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Updated on May 19, 2024 06:44
For enthusiasts and collectors, determining which LOL OMG Dolls capture the hearts of the community can be quite a challenge. With such a variety of characters and styles, each bringing its unique flair and collectibility, opinions often vary. This list offers a structured way to see which dolls are currently leading in popularity based on community votes. By participating, users can influence the rankings and help others gain insights into trends and preferences within the doll collector community. Each vote brings clarity to the emerging favorites and provides a fresh perspective on the dynamic tastes of fellow enthusiasts. This is your chance to contribute to a collective voice on what makes each doll special.

What Is the Most Popular LOL OMG Doll?

  1. 1

    Cosmic Nova

    MGA Entertainment
    Cosmic Nova is one of the most popular LOL OMG dolls as she has a unique and out of this world appearance. Her colorful hair and space-themed outfit make her stand out from the rest.
    Cosmic Nova is one of the most popular LOL OMG Dolls. She is known for her futuristic and cosmic-themed appearance, captivating both kids and collectors alike. With her unique style and stunning accessories, Cosmic Nova is a favorite among doll enthusiasts.
    • Doll Name: Cosmic Nova
    • Series: LOL OMG
    • Release Year: 2020
    • Appearance: Futuristic and cosmic-themed
    • Outfit: Bold, metallic and glittery
  2. 2

    Lady Diva

    MGA Entertainment
    Lady Diva is a fan favorite because of her diva-like personality and glamorous appearance. Her glittery outfit and accessories make her a standout doll.
    The Lady Diva is one of the most popular LOL OMG Dolls. She is a fashion-forward and glamorous doll with a unique sense of style. Lady Diva is known for her luxurious and stylish outfits, dazzling accessories, and stunning hair. She has a vibrant personality and loves being the center of attention wherever she goes.
    • Name: Lady Diva
    • Series: LOL OMG Dolls
    • Fashion style: Glamorous and fashionable
    • Hair: Stunning and styled
    • Outfits: Luxurious and trendy
  3. 3
    Neonlicious is a popular doll because of her neon hair and accessories. Her fashionable outfit and bold makeup make her a standout doll.
    Neonlicious is a popular LOL OMG Doll from the LOL Surprise collection. With her vibrant neon hair and stylish fashion, she is a true fashion icon. Neonlicious is known for her bold personality and love for standing out in a crowd.
    • Hair color: Neon pink
    • Eye color: Blue
    • Outfit: Trendy neon fashion
    • Accessories: Sunglasses, earrings, bracelet
    • Shoes: High heels
  4. 4

    Royal Bee

    MGA Entertainment
    Royal Bee is a popular doll because of her regal appearance and stunning outfit. Her bee-themed accessories and glittery wings make her a standout doll.
    Royal Bee is a popular LOL OMG Doll from the LOL Surprise! line of collectible dolls. She is known for her regal appearance and bee-themed outfit and accessories. With her vibrant yellow and black hair and stylish bee-shaped sunglasses, she truly stands out among the LOL OMG Dolls.
    • Name: Royal Bee
    • Series: LOL Surprise! OMG
    • Fashion: Comes with trendy bee-inspired outfit
    • Accessories: Includes sunglasses, handbag, shoes, and jewelry
    • Hair: Vibrant yellow and black with unique styling
  5. 5
    Snowlicious is a popular doll because of her winter-themed outfit and accessories. Her snowflake earrings and fur-lined jacket make her a standout doll.
    Snowlicious is a highly popular LOL OMG Doll that belongs to the Winter Disco collection. She is a glamorous snow queen with a unique and glamorous style. Snowlicious has become a fan-favorite due to her stunning appearance and attention to detail.
    • Hair Color: Icy White
    • Eye Color: Sparkling Blue
    • Height: Approximately 10 inches
    • Clothing Style: Winter-inspired fashion
    • Accessories: Fur hat, gloves, statement necklace
  6. 6
    Swag is a popular doll because of her cool and edgy appearance. Her fashionable outfit and accessories make her a standout doll.
    LOL Surprise OMG Swag is a popular fashion doll from the LOL Surprise OMG line. It is known for its trendy style and edgy personality. Swag is all about confidence and standing out from the crowd.
    • Name: Swag
    • Series: LOL Surprise OMG
    • Release Year: 2019
    • Height: Approximately 10 inches
    • Features: Fully articulated doll with removable, stylish fashion
  7. 7
    Dollface is a popular doll because of her sweet and innocent appearance. Her pastel-colored outfit and accessories make her a standout doll.
    Dollface is one of the most popular LOL OMG dolls, known for its unique and striking appearance. It is a fashion doll that embodies a cool and edgy style, making it a favorite among collectors and toy enthusiasts alike.
    • Height: Approximately 10 inches
    • Fashion Style: Trendy and edgy
    • Hair: Colorful and styled
    • Accessories: Includes various fashion accessories
    • Articulation Points: Multiple points of articulation for posability
  8. 8

