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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Feb 20, 2024 06:29
Welcome to StrawPoll's ultimate ranking showdown, where we put the spotlight on the wildly imaginative world of Roblox faces! With thousands of unique and expressive faces gracing the Roblox universe, we know it's a tough call to pick just one favorite. But fret not, our fellow Robloxians! We've compiled a thrilling list of the most popular Roblox faces that have captured the hearts of millions. It's time to make your vote count and help us crown the ultimate fan-favorite! Dive into this exhilarating race and cast your vote for the quirkiest, funniest, or simply the coolest Roblox face that resonates with your unique style. Don't see your top pick on our list? No worries! You can also suggest a missing option, and who knows - your favorite might just become the next big thing! So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun, unleash your creativity, and let's find out which Roblox face reigns supreme!

What Is the Most Popular Roblox Face?

  1. 1

    Noob Face

    Roblox Corporation
    This is one of the most iconic faces on Roblox and is often used to signify a player who is new to the game.
    The "Noob Face" is a popular face accessory in Roblox that is often associated with beginner players or inexperienced users. It features a simplistic design with a yellow square shape representing a smiling face, two black dots for eyes, and a small black curve for the mouth. The face is intentionally simple and devoid of any intricate details or expression.
    • Face ID: 14572761
    • Availability: Available for all users
    • Release Date: December 27, 2012
    • Face Type: Accessory
    • Rarity: Common
  2. 2

    Bacon Hair Face

    Roblox Corporation
    This face is often used to represent a player who has not purchased any Robux, the in-game currency, to customize their avatar.
    The 'Bacon Hair Face' on Roblox is a simple, yet iconic face that resembles a stick figure with spiky hair.
    • Name: Bacon Hair Face
    • Type: Face accessory
    • Release Date: January 14, 2017
    • Availability: Available for purchase
    • Price: 80 Robux
  3. 3

    Kawaii Anime Face

    Roblox Corporation
    This cute anime-inspired face is popular among players who enjoy anime and manga.
    The Kawaii Anime Face is a popular Roblox face that features a cute, animated expression inspired by Japanese anime. It is designed to convey a sense of adorable and playful emotions.
    • Rarity: Limited edition
    • Price: 500 Robux
    • Available genders: Both
    • Age range: All ages
    • Facial expression: Big round eyes with sparkling highlights, blushing cheeks, and a small smiling mouth
  4. 4

    Chill Face

    ROBLOX Corporation
    This laid-back face is often used to convey a sense of relaxation or coolness.
    The Chill Face is a popular Roblox face that represents a calm and relaxed expression. It features closed eyes, a slight smile, and rosy cheeks, giving off a laid-back vibe. The face is often used to express a carefree attitude or a state of tranquility.
    • Purchasable: Yes
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Type: Face
    • Genre: All
    • Popularity: High
  5. 5

    Zombie Face

    Roblox Corporation
    This spooky face is popular among players who enjoy horror and zombie-themed games.
    The Zombie Face is a popular face on Roblox with a spooky zombified appearance. It is designed to give your avatar a creepy and undead look.
    • Face Type: Accessories
    • Availability: Available for purchase in the Roblox Catalog
    • Price: Varies, typically between 50 and 500 Robux
    • Rarity: Common
    • Release Date: October 31, 2013
  6. 6

    Smiling Face

    This classic smiling face is a popular choice for players who want a simple and friendly expression for their avatar.
    The Smiling Face is a popular face item in Roblox that features a cheerful expression with a wide, toothy smile. It is commonly used by players to express happiness and joy in their avatar's appearance.
    • Release Date: October 24th, 2014
    • Availability: Catalog Item
    • Price: 10 Robux
    • Rarity: Common
    • Compatibility: Works on every face slot
  7. 7

