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Welcome to StrawPoll, where love is in the air and we're on a quest to find the most romantic characters that have captured our hearts! We've gathered thousands of swoon-worthy protagonists from literature, film, and television to create the ultimate ranking of passion and romance. But we need your help to decide who reigns supreme in this love saga. Cast your vote for your favorite romantic hero or heroine and let the sparks fly! And if you can't find the one that makes your heart flutter, fear not! Simply suggest a missing option, and watch as other love-struck fans join forces to bring your beloved character to the spotlight. So come along, and let's celebrate the power of love and romance in this enchanting StrawPoll ranking.

What Are the Most Romantic Characters?

  1. 1
    Mr. Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen
    C. E. Brock · Public domain
    Mr. Darcy is a brooding, proud, and aristocratic gentleman who initially comes across as cold and aloof. However, his inner kindness and love for Elizabeth Bennet eventually shine through, making him one of the most iconic romantic heroes in literature.
  2. 2
    Heathcliff is a dark, mysterious, and passionate character who is deeply in love with Catherine Earnshaw. Despite their tragic and tumultuous relationship, Heathcliff's love for Catherine is unwavering and eternal.
  3. 3
    Jamie Fraser is a charming, brave, and fiercely loyal Scottish warrior who falls in love with Claire Randall, a time-traveling nurse from the 20th century. Jamie's devotion to Claire and their epic love story make him a beloved romantic hero in modern literature.
  4. 4
    Edward Cullen is a vampire who falls in love with Bella Swan, a human girl. Despite the challenges of their supernatural romance, Edward's protective and selfless love for Bella makes him a popular romantic character among young adult readers.
    Edward Cullen is a fictional character from the Twilight series created by Stephenie Meyer. He is portrayed as a captivating and enigmatic vampire with a romantic nature.
    • Species: Vampire
    • Eye color: Golden
    • Hair color: Bronze
    • Special abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, and mind reading
    • Age: Over 100 years old (physically 17)
  5. 5
    Captain Frederick Wentworth is a naval officer who reunites with Anne Elliot, a woman he was once engaged to but broke off the engagement due to her social status. Despite the years that have passed and the obstacles in their way, Captain Wentworth's enduring love for Anne makes him a romantic hero.
  6. 6
    Gilbert Blythe is a kind and intelligent classmate of Anne Shirley, a spunky and imaginative orphan girl. Despite Anne's initial resistance to Gilbert's affections, his steadfast love and support make him a beloved romantic character in children's literature.
    Gilbert Blythe is a romantic character from the novel "Anne of Green Gables" written by L.M. Montgomery. He is known for his charm, kindness, and unwavering support for the main protagonist, Anne Shirley, throughout the story.
    • Appearance: Tall and handsome with dark hair and a charming smile
    • Personality: Confident, friendly, and quick-witted
    • Intelligence: Smart and often the top student in his class
    • Talents: Skilled in academics and a talented athlete
    • Love interest: Falls in love with Anne Shirley, the spirited and imaginative heroine
  7. 7
    Prince Charming is a fairy tale character who falls in love with Cinderella, a kind and beautiful servant girl. Despite the obstacles in their way, Prince Charming's determination to find Cinderella and his willingness to marry her despite her low social status make him a classic romantic hero.
    Prince Charming from Cinderella is a classic romantic character known for his charm and chivalry. He is the primary love interest of Cinderella, inspiring hope and longing throughout the story. With his noble personality and striking appearance, Prince Charming captures the hearts of both Cinderella and audiences alike.
    • Cinderella Version: 1950 animated film
    • Appearance: Tall, handsome, and well-dressed
    • Personality: Charming, kind, and noble
    • Role: Primary love interest of Cinderella
    • Romantic Gestures: Finding Cinderella through a glass slipper
    Prince Charming from "Cinderella" in other rankings
  8. 8
    Rhett Butler is a charming and charismatic rogue who falls in love with Scarlett O'Hara, a headstrong and manipulative Southern belle. Despite their tumultuous relationship, Rhett's enduring love for Scarlett and his willingness to forgive her make him a romantic icon.
  9. 9
    Noah Calhoun is a passionate and devoted young man who falls in love with Allie Nelson, a wealthy girl from a different social class. Despite the challenges of their relationship, Noah's undying love for Allie and his willingness to fight for their love make him a popular romantic character in modern literature.
  10. 10
    Romeo is a passionate and impulsive young man who falls in love with Juliet, a young woman from a rival family. Despite the tragic end to their love story, Romeo's devotion to Juliet and his willingness to die for her make him one of the most iconic romantic heroes in literature.
    Romeo from "Romeo and Juliet" is a fictional character created by William Shakespeare. He is the male protagonist of the tragedy and one of the most iconic and romantic literary characters of all time.
    • Age: Around 16 to 18 years old
    • Faction: Montague
    • Personality: Passionate, impulsive, and deeply romantic
    • Love interest: Juliet Capulet
    • Family: Son of Lord and Lady Montague

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Ranking factors for romantic characters

  1. Expressiveness
    A romantic character should be able to express their feelings and emotions openly and genuinely, whether through words, actions, or gestures. They should be able to communicate their love and affection effectively.
  2. Thoughtfulness
    Romantic characters should be considerate of their partner's needs and desires. They should be attentive to their partner's feelings and take the time to understand what makes them happy.
  3. Emotional Intelligence
    A romantic character should possess the ability to navigate complex emotions and situations with grace and sensitivity. They should be empathetic to their partner's feelings and able to respond suitably.
  4. Passion and Devotion
    A strong sense of passion and devotion to their partner is essential for a romantic character. This includes being fully committed to the relationship, fervently expressing their love, and consistently prioritizing their partner's happiness.
  5. Creativity
    A romantic character should be creative in the ways they express their love. This includes using unique gestures, planning special surprises, and finding innovative ways to keep the relationship fresh and exciting.
  6. Loyalty and Trustworthiness
    A deeply romantic character should be loyal and trustworthy. They should be dedicated to maintaining a strong and long-lasting relationship, built on a foundation of trust and honesty.
  7. Respect and Understanding
    A significant aspect of romantic characters is their ability to respect and understand their partner's individuality and differences. They should be supportive and accepting, creating a safe and nurturing environment for their partner to thrive in.
  8. Patience and Perseverance
    A romantic character should exhibit patience and perseverance, even when faced with challenges in the relationship. They should be willing to work through issues, learn from mistakes, and grow together as a couple.
  9. Sense of Humor
    Having a sense of humor and using laughter is essential for creating a loving and enjoyable partnership. A romantic character should be able to share light-hearted moments and find humor in everyday situations.
  10. Selflessness
    A truly romantic character should be selfless, constantly putting their partner's needs and desires above their own. They should be willing to make sacrifices for the sake of their partner's happiness and well-being.

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Romance has been a recurring theme in literature, movies, and pop culture for decades. From classic novels like Pride and Prejudice to modern love stories like The Notebook, romantic characters have captured our hearts and imagination. But what makes a character romantic? Is it their charming personality, their undying devotion, or their willingness to go above and beyond for their loved one? In this article, we explore some of the most romantic characters in fiction and examine what qualities make them so captivating. Whether you're a hopeless romantic or simply appreciate a good love story, you're sure to find some inspiration in these unforgettable characters.

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