    24K DJ

    MGA Entertainment
    24K DJ is a popular doll because of her gold-themed outfit and accessories. Her shiny gold hair and microphone make her a standout doll.
    The 24K DJ is a popular LOL OMG Doll that embodies the glamorous world of music and DJing. With its trendy style and unique accessories, it's a must-have for fans of the LOL Surprise series.
    • Release Year: 2020
    • Series: LOL OMG Remix
    • Theme: Music and DJing
    • Includes: Fashion Doll, Mix & Match Fashions, Accessories, Shoes, Shoebox, Hatbox, Hairbrush, Doll Stand, DJ Equipment, Record, and more.
    • Height: Approximately 10-11 inches
  9. 9
    Busy B.B.
    Sacamol · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Busy B.B.

    MGA Entertainment
    Busy B.B. is a popular doll because of her busy bee-themed outfit and accessories. Her bee antennae and honeycomb purse make her a standout doll.
    The Busy B.B. is a highly sought-after LOL OMG Doll, known for its vibrant personality and stylish appearance. With its eye-catching fashion sense and mesmerizing accessories, Busy B.B. stands out from the rest. Its unique charm and sparkly presence make it a must-have for doll collectors and enthusiasts alike.
    • Name: Busy B.B.
    • Series: LOL OMG Dolls
    • Age Range: Recommended for ages 6 and up
    • Height: Approximately 11 inches
    • Fashion Style: Glamorous and trendy
  10. 10

    Downtown B.B.

    MGA Entertainment
    Downtown B.B. is a popular doll because of her urban and stylish appearance. Her graffiti-printed outfit and accessories make her a standout doll.
    Downtown B.B. is one of the most popular LOL OMG Dolls. She has a unique urban fashion style and a cool attitude that sets her apart. With her trendy clothes and accessories, she is always ready to hit the streets in style.
    • Series: LOL OMG
    • Doll Type: Fashion Doll
    • Size: 10 inches
    • Includes: Surprise Fashion Accessories
    • Articulation: Fully articulated joints

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Ranking factors for popular LOL OMG Doll

  1. Sales figures
    The number of dolls sold can provide an accurate account of popularity among consumers.
  2. Online ratings and reviews
    Customer feedback on online retail platforms and social media will help determine the overall satisfaction and preference for a specific LOL OMG Doll.
  3. Fan following
    High engagement on social media platforms, fan pages, and forums can show a doll's relative popularity within the fan community.
  4. Media coverage
    The amount of exposure and mentions a doll gets in the media, including websites, blogs, and magazines, can impact its popularity.
  5. Collectibility
    Limited edition or exclusive dolls may have higher demand and popularity due to their rarity.
  6. Design and style
    The design and overall appeal of the doll, including its clothing, accessories, and packaging, can influence a consumer's preference.
  7. Play value
    LOL OMG dolls with unique and engaging features will be more popular among consumers, especially young children.
  8. Awards and accolades
    If a doll has won an industry award or received critical acclaim, it could be considered more popular.
  9. Brand collaboration
    Dolls that are part of a collaboration with a well-known brand or celebrity may have a higher popularity ranking.
  10. Cultural relevance
    Dolls that reflect current fashion trends or cultural moments may be more sought after and popular among consumers.

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More information on most popular lol omg doll

Background Information: LOL OMG Dolls LOL OMG Dolls have taken the toy industry by storm with their unique fashion styles, accessories, and surprises. These dolls are part of the LOL Surprise! line and are larger versions of the popular LOL dolls. Each LOL OMG Doll comes with 20 surprises, including a fashion doll, outfits, shoes, and accessories. The dolls are known for their bold and colorful hairstyles, makeup, and clothing. They also have unique personalities and backstories, which adds to their appeal. Fans of the dolls can collect all of the different characters, including Lady Diva, Neonlicious, and Swag. The popularity of LOL OMG Dolls has led to a thriving online community of fans who share their collections, create custom outfits and accessories, and even make their own stop-motion videos featuring the dolls. With new dolls and accessories being released regularly, the excitement around LOL OMG Dolls shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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