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Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Nov 25, 2023 07:44)
Welcome to StrawPoll, your one-stop destination for exciting polls and rankings! Today, we're on a quest to determine the most popular Ed Sheeran song, and we need your help to settle the debate! With a plethora of chart-topping hits and heartwarming melodies, Ed Sheeran has captured the hearts of millions, but which song truly reigns supreme? Is it the romantic "Thinking Out Loud," the upbeat "Shape of You," or perhaps a hidden gem that's yet to be discovered? Cast your vote, share your thoughts, or even suggest a missing option in our ever-evolving ranking. Unleash your inner Sheerio and join the conversation as we dive into the melodic world of Ed Sheeran's masterpieces!

What Is the Most Popular Ed Sheeran Song?

  1. 1

    Shape of You

    Ed Sheeran
    This song was a huge commercial success and topped the charts in multiple countries. It's also one of the most streamed songs of all time on Spotify.
    The song 'Shape of You' is a pop and dancehall-infused track that was released by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It is the lead single from his third studio album, '÷' (Divide), and has become one of his most popular and successful songs.
    • Genre: Pop, Dancehall
    • Album: ÷ (Divide)
    • Release Date: January 6, 2017
    • Length: 3:53
    • Writers: Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Johnny McDaid, Kandi Burruss, Tameka Cottle, Kevin Briggs
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  2. 2

    Thinking Out Loud

    Ed Sheeran
    This romantic ballad won multiple awards and was a chart-topping hit. Its popularity has endured since its release in 2014.
    Thinking Out Loud is a soulful ballad written and performed by the British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It was released as the third single from his second studio album, 'x' (pronounced 'multiply') in 2014. The song showcased Sheeran's exceptional songwriting skills and captured the hearts of millions with its heartfelt lyrics and sentimental melody. It went on to become one of his most successful and popular songs.
    • Album: x
    • Release Year: 2014
    • Genre: Pop
    • Duration: 4 minutes and 41 seconds
    • Songwriter(s): Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge
  3. 3
    This song has a catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics that have struck a chord with many listeners. It's also been used in multiple TV shows and movies.
    Photograph is a power ballad by the British rock band Def Leppard. It was released as the lead single from their 1983 album Pyromania. The song features a catchy and memorable chorus, melodic guitar riffs, and strong vocal performances. Photograph became one of Def Leppard's most successful songs, reaching the top 10 on the charts in both the United States and the United Kingdom. It continues to be a fan favorite and a staple of the band's live performances.
    • Album: Pyromania
    • Release Year: 1983
    • Genre: Hard Rock
    • Length: 4:12
    • Songwriter(s): Rick Savage, Steve Clark, Joe Elliott, Pete Willis, Robert John "Mutt" Lange
  4. 4
    Another romantic ballad, "Perfect" has been a popular wedding song choice since its release in 2017. It also topped charts in multiple countries.
    Perfect is a romantic ballad by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It was released as the fourth single from his third studio album, ÷ (Divide), in 2017. The song is widely recognized for its heartfelt lyrics and melodic acoustic sound. It has become one of Ed Sheeran's most popular songs and a popular choice for weddings and romantic occasions.
    • Album: ÷ (Divide)
    • Release Year: 2017
    • Genre: Pop
    • Length: 4 minutes and 23 seconds
    • Songwriter(s): Ed Sheeran
  5. 5

    Castle on the Hill

    Ed Sheeran
    This nostalgic tribute to Sheeran's hometown resonated with many listeners and was a hit around the world.
    Castle on the Hill is a song by Ed Sheeran. It was released as a single in 2017 and is included in his third studio album, ÷ (Divide). The song depicts Sheeran's nostalgic reminiscence of his hometown and teenage years, reflecting on the experiences, friends, and memories that shaped his life. It carries a sentimental and anthemic feel, blending folk-pop and rock elements.
    • Album: ÷ (Divide)
    • Release Date: January 6, 2017
    • Genre: Folk-pop, Pop-rock
    • Length: 4 minutes and 20 seconds
    • Label: Asylum, Atlantic
  6. 6
    This upbeat, Irish-inspired song was a fan favorite from Sheeran's album "÷" and has remained popular since its release.
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  7. 7
    This collaboration with Justin Bieber was a chart-topping hit and has remained a popular party anthem.
    I Don't Care (with Justin Bieber) is a popular collaboration song between British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and Canadian singer Justin Bieber. The track is a catchy pop song which talks about feeling disconnected from the world but finding comfort in being with a loved one.
    • Featured Artist: Justin Bieber
    • Genre: Pop
    • Released: May 10, 2019
    • Length: 3 minutes and 40 seconds
    • Songwriters: Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Fred Gibson, Jason Boyd, Max Martin, Shellback
  8. 8
    This song, featuring Khalid, has a catchy beat and relatable lyrics about wanting to fit in with the "beautiful people."
    Beautiful People (feat. Khalid) is a song by Ed Sheeran that was released in 2019 as a single from his fourth studio album, 'No.6 Collaborations Project'. The track combines Ed Sheeran's signature pop sound with the smooth vocals of Khalid, creating a catchy and feel-good anthem about embracing one's true self amidst societal pressures.
    • Release Date: June 28, 2019
    • Album: No.6 Collaborations Project
    • Duration: 3 minutes and 17 seconds
    • Genre: Pop
    • Featured Artist: Khalid
  9. 9
    This song, with its catchy hook and lyrics about a failed relationship, was a hit from Sheeran's album "x."
    Don't is a song by Ed Sheeran, an English singer-songwriter. It was released as the second single from his second studio album, 'x' (multiply), in 2014. The song is a pop and R&B track, featuring catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Don't explores themes of betrayal and infidelity in relationships, with Sheeran expressing his anger and frustration towards a former lover.
    • Album: x (multiply)
    • Release Year: 2014
    • Genre: Pop, R&B
    • Length: 3 minutes and 39 seconds
    • Label: Asylum, Atlantic
  10. 10

    The A Team

    Ed Sheeran
    Sheeran's breakout hit, "The A Team" showcased his songwriting talent and earned him critical acclaim. It remains a fan favorite to this day.
    The A Team is a song by Ed Sheeran, an English singer, songwriter, and musician. It was released as his debut single in 2011 and became a massive hit worldwide. The song belongs to the genre of acoustic pop and tells the story of a drug-addicted prostitute struggling with addiction and its consequences.
    • Release Date: June 12, 2011
    • Genre: Acoustic pop
    • Length: 4 minutes and 18 seconds
    • Album: + (Plus)
    • Label: Atlantic Records

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