
    Monster High is a popular doll franchise that revolves around monsters attending high school. The dolls are designed to embody characters from various supernatural creatures and horror genres, with a unique blend of fashion and fantasy. The franchise has expanded into animated TV shows, web series, movies, books, and merchandise.
    • Release Year: 2010
    • Theme: Horror/fantasy dolls attending high school
    • Target Audience: Pre-teen and teenage girls
    • Globally Recognized: Yes
    • Fashion Elements: Unique and trendy outfits, accessories, and hairstyles
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    Polly Pocket

    Chris Wiggs
    Polly Pocket dolls are tiny and portable, with a focus on imaginative play and adventure.
    Polly Pocket is a popular doll that has been loved by children for decades. It is a small, portable toy that allows kids to create their own miniature world filled with endless imaginative play. The doll's compact size and foldable design make it easy to take on the go, making it a perfect travel companion for kids.
    • Size: Approximately 3 inches tall
    • Material: Plastic
    • Features: Foldable compact with various scenes and accessories
    • Doll Designs: Various characters and themes available
    • Recommended Age Range: 4 years and above
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    Strawberry Shortcake

    Muriel Fahrion
    Strawberry Shortcake dolls are known for their sweet scent and adorable outfits, with a focus on friendship and fun.
    Strawberry Shortcake is a popular doll that originated as a character in a series of greeting cards. The doll features a small size with a strawberry-themed appearance, including her clothes, hat, and even her smell. With her distinct red hair, freckles, and big bright eyes, Strawberry Shortcake has captured the hearts of many children and collectors alike.
    • Size: Small
    • Appearance: Strawberry-themed
    • Hair color: Red
    • Distinct features: Freckles, big bright eyes
    • Clothing: Strawberry-themed
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    Raggedy Ann dolls have been around since the early 20th century and are known for their classic design and wholesome charm.
    Raggedy Ann is a beloved and iconic rag doll character. She is known for her sweet, innocent appearance and red yarn hair. Raggedy Ann has a hand-painted face featuring large round eyes, a small triangular nose, and a wide smile. She typically wears a blue dress with a white apron and has striped leggings and black shoes.
    • Year of creation: Raggedy Ann was created in 1915.
    • Size: Typically, Raggedy Ann stands around 16 inches (40 cm) tall.
    • Material: The original Raggedy Ann dolls were made of soft, durable cloth.
    • Hair: Raggedy Ann's distinctive red hair is made of yarn.
    • Face: Each doll has a hand-painted face with large eyes, a small nose, and a smile.

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Ranking factors for popular doll names

  1. Cultural relevance
    The popularity of a doll name may be influenced by cultural trends, famous figures, and names popular among different ethnic groups. Names that are popular in one culture might not be as popular in another.
  2. Time period
    Doll name popularity can change over time, influenced by trends in baby names and famous figures from the past and the present. Considering the time period when a doll name was popular is important to get an accurate ranking.
  3. Name versatility
    Doll names that are suitable for different types of dolls—such as modern, vintage, or specific characters—may be more popular than names that are limited to a specific type.
  4. Brand and character association
    Some doll names may be popular due to their association with famous brands or characters. The popularity of these names might be tied to the popularity of the brand or character rather than the name itself.

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