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Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Dec 3, 2023 09:14)
Are you ready to dive into the world of SMP ships and passionate fandoms? StrawPoll has the ultimate ranking for you! Our "What is the most popular SMP ship?" poll is the perfect battleground for all shippers to come together and vote for their favorite love stories or suggest a missing romance that deserves recognition. With thousands of votes and a vast array of options, your favorite ship might make it to the top! So, get on board, cast your vote, and sail through the sea of emotions as you explore the intricate world of SMP ships. Don't miss out on this exciting journey – join the fun and let your ship set sail to victory!

What Is the Most Popular SMP Ship?

  1. 1
    A popular ship between Minecraft content creators Dream and GeorgeNotFound. The two have a strong friendship and often collaborate on videos together, leading to fan speculation about a possible romantic relationship.
    DreamNotFound is a popular MCYT ship that revolves around the close friendship between Dream and GeorgeNotFound. Fans of this ship believe that there is a strong connection and chemistry between the two content creators, leading to a romantic relationship.
    • Ship Name: DreamNotFound
    • Content Creators: Dream and GeorgeNotFound
    • Type: Romantic ship
    • Fandom: MCYT (Minecraft YouTubers)
    • Shipping Community: DreamNotFound shippers
  2. 2
    A ship between Minecraft content creators Grian and the members of the HermitCraft server. Grian is known for his playful antics and building skills, while the HermitCraft server is a tight-knit community filled with talented and entertaining players.
    The GrianHermit is a popular Ship in the Survival Multiplayer (SMP) community, named after the player Grian. It is known for its unique design and features, making it a favorite among fans.
    • Creative Design: The ship showcases Grian's creativity with its intricate and aesthetically pleasing design.
    • Functionality: The GrianHermit offers a combination of both form and function, allowing for efficient gameplay.
    • Redstone Integration: The ship features advanced redstone systems, adding automation and special functionalities.
    • Mob Farm: It includes a unique and efficient mob farm for resource collection and experience farming.
    • Storage System: The ship includes a well-designed storage system to keep items organized and easily accessible.
  3. 3
    A ship between Minecraft content creators Technoblade and TommyInnit. The two have a strong on-screen dynamic, with Tommy often playing the role of the energetic sidekick to Technoblade's stoic hero.
    TechnoInnit is a popular ship in the SMP (Survival Multiplayer) community, particularly in the context of the Dream SMP. It refers to the close friendship and collaborative duo of Technoblade and TommyInnit, two prominent Minecraft YouTubers and streamers. The dynamic between Technoblade and TommyInnit has captivated fans, making TechnoInnit one of the most beloved ships in the Minecraft streaming community.
    • Shared Goals: TechnoInnit focuses on achieving objectives together in Minecraft, such as building projects or organizing events.
    • Mutual Support: Technoblade and TommyInnit often provide emotional and strategic support to each other during gameplay, creating a strong bond.
    • Complementary Personalities: Technoblade's calm and strategic approach balances TommyInnit's energetic and unpredictable style, resulting in an entertaining and effective partnership.
    • Dynamic Content Creation: The collaborative streams and videos featuring Technoblade and TommyInnit are known for their humor, epic moments, and engaging storytelling.
    • PvP Dominance: Technoblade's exceptional PvP skills combined with TommyInnit's resourcefulness make them a formidable force in combat.
  4. 4

    WilburSoot x Nihachu

    Fans of WilburSoot and Nihachu
    A ship between Minecraft content creators WilburSoot and Nihachu. The two have a strong friendship and have been known to collaborate on streams and videos together.
    WilburSoot x Nihachu is a ship that refers to the fictional romantic pairing of Wilbur Soot, a popular British YouTuber and Twitch streamer, with Niki Nihachu, a popular German Twitch streamer and content creator. This ship is based on their close friendship and dynamic chemistry during their collaborative streams and interactions on various social media platforms.
    • Ship Name: Wilchu
    • Ship Type: SMP (Survival Multiplayer) ship
    • Fandom: Dream SMP community
    • Content Creation: Both stream on Twitch and create YouTube videos
    • Fan Art: Numerous fan arts depict romantic and wholesome scenarios between the two
  5. 5
    A ship between Minecraft content creators MumboJumbo and Iskall85. The two are known for their building skills and often collaborate on projects together.
    The MumboJumbo x Iskall85 ship is a popular ship within the Minecraft Survival Multiplayer (SMP) community. It represents a fictional romantic relationship between two YouTubers, MumboJumbo and Iskall85, who are known for their entertaining Minecraft gameplay and collaborations on the Hermitcraft server. Fans of their videos often ship them as a couple, creating fan art and stories showcasing their fictional romance.
    • Ship Name: MumboIskall
    • Ship Type: Romantic
    • Origin: Minecraft Survival Multiplayer (SMP) community
    • Ship Status: Fictional (Not a real romantic relationship)
    • Ship Representation: Fan art, stories, and fan-created content
  6. 6

