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Updated on May 19, 2024 06:44
Collectors and enthusiasts of LOL Surprise Dolls often find themselves curious about which dolls others favor. This curiosity stems from a desire to validate personal preferences and to gauge the market for potential trades or purchases. A ranked list of these popular toys aids in quickly identifying the top choices among a diverse community of fans. By participating in our live voting system, users have the opportunity to influence the rankings directly, making the list an accurate reflection of collective opinions. This dynamic approach encourages engagement from the community, ensuring that the list remains current and meaningful. A real-time ranking system helps users see how preferences shift and trends emerge, adding depth to their own collecting strategies.

What Is the Most Popular LOL Surprise Doll?

  1. 1

    LOL Surprise! O.M.G. Dolls

    MGA Entertainment
    These dolls are the most popular because they are larger than regular LOL dolls and come with more accessories, making them more fun to play with. They also have unique personalities and fashion styles that appeal to children.
    LOL Surprise! O.M.G. Dolls are a popular line of fashion dolls that are part of the LOL Surprise! toy brand. These dolls are known for their stylish and trendy outfits, accessories, and intricate details. They are designed to be a larger and more glamorous version of the original LOL Surprise dolls.
    • Size: Approximately 10 inches tall
    • Articulation: Multiple points of articulation for posing and play
    • Fashion: Comes with fashionable clothing and accessories
    • Hair: Features long, styled hair
    • Makeup: Dolls have intricate makeup designs
  2. 2

    LOL Surprise! Hairgoals

    MGA Entertainment
    These dolls are popular because they come with real hair that can be styled and accessorized. They also come with a surprise outfit and accessories.
    LOL Surprise! Hairgoals is one of the most popular LOL Surprise Dolls, loved by kids worldwide. It offers a unique unboxing experience with surprises at every step. Each doll comes with beautiful, colorful hair which can be styled in various ways. The surprise factor and the collectible nature of these dolls make them highly sought after by young doll enthusiasts.
    • Product Type: Collectible Doll
    • Recommended Age: 3 years and up
    • Unboxing Experience: Surprises at every step
    • Hair Type: Colorful and stylable
    • Accessories: Includes different hair accessories
  3. 3

    LOL Surprise! Bigger Surprise

    MGA Entertainment
    This set includes multiple dolls and accessories, making it a great value for parents. It also features exclusive dolls and accessories that can't be found in other LOL Surprise sets.
    LOL Surprise! Bigger Surprise is a limited edition LOL Surprise Doll set that offers an ultimate unboxing experience for kids and collectors. It is one of the most popular dolls in the LOL Surprise series, known for its large size and numerous surprises inside.
    • Size: Approximately 11 inches tall
    • Number of Surprises: Over 60 surprises
    • Exclusive Dolls: Includes 2 limited edition LOL dolls
    • Outfits and Accessories: Comes with multiple fashionable outfits and accessories
    • Exclusive Pets: Includes 1 limited edition LOL pet
  4. 4

    LOL Surprise! Under Wraps

    MGA Entertainment
    This set is popular because it includes multiple layers of surprises that children can unwrap. It also features dolls with unique outfits and accessories.
    LOL Surprise! Under Wraps is a popular LOL Surprise Doll that was released in 2018. It is part of the Eye Spy series and offers a secretive unboxing experience for children. This doll comes in a spy-inspired package that requires various steps to reveal the doll inside.
    • Release Year: 2018
    • Series: Eye Spy
    • Unboxing Experience: Secretive
    • Package Design: Spy-inspired
    • Steps to Reveal Doll: Multiple
  5. 5

    LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop

    MGA Entertainment
    This set is popular because it features dolls that can be popped out of a confetti-filled ball. It also includes surprise accessories and outfits.
    LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop is a popular LOL Surprise Doll. It is a collectible toy that combines the surprise and excitement of unboxing with the fun of dolls and fashion. Each LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop doll comes with a unique look and outfit, and it is packaged in a round-shaped ball filled with confetti. The doll can be revealed by twisting the ball and popping it open.
    • Series: Confetti Pop
    • Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 3.8 inches
    • Weight: 5.6 ounces
    • Recommended Age: 6 years and up
    • Includes: Doll, outfit, shoes, accessories, confetti pop ball
  6. 6

    LOL Surprise! Lil Sisters

    MGA Entertainment
    These dolls are popular because they are smaller and more affordable than regular LOL dolls. They also come with surprise accessories and outfits.
    LOL Surprise! Lil Sisters is a popular series of collectible dolls designed for kids. These dolls are miniature versions of the larger LOL Surprise Dolls and come with many surprises and accessories. Each LOL Surprise! Lil Sisters doll is wrapped in several layers of packaging, adding to the excitement and element of surprise. The dolls are part of the LOL Surprise! toy line, which has gained immense popularity among children worldwide.
    • Series: LOL Surprise! Lil Sisters
    • Size: Approximately 3 inches
    • Packaging: Multiple layers with surprises
    • Accessories: Includes various small accessories
    • Collectibility: Each doll belongs to a specific series and has a rareness level
  7. 7

