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Updated on Jun 18, 2024 07:13
Fans of musical theater often have robust opinions about their favorite songs, especially from hit shows like Dear Evan Hansen. Ranking these songs can help new audiences get a sense of which tracks might resonate most. This process not only aids in simplifying choices but also highlights the diverse tastes and preferences within the musical theater community. As songs from Dear Evan Hansen continue to touch hearts worldwide, the insights from a ranking can shed light on what makes each song stand out. By participating in this vote, users contribute to a broader understanding, helping to shape a list that reflects the collective admiration for the soundtrack. This list evolves with every vote, offering a dynamic reflection of the community's voice.

What Is the Most Popular Song from Dear Evan Hansen?

  1. 1

    Waving Through a Window

    A powerful anthem of isolation and the desire to connect.
    • Character: Evan Hansen
    • Context: Evan expresses his feelings of being an outsider.
  2. 2

    You Will Be Found

    An uplifting song about hope and the importance of community.
    • Character: Company
    • Context: A pivotal moment where Evan's speech goes viral.
  3. 3

    Only Us

    A romantic duet between Evan and Zoe.
    • Characters: Evan Hansen, Zoe Murphy
    • Context: Evan and Zoe express their feelings for each other.
  4. 4

    Words Fail

    Evan's emotional confession and realization of his mistakes.
    • Character: Evan Hansen
    • Context: Evan confronts the truth about his deception.
  5. 5


    A poignant song from the perspective of Connor's family.
    • Characters: Zoe Murphy, Cynthia Murphy, Larry Murphy
    • Context: Each family member reflects on their relationship with Connor.
  6. 6

    For Forever

    A heartfelt song where Evan fabricates a friendship.
    • Character: Evan Hansen
    • Context: Evan tells a fictional story about his friendship with Connor.
  7. 7

    Sincerely, Me

    A humorous and lively song featuring Evan, Jared, and Connor.
    • Characters: Evan Hansen, Jared Kleinman, Connor Murphy
    • Context: A song where fake emails are created to substantiate Evan's fictional friendship with Connor.
  8. 8


    A song about the importance of being seen and remembered.
    • Characters: Connor Murphy, Evan Hansen
    • Context: Connor and Evan sing about the desire to be remembered.
  9. 9

    So Big / So Small

    A touching song about a mother's love and reassurance.
    • Character: Heidi Hansen
    • Context: Heidi reflects on her son Evan's upbringing and reassures him of her unconditional love.
  10. 10

    If I Could Tell Her

    Evan shares his feelings under the guise of Connor's words.
    • Characters: Evan Hansen, Zoe Murphy
    • Context: Evan tells Zoe the things Connor supposedly said about her.

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More about the Most Popular Song from Dear Evan Hansen

Waving Through a Window
Rank #1 for the most popular song from Dear Evan Hansen: Waving Through a Window (Source)
Dear Evan Hansen is a musical that has touched many hearts. It tells a story about a young man named Evan Hansen. He struggles with anxiety and feels invisible. The musical shows his journey to find connection and truth. The songs in this musical play a big role in conveying emotions and themes.

One song, in particular, stands out. It captures the essence of the musical. The song is about feeling alone and the desire to be seen. It resonates with many people. This song has become an anthem for those who feel lost or unheard. The lyrics are simple yet powerful. They speak to the heart and soul.

The music in this song is uplifting. It starts softly, then builds to a powerful climax. The melody stays with you long after the song ends. It has a way of making you feel understood. The song's message is clear: you are not alone. Many people find comfort in these words.

The song's popularity has grown since the musical's debut. It has been covered by many artists. Each version brings something new to the song. Some versions are stripped down, focusing on the raw emotion of the lyrics. Others are full of energy, capturing the song's hopeful spirit.

The song has also made its way into popular culture. It has been performed on various stages and shows. It is often used in events that promote mental health awareness. The song's impact goes beyond the musical. It has become a symbol of hope and connection.

Fans of the musical often say this song is their favorite. It is easy to see why. The song speaks to universal feelings. It is about the human need for connection. It reminds us that we all want to be seen and heard. This song gives a voice to those feelings.

The writers of the musical did a great job with this song. They created something that speaks to many people. The song's success shows the power of music. It can bring people together and make them feel less alone.

Dear Evan Hansen continues to be a beloved musical. Its songs, especially this one, play a big part in its success. The song's message is timeless. It will continue to resonate with people for years to come.

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