    KSI x Miniminter

    SMP community
    A ship between YouTubers KSI and Miniminter. The two are known for their gaming content and have a strong friendship both on and off-screen.
    The 'KSI x Miniminter' ship is a popular pairing within the SMP community. It represents a fictional relationship between the two YouTubers, KSI (Olajide Olatunji) and Miniminter (Simon Minter). This ship is based on the friendship and collaborative content they have created together.
    • Ship Name: KSI x Miniminter
    • YouTuber Names: KSI (Olajide Olatunji) and Miniminter (Simon Minter)
    • Ship Type: Friendship/Platonic
    • Platform: YouTube
    • Fandom Name: KSiminter
  7. 7
    A ship between YouTubers PewDiePie and Marzia. The two are known for their long-standing relationship and often collaborate on videos together.
    PewDiePie x Marzia is a ship that refers to the romantic relationship between Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) and Marzia Kjellberg (formerly known as Marzia Bisognin). They are both well-known Internet personalities, particularly in the gaming community. PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber, while Marzia is an Italian Internet personality and fashion enthusiast. The couple first met online in 2011 and began dating shortly after. They got engaged in 2018 and eventually got married in 2019. The PewDiePie x Marzia ship has captivated millions of fans who admire their love story and the genuine connection they share.
    • Ship Name: PewDiePie x Marzia
    • Origins: First met online in 2011
    • Engagement: Announced in 2018
    • Marriage: Wedding occurred in 2019
    • Nationality: Swedish (PewDiePie) and Italian (Marzia)
  8. 8
    A ship between YouTubers Markiplier and CrankGameplays. The two are known for their gaming content and strong friendship.
    Markiplier x CrankGameplays is a popular Ship in the SMP community, referring to the romantic or platonic pairing of the YouTubers Markiplier and CrankGameplays. Fans of both creators often create fan art, write fanfiction, and make videos dedicated to this ship.
    • Ship Name: Markiplier x CrankGameplays
    • Popular Platforms: YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr
    • Ship Type: Fan-created pairing
    • Representation: Romantic or platonic
    • Fanworks: Fanart, fanfiction, edit videos, fan edits
  9. 9

    Dan and Phil

    Dan Howell and Phil Lester
    A ship between YouTubers Dan Howell and Phil Lester. The two are known for their comedic content and strong friendship, leading to fan speculation about a possible romantic relationship.
    Dan and Phil, also known as Dan Howell and Phil Lester, are British YouTubers and radio presenters who gained popularity through their collaborative channel. They are known for their vlogs, gaming videos, and comedic sketches, as well as their close friendship.
    • YouTube Channel: danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil
    • Content: Vlogs, gaming videos, comedic sketches
    • Popular Videos: The Internet Is Here, My Depression: A Spoken Word, The Phandom Is Not On Fire
    • Subscribers: 7.6 million (danisnotonfire), 4.5 million (AmazingPhil)
    • Video Views: 1.7 billion (danisnotonfire), 600 million (AmazingPhil)
    Dan and Phil in other rankings
  10. 10
    A ship between Link and Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series. The two are often portrayed as a romantic couple in fan art and fan fiction.
    Zelink is a popular ship in the SMP (Survival Multiplayer) community that takes its name from the characters Princess Zelda and Link from the popular video game franchise, The Legend of Zelda. This ship represents a romantic or platonic relationship between Princess Zelda and Link, often portrayed in fan fiction, fan art, and discussions within the community.
    • Ship Name: Zelink
    • Original Game Franchise: The Legend of Zelda
    • Relationship Type: Romantic or Platonic
    • Characters Involved: Princess Zelda and Link
    • Representation: Fan fiction, fan art, discussions

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    The number of fans and supporters of the ship on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok can be an indicator of its popularity. 2. Interaction: The level of interaction between the characters in the ship, both in-game and on social media, can also be a factor in popularity. 3. Lore: The backstory and lore surrounding the ship can also impact its popularity among fans. 4. Canon/Non-canon: Whether the ship is officially recognized by the creators of the SMP or not can also influence its popularity. 5. Fanfiction/Fanart: The amount and quality of fanfiction and fanart created for the ship can also be a measure of its popularity. 6. Memes: The number of memes and viral content associated with the ship can also contribute to its popularity.

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Background Information: SMP Ships In the world of Minecraft, players often form communities to collaborate and build together. These communities, called Survival Multiplayer (SMP) servers, have become a popular way for players to connect and create. Along with building and exploring, another aspect of SMP servers is the development of relationships between players, which often leads to the creation of "ships," or romantic pairings between characters. The concept of "shipping" has been around for a long time in various fandoms, and Minecraft is no exception. Players on SMP servers often become attached to certain characters and develop romantic storylines between them. Some ships are based on popular Minecraft YouTubers or streamers, while others are completely original creations. As the popularity of SMP servers has grown, so has the interest in these ships. Players love to debate and discuss which pairings are the best, and many even create fan art and fanfiction to support their favorite couples. From classic pairings like "Skephalo" (Skeppy and BadBoyHalo) to newer favorites like "DreamNotFound" (Dream and GeorgeNotFound), the world of SMP ships is constantly evolving. So, what is the most popular SMP ship? That's a question that's up for debate among Minecraft fans. However, by examining the most popular Minecraft content creators and their relationships, we can begin to get a sense of which ships are currently trending.

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