    LOL Surprise! Pets

    MGA Entertainment
    These dolls are popular because they come with surprise pet accessories and outfits. Children also enjoy collecting different types of pets.
    LOL Surprise! Pets is a popular line of collectible toys part of the LOL Surprise! series. Created by MGA Entertainment, it offers a unique unboxing experience for kids, combining the excitement of unwrapping with the surprise element of discovering the pet inside.
    • Series: LOL Surprise! Pets
    • Unboxing Experience: Surprise pets inside
    • Collectible: Part of the LOL Surprise! collection
    • Design: Adorable animal-themed dolls
    • Accessories: Includes themed accessories for the pets
  8. 8

    LOL Surprise! Boys

    MGA Entertainment
    These dolls are popular because they feature male characters, which is a unique addition to the LOL Surprise line. They also come with surprise accessories and outfits.
    LOL Surprise! Boys is a popular line of dolls that offers a fun and exciting twist to the traditional LOL Surprise Dolls. These dolls are designed specifically for boys, allowing them to join in on the fun and collect their own unique characters.
    • Target Audience: Boys
    • Character Options: Multiple unique characters
    • Surprise Elements: Each doll comes with a surprise accessory or feature
    • Size: Approximately 3.75 inches tall
    • Articulation: Posable with movable arms, legs, and heads
  9. 9

    LOL Surprise! Sparkle Series

    MGA Entertainment
    This set is popular because it features dolls with glittery outfits and accessories. It also includes exclusive dolls that can't be found in other LOL Surprise sets.
    LOL Surprise! Sparkle Series is a popular collection of collectible dolls that feature a sparkling and glittery design. These dolls are a part of the LOL Surprise! toy line, which has gained immense popularity among children and collectors. The Sparkle Series dolls are known for their eye-catching appearance and surprise elements.
    • Glittery Design: The dolls in the Sparkle Series have a stunning and sparkling appearance with glittery accents.
    • Collectible: These dolls are highly sought after by collectors due to their limited availability and unique design.
    • Surprise Accessories: Each Sparkle Series doll comes with surprise accessories, adding an element of anticipation and excitement during unboxing.
    • Multiple Layers: The dolls are wrapped in multiple layers of packaging, creating a fun unwrapping experience.
    • Mix-and-Match: The dolls' outfits and accessories can be swapped and mixed with other LOL Surprise dolls.
  10. 10

    LOL Surprise! Winter Disco

    MGA Entertainment
    This set is popular because it features dolls with winter-themed outfits and accessories. It also includes exclusive dolls and accessories that can't be found in other LOL Surprise sets.
    LOL Surprise! Winter Disco is a special edition of the popular LOL Surprise dolls series. It embraces the winter theme, offering a delightful experience for children. With a snowy and frosty setting, these dolls come with unique outfits, accessories, and surprises to discover.
    • Limited Edition: Yes
    • Winter Theme: Yes
    • Outfits: Unique and winter-themed
    • Accessories: Included
    • Surprises: Multiple surprises to unbox

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Ranking factors for popular LOL Surprise Doll

  1. Sales figures
    Compare the sales figures of different LOL Surprise Dolls to determine which dolls are selling the most. Higher sales indicate greater popularity.
  2. Reviews and ratings
    Explore customer reviews and ratings on websites like Amazon, Walmart, or Target to know the overall satisfaction and preferences of customers.
  3. Social media popularity
    Analyze the number of likes, shares, comments, and engagement on social media platforms to gauge which dolls are being talked about the most.
  4. Product availability and variety
    Consider the availability of different dolls in various stores and online platforms. Higher demand for certain dolls may lead to limited availability, indicating their popularity.
  5. Limited edition or exclusive releases
    Limited edition or exclusive dolls are often more sought-after and popular due to their rarity and collectibility.
  6. Seasonal trends
    Keep an eye on seasonal trends and preferences. Dolls released around holidays or cultural events may have a spike in popularity.
  7. Doll features and accessories
    Take into account the features and accessories of the doll, such as outfit, hair, and other customizable features that may contribute to their popularity.
  8. Target age group
    Consider the target age group of the dolls, as preferences may vary among different age groups.
  9. Brand collaborations
    Dolls created in collaboration with popular brands, influencers, or celebrities often generate more interest and become more popular.
  10. Awards and recognitions
    Consider any awards or recognitions the doll has received, such as being featured in popular toy lists or media publications, indicating a higher level of popularity.

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