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Welcome to StrawPoll's exciting new ranking – "What is the most popular Roblox myth?"! Prepare to dive deep into the world of Roblox mysteries, where legends and tales come to life. We've gathered some of the most famous and spine-chilling myths for you to explore and vote on. From the enigmatic John Doe and Jane Doe, to the eerie Smile Room, and the puzzling Cursed Islands, we've got it all! But we know there's more out there, and we want to hear from you. Cast your vote for your favorite myth, or suggest an enthralling tale that we've missed. Join us on this thrilling adventure and uncover the truth behind the most popular Roblox myths!

What Is the Most Popular Roblox Myth?

  1. 1
    Two mysterious users who supposedly hack and delete other players' accounts. There is no evidence to support their existence, and Roblox has stated that they are just urban legends.
    John Doe and Jane Doe are the popular mythological characters in the Roblox community. They are often portrayed as mysterious and ominous figures that are frequently associated with hacking and stalking players.
    • Rarity: Very rare
    • Creation Date: Early 2010s
    • Hacking Myth: Players claim John Doe and Jane Doe to be hackers
    • Limited Account: Believed to be dummy accounts created by Roblox
    • Stalking Allegations: Players believe they track and target unsuspecting users
  2. 2
    A creepy image that allegedly crashes players' games or causes hallucinations. It is likely a hoax or a viral marketing stunt.
    The Cursed Roblox Image is a well-known myth in the Roblox community that claims to have a cursed image that can cause strange and unnerving effects upon viewing. The image is said to contain unsettling imagery and symbols, and it is rumored to have caused players to experience glitches, crashes, and even psychological distress. The origins of the image are unclear, with some speculating that it was created by a troubled Roblox player or by a malicious hacker.
    • Image Type: PNG
    • Resolution: Unknown
    • File Size: Unknown
    • Dimensions: Unknown
    • Color Depth: Unknown
  3. 3
    The Blue Whale Challenge
    Skottniss · CC0

    The Blue Whale Challenge

    Philipp Budeikin
    A deadly game that instructs players to perform dangerous tasks and ultimately commit suicide. There is no evidence that the game exists on Roblox, and it is believed to be a hoax.
    The Blue Whale Challenge is a controversial online game that originated in Russia. It involves a series of challenges and tasks which are completed by participants over a 50-day period. The final challenge requires the player to commit suicide. The game gained significant media attention due to reports of teenagers and young adults being influenced by it and taking their own lives.
    • Origin: Russia
    • Duration: 50 days
    • Final Challenge: Committing suicide
    • Media Attention: Widespread
    • Content: Challenging tasks
  4. 4
    A spooky game where players encounter ghosts and haunted objects. It is a popular role-play game but has no real supernatural elements.
    The Haunted Mansion is one of the most popular myths in the Roblox community, known for its eerie atmosphere and captivating storyline. It is a horror-themed game that takes players on a thrilling adventure through a haunted mansion.
    • Release Date: October 2018
    • Genre: Horror, Adventure
    • Gameplay Style: Exploration, Puzzle-solving
    • Number of Players: Single-player
    • Platform: Roblox
  5. 5
    A mysterious button that appears in various Roblox games and supposedly does something dangerous or creepy. There is no evidence that it exists, and it is likely another urban legend.
  6. 6
    A game where players enter a bright, happy room that gradually becomes more disturbing and sinister. It is a popular horror game but has no real supernatural elements.
    The Smile Room is a popular Roblox myth that revolves around a mysterious virtual room filled with unsettling content. It is said to be found within a specific game and has intrigued and terrified Roblox players for years.
    • Genre: Horror
    • Game: Roblox
    • Availability: Unknown
    • Location: Virtual room within a game
    • Content: Unsettling and disturbing
  7. 7
    Mysterious figures that supposedly appear in various Roblox games and chase or attack players. There is no evidence that they exist, and they are likely another urban legend.
    The Shadow People is a popular Roblox myth that revolves around a group of mysterious beings called the Shadow People. According to the myth, these entities are said to haunt players in various Roblox games, appearing as dark, shadowy figures and often causing glitches or unexpected events. The origin and purpose of these Shadow People remain unknown, adding to the intrigue surrounding them.
    • Popularity: Extremely popular with a significant following.
    • Appearance: Dark, shadowy figures with no distinct features.
    • Haunting: Known to haunt players in Roblox games and cause disruptions.
    • Glitches: Associated with in-game glitches and unexpected events.
    • Origin: Mysterious origin with no specific creator or origin story.
  8. 8
    The Illuminati
    Unknown authorUnknown author · Public domain
    A secret society that supposedly controls Roblox and uses it to brainwash players. There is no evidence that it exists on Roblox or anywhere else.
    The Illuminati is a popular Roblox myth that revolves around a secret society believed to be controlling various aspects of the world. It is often associated with conspiracy theories and mysterious rituals. The myth gained significant attention within the Roblox community, with many players creating stories, games, and controversies surrounding it.
    • Origin: The myth of the Illuminati originated on Roblox, but its exact creator is unknown.
    • Symbolism: The Illuminati is often depicted with a pyramid, an eye, or other mysterious symbols associated with secret societies.
    • Influence: The myth has inspired numerous fan-made games, roleplays, and storytelling within the Roblox community.
    • Community Attention: The Illuminati myth has generated a significant following and discussion among Roblox players.
    • Secretive Nature: The Illuminati is portrayed as a secretive organization, adding layers of intrigue and mystery to the myth.
  9. 9