    Angry Face

    Roblox Corporation
    This fiery face is often used to express anger or frustration in-game.
    The Angry Face is a popular face accessory in Roblox that depicts an angry expression. It features a scowling mouth with furrowed brows, conveying a strong emotion of anger or frustration.
    • Release Date: October 27, 2014
    • Availability: Catalog Item
    • Price: 80 Robux
    • Rarity: Common
    • Animation: Static
  8. 8

    Cat Face

    ROBLOX Corporation
    This cute cat face is popular among players who enjoy cats and other cute animals.
    The Cat Face is one of the most popular faces on Roblox. It features a cute and animated cat face with large, round eyes and a small, adorable mouth. The face also includes whiskers on either side, enhancing its feline appearance. Many Roblox players enjoy using the Cat Face to express their love for cats or to add a playful touch to their avatar's appearance.
    • Price: Currently 30 Robux
    • Release Date: June 3, 2020
    • Sales: Over 1 million copies sold
    • Rarity: Limited
    • Compatibility: Works with all Roblox accessories and clothing items
  9. 9

    Doge Face

    Roblox Corporation
    This meme-inspired face features the doge meme and is popular among players who enjoy memes and internet culture.
    The Doge Face is a popular face cosmetic item in Roblox that features a comical illustration of a Shiba Inu dog with colorful text captions. It is inspired by the popular internet meme 'Doge' which portrays the dog with grammatically incorrect phrases in Comic Sans font. The Doge Face became widely popular among players due to its humorous and quirky design.
    • Rarity: Limited
    • Availability: Previously available in the Catalog
    • Release Date: February 13, 2014
    • Price: Not available for purchase currently
    • Obtained from: It could be purchased for 250 Robux during its availability
  10. 10
    Unicorn Face
    Sönke Rahn · CC BY-SA 3.0

    Unicorn Face

    Roblox Corporation
    This fantastical face features a unicorn horn and is popular among players who enjoy mythical creatures and magic.
    The 'Unicorn Face' is a popular Roblox face that features a cute and colorful unicorn design. It has a cartoonish look with big, expressive eyes and a vibrant rainbow mane. The unicorn face is highly sought after by Roblox users who want to add a touch of magic and whimsy to their avatar's appearance.
    • Design: Colorful and cute unicorn design
    • Eyes: Big and expressive
    • Mane: Vibrant rainbow colors
    • Popularity: High demand
    • Compatibility: Fits with a variety of avatar styles

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Ranking factors for popular face

  1. Sales Figures
    The number of times the face has been purchased by users can provide insight into its popularity. The higher the sales, the more popular the face.
  2. Positive Reviews and Ratings
    Check the number of positive reviews and high ratings the face has received from users. This can give you an idea of how well-received the face is within the community.
  3. User Engagement
    Keep an eye on how often the face is mentioned in forums, social media, or other platforms by Roblox users. High engagement could indicate that the face is popular and beloved by the community.
  4. Real-World Popularity
    Some faces might be inspired by popular culture or memes, which could contribute to their popularity among Roblox users. Identifying if a face is trendy outside of Roblox can also be useful in evaluating its popularity.
  5. In-Game Visibility
    Check how often the face appears in various in-game activities, such as events, challenges, or competitions. The more visible the face is, the more popular it is likely to be.
  6. Aesthetic Appeal
    Consider the overall design and visual appeal of the face. Unique and well-designed faces are more likely to catch the attention of users and become popular.
  7. Creator Reputation
    The reputation and popularity of the face's creator within the Roblox community could also play a role in the face's overall popularity. A well-respected creator might have a larger following, and their fans might be more likely to buy and use their faces.
  8. Availability
    The face's availability for purchase, if it is a limited item, or if it has been retired or discontinued, can affect its popularity. Items that are more difficult to obtain can become more sought-after and popular within the community.
  9. Price
    The cost of the face can also play a role in its popularity. Faces that are affordable and reasonably priced might be more popular among users, while more expensive faces might only be popular among high-spending players.
  10. Theme and Style
    Finally, consider the theme and style of the face. Faces that align with popular or current trends, or those that cater to specific user interests, can become more popular over time.

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