The Most Useful Item in Terraria: A Ranking of Essential Tools and Equipment

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Author: Gregor Krambs
Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Nov 28, 2023 10:19)
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinions shape the rankings! Today, we're diving into the vast and thrilling world of Terraria to determine the ultimate champion - the most useful item in the game! Will it be the powerful Terra Blade, the iconic Cell Phone, or perhaps the indispensable Wings? With thousands of items to choose from, everyone has a favorite - and we want to hear yours! Cast your vote for the most valuable Terraria treasure, or suggest a missing option to make sure your top pick gets the recognition it deserves. Join fellow Terrarians in this epic quest for supremacy, and let's uncover the true gem in this pixelated paradise!

What Is the Most Useful Item in Terraria?

  1. 1
    This tool combines the abilities of a pickaxe and an axe, making it extremely versatile for mining and chopping down trees.
    The Pickaxe Axe is a powerful tool in the game Terraria that combines the abilities of both a pickaxe and an axe. It is considered one of the most useful items due to its versatility and efficiency.
    • Mining Power: 210%
    • Axe Power: 110%
    • Damage: 55
    • Tool Tip: Can mine Meteorite
    • Pickaxe Power: 210%
  2. 2
    This item allows the player to instantly teleport back to their spawn point, making it an essential tool for quick escapes or travel.
    The Magic Mirror is a powerful tool in Terraria that allows players to quickly teleport back to their spawn point. When used, it creates a magical portal that transports the player to their home instantly.
    • Teleportation: Allows instant teleportation to the spawn point
    • Crafting: Crafted with 8 Silver or Tungsten Bars and 1 Glass at a Table and Chair
    • Usability: Can be used any time and multiple times without cooldown
    • Availability: Can be found in Chests in Terraria world or dropped by certain enemies
    • Functionality: Works in any location and dimension of the Terraria world
  3. 3
    The Grappling Hook
    Pearson Scott Foresman · Public domain

    The Grappling Hook

    Terraria Team
    This tool allows the player to quickly move around the world by latching onto walls and pulling themselves towards them.
    The Grappling Hook is a versatile tool in Terraria that allows players to traverse and explore the game's vast world with ease. It enables the player to quickly and efficiently maneuver through various terrains by propelling themselves using a retractable grappling line.
    • Reach: Up to 22 blocks
    • Swing Speed: Quick and responsive
    • Retract Speed: Instantaneous
    • Durability: Unbreakable
    • Usable Surfaces: Can attach to most solid blocks and platforms
  4. 4

    The Mining Helmet

    This helmet provides light while mining, making it much easier to see in dark areas.
    The Mining Helmet is an essential accessory in Terraria that provides both lighting and protection for mining expeditions. It is a headgear item equipped in the helmet slot, created by the in-game character named Demolitionist.
    • Lighting: +3 light radius
    • Protection: provides 1 defense
    • Visibility: full brightness in dark areas
    • Durability: 200 uses before repair
    • Helmet Slot: equipped in the helmet slot
  5. 5
    These boots increase the player's movement speed, making it easier to navigate the world and avoid enemies.
  6. 6
    This potion increases the spawn rate of enemies, making it easier to farm for rare items and materials.
    The Battle Potion is a consumable item in Terraria that increases enemy spawn rates, making it ideal for farming or preparing for intense battles. It can be found as a drop from various enemies or purchased from the Witch Doctor NPC during Blood Moons.
    • Spawn Rate Increase: Increases enemy spawn rates by 50%
    • Rarity: Uncommon
    • Duration: 7 minutes
    • Crafting Recipe: 1 Bottled Water, 1 Deathweed, 1 Hemopiranha
    • Effect: Increases the number of enemies spawning within the player's range
  7. 7

    The Water Walking Boots

    Andrew 'Redigit' Spinks
    These boots allow the player to walk on water, making it easier to explore bodies of water and avoid drowning.
    The Water Walking Boots are a versatile accessory in Terraria that allows the player to effortlessly walk on water, making traversal in large bodies of water significantly easier.
    • Type: Accessory
    • Rarity: Light Red (Quest Item)
    • Maximum Stack: 1
    • Sell Value: 2 Gold
    • Found In: Water Chests, Golden Lock Boxes
  8. 8
    This accessory provides immunity to fire blocks, making it easier to traverse through lava-filled areas.
    The Obsidian Skull is a protective accessory item in Terraria that provides resistance against fire-based damage. It is crafted from 20 Obsidian at a Furnace and is essential for exploring volcanic areas and battling enemies that utilize fire attacks.
    • Damage resistance: Provides 1 point of damage reduction against fire-based attacks
    • Crafting materials: Crafted from 20 Obsidian at a Furnace
    • Appearance: A skull-shaped accessory that can be equipped in an accessory slot
    • Protection against lava: Prevents the player from taking damage when directly touching lava
    • Defense stat: +1 defense
  9. 9
    This powerful weapon fires a projectile that deals massive damage, making it useful for taking down tough enemies and bosses.
    The Star Cannon is a powerful ranged weapon that shoots stars at high velocity. It is one of the most sought-after and useful items in Terraria, capable of dealing massive damage to enemies.
    • Damage: 55
    • Use Time: 15 (Very Fast)
    • Knockback: 6.5 (Strong)
    • Mana Cost: 6
    • Ammunition: Fallen Stars
  10. 10
    This rare item allows the player to teleport short distances, making it an extremely useful tool for avoiding danger and navigating difficult terrain.
    The Rod of Discord is a powerful teleportation tool in Terraria. When used, it allows the player to instantly teleport to a different location within a certain range, bypassing obstacles and enemies. This invaluable item is highly sought after by players for its incredible mobility and utility.
    • Teleport Range: Unlimited within visible area
    • Teleport Delay: 2 seconds
    • Cooldown Time: 6 seconds
    • Teleport Sound: Audible to nearby players
    • Teleport Through Walls: Yes

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