    The Ghost of Guest 666

    A player who supposedly died in a Roblox game and now haunts other games. There is no evidence that Guest 666 ever existed, and it is likely another urban legend.
    The Ghost of Guest 666 is a legendary myth in the Roblox community. It centers around a supposed ghostly presence that haunts the platform, specifically targeting those who have encountered the infamous Guest 666. Many players claim to have witnessed strange occurrences and received eerie messages from this ghostly entity.
    • Myth ID: 666
    • Creation Date: August 2017
    • Alleged Abilities: Teleportation, possession, manipulation of game elements
    • Appearance: A guest avatar with glowing red eyes and a spectral aura
    • Haunted Games: The Normal Elevator, Area 51, Mansion
  10. 10
    A mysterious entity that supposedly appears in various Roblox games and scares or attacks players. There is no evidence that it exists, and it is likely another urban legend.
    The Black Figure is one of the most popular myths in the Roblox community. It refers to a mysterious character that appears in various Roblox games and is known for its dark and menacing appearance. Players have reported encountering this figure in different scenarios, often leading to eerie and unsettling experiences.
    • Appearance: The Black Figure is described as a tall, humanoid character covered in a black, shadow-like substance. It has glowing red eyes and a distinct aura of darkness around it.
    • Behavior: The Black Figure often appears unexpectedly and follows players, sometimes teleporting or vanishing abruptly. It is said to emit a chilling atmosphere and occasionally makes unsettling noises.
    • Legends and Stories: Various legends and stories surround the Black Figure. Some say it is a curse, while others believe it to be a guardian or a harbinger of doom. Its purpose and origin remain a subject of debate.
    • Game Appearances: The Black Figure has been reported in multiple Roblox games, including popular titles like 'The Pizzeria RP Remastered' and 'The Scary Elevator.' It often appears as a rare encounter or a hidden secret within these games.
    • Sightings and Videos: Numerous players have documented their encounters with the Black Figure on social media platforms like YouTube. These videos often showcase the figure's creepy behaviors and contribute to its popularity within the Roblox community.

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Ranking factors for popular myth

  1. Number of followers and visits
    The popularity of a Roblox myth can be measured by the number of followers on their profile, and total visits to their games. The more followers and visits, the more popular the myth is considered.
  2. Social media presence
    A popular Roblox myth would likely have a strong presence on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, or Discord. This includes the number of subscribers, followers, or members on their respective channels, and engagement levels (likes, comments, shares).
  3. Community involvement
    The myth's involvement with the Roblox community and other myth hunters is another key factor. This may include group memberships, collaborations with other myth creators, or hosting events centered around their myth.
  4. Longevity and consistency
    The more established a Roblox myth, the more likely it is to be popular. If the myth has a consistent and compelling story that has evolved or grown over time, it's likely to have more followers and interest.
  5. Complexity and creativity
    The more complex and creative a myth's storyline and characters, the more likely it is to be popular. Unique features, riddles, or quests in the games or characters can also make a myth more intriguing.
  6. Reputation and recognition
    If a Roblox myth has been acknowledged or recognized by the Roblox platform or other influencers, it can contribute to its popularity. This includes receiving in-game badges, awards, or mentions in news articles or from influential players.
  7. Quality of games and content
    The overall quality of the myth's games and content, including building and scripting, plays a role in its popularity. The more polished and high-quality the games, the more likely they are to attract players and followers.

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More information on most popular roblox myth

Roblox myths have become a popular phenomenon within the gaming community, particularly on the Roblox platform. These myths are essentially legends or stories created by players about certain aspects of the game that are not officially recognized or acknowledged by the developers. They often involve mysterious or supernatural elements, and can range from haunted locations to hidden secrets and Easter eggs. Over time, some of these myths have gained a significant following, with players creating their own videos, blogs, and even games based on them. With so many different Roblox myths out there, it can be difficult to determine which is the most popular, but some have definitely gained more traction than others.

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