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Welcome to StrawPoll, your one-stop destination for discovering the ultimate fan-favorite Paramore song! As a band that has captured hearts worldwide with their infectious blend of pop-punk and emo, Paramore's discography is filled with powerful hits and soul-stirring anthems. Here, we've gathered the top contenders vying for the title of "Most Popular Paramore Song," and we need your help to settle the score! Dive into our carefully curated list of their chart-topping tracks, and cast your vote to make your voice heard. Can't find your all-time favorite on the list? Don't fret; simply suggest your missing gem, and watch it climb the ranks as fellow fans rally behind it. Join us now in this melodic showdown to determine once and for all which Paramore song truly reigns supreme!

What Is the Most Popular Paramore Song?

  1. 1

    Misery Business

    This song is arguably Paramore's most well-known and popular song, with its catchy chorus and empowering lyrics. It was a huge hit when it was released in 2007 and helped to establish the band as a force to be reckoned with in the pop-punk scene.
    Misery Business is a song by the American rock band Paramore. It was released as the lead single from their second studio album, 'Riot!', in 2007. The song became one of their most popular and recognized tracks, receiving widespread commercial success and critical acclaim.
    • Album: Riot!
    • Release Date: 2007
    • Genre: Pop punk, alternative rock
    • Length: 3:31
    • Writer(s): Hayley Williams, Josh Farro
  2. 2

    Ain't It Fun

    This song was a huge hit for Paramore in 2014, winning a Grammy award for Best Rock Song. It features funky horns and a catchy chorus, and the lyrics are all about breaking free from expectations and living life on your own terms.
    Ain't It Fun is a song by the American rock band Paramore. It was released as the fourth single from their fourth studio album, titled Paramore, in 2013. The song combines elements of pop, rock, and funk, and delivers an empowering message about embracing change and facing life's challenges. It became one of the band's most successful songs, receiving critical acclaim and achieving commercial success worldwide.
    • Album: Paramore
    • Release Year: 2013
    • Genre: Pop rock
    • Song Length: 3:52
    • Writer(s): Hayley Williams, Taylor York
  3. 3

    Still Into You

    This song is another one of Paramore's most popular hits, with its upbeat, poppy sound and lyrics about falling in love. It was a big hit when it was released in 2013 and is still a fan favorite today.
    Still Into You is a popular song by Paramore, an American rock band known for their energetic music style. The song was released as the second single from their self-titled fourth studio album in 2013. It is a catchy and upbeat pop-rock track that explores the theme of enduring love and commitment.
    • Song length: 3:27
    • Released: March 14, 2013
    • Album: Paramore
    • Genre: Pop-rock
    • Writers: Hayley Williams, Taylor York
  4. 4

    Hard Times

    Charles Dickens
    This song is the lead single from Paramore's fifth album, After Laughter, and features a more 80s-inspired sound than their previous work. It's a catchy and upbeat song about dealing with difficult times and trying to stay positive.
    Hard Times is a novel written by Charles Dickens, first published in 1854. It is set in the fictional town of Coketown and focuses on the social and economic issues of the Victorian era. The story explores the contrasting lives of the wealthy industrialist Thomas Gradgrind and his family, and the impoverished workers who struggle to survive in the harsh conditions of industrialization.
    • Publication Year: 1854
    • Setting: Coketown
    • Theme: Social and economic issues
    • Protagonist: Thomas Gradgrind
    • Genre: Novel
    Hard Times in other rankings
  5. 5
    This song is one of Paramore's most beautiful and emotional ballads, with its stripped-down instrumentation and heartfelt lyrics about finding love in unexpected places. It was a hit when it was released in 2010 and remains a fan favorite today.
    The Only Exception is a song by the American rock band Paramore, released in 2010 as the third single from their third studio album, Brand New Eyes. It is a power ballad that showcases lead singer Hayley Williams' emotional vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The song explores the theme of love and vulnerability, with the protagonist admitting their disbelief in true love until they meet someone who becomes the exception.
    • Album: Brand New Eyes
    • Release year: 2010
    • Genre: Pop rock
    • Song length: 4 minutes and 27 seconds
    • Songwriters: Hayley Williams and Josh Farro
  6. 6
    This song is a fan favorite from Paramore's third album, Brand New Eyes, with its driving guitars and catchy chorus. The lyrics are all about escaping from a world that's become too safe and predictable.
    Brick By Boring Brick is a popular song by the American rock band Paramore. Released in 2009, it is featured on their third studio album, Brand New Eyes. The song combines energetic pop-rock instrumentation with thought-provoking lyrics, exploring the concept of disillusionment and the dangers of escaping into a fantasy world. It has become one of Paramore's signature songs, showcasing their distinctive sound and powerful vocals.
    • Album: Brand New Eyes
    • Release Year: 2009
    • Genre: Alternative rock
    • Songwriters: Hayley Williams, Josh Farro
    • Length: 4:13
  7. 7
    This song was originally written for the Twilight soundtrack and became a hit for Paramore in 2008. It features moody guitars and haunting vocals, and the lyrics are all about trying to unravel a mystery.
    Decode is a popular song by the American rock band Paramore. It was released as a single in 2008 and served as the lead single for the soundtrack of the film 'Twilight'. The song is a blend of alternative rock and pop punk, characterized by energetic guitar riffs, catchy melodies, and heartfelt lyrics. The lyrics of Decode reflect themes of self-discovery, identity, and the struggles of maintaining relationships. The song gained significant popularity, especially among fans of the 'Twilight' series, and contributed to Paramore's mainstream success.
    • Release Year: 2008
    • Album: 'Twilight' soundtrack / 'Brand New Eyes'
    • Genre: Alternative rock, pop punk
    • Duration: 4:24
    • Songwriters: Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, Taylor York
  8. 8
    This song is one of Paramore's earliest hits, from their debut album All We Know Is Falling. It features driving guitars and a catchy chorus, and the lyrics are all about feeling overwhelmed and under pressure.
    Pressure is a popular song by the American rock band Paramore. It was released as the lead single from their debut studio album titled 'All We Know Is Falling' in 2005. The song combines energetic pop punk sound with catchy melodies and emotional lyrics, which became a signature style for Paramore. 'Pressure' showcases the band's youthful energy and showcases the vocal and songwriting talents of lead vocalist Hayley Williams. It is often regarded as one of the band's breakout hits, gaining significant popularity among fans and earning critical acclaim.
    • Album: All We Know Is Falling
    • Release Year: 2005
    • Genre: Pop punk
    • Length: 3 minutes and 10 seconds
    • Lead Vocals: Hayley Williams
  9. 9
    This song is another fan favorite from Riot!, with its infectious chorus and upbeat sound. The lyrics are all about getting what you deserve and standing up for yourself.
    That's What You Get is a song by the American rock band Paramore. It was released as the second single from their second studio album, Riot!. The song is a pop punk anthem with catchy hooks and high-energy instrumentation. It features strong vocals from lead singer Hayley Williams, reflecting on the consequences of a failed relationship.
    • Album: Riot!
    • Genre: Pop punk
    • Release date: April 22, 2008
    • Length: 3:40
    • Label: Fueled by Ramen
  10. 10
    This song is the lead single from Brand New Eyes and features a more aggressive sound than some of Paramore's other hits. The lyrics are all about being frustrated with someone who won't listen to reason.
    Ignorance is a song by the American rock band Paramore. It was released as the lead single from their third studio album, Brand New Eyes, in 2009. The song is known for its energetic and catchy pop punk sound, featuring powerful vocals and driving guitar riffs. Lyrically, 'Ignorance' deals with themes of frustration, disappointment, and feeling misunderstood in relationships. The song received positive reviews from critics and became one of Paramore's most successful singles, reaching the top 10 in several countries.
    • Album: Brand New Eyes
    • Release Year: 2009
    • Genre: Pop punk, Alternative rock
    • Length: 3 minutes and 38 seconds
    • Label: Fueled by Ramen

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Paramore is a popular American rock band that was formed in 2004. The band has released several hit songs over the years, and their unique sound has won them a dedicated fan base. Their music is often described as a mix of pop punk, alternative rock, and emo, and has been influenced by bands such as Jimmy Eat World and Blink-182. Paramore's lyrics often deal with issues such as heartbreak, anxiety, and self-doubt, making their music relatable to many people. With such a diverse range of songs, it's no wonder that fans are constantly debating which Paramore song is the most popular. Here at StrawPoll, we aim to settle that debate once and for